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UN Resolution Callling For All Necessary Means To Be Used Against Islamic State.

Updated on November 23, 2015

UN Building.


UN Backs 'All Necessary Means'.

The United Nations has agreed a resolution which will allow nations to use all necessary means to deal with Islamic State in the wake of the Paris attacks last Friday and the speech by Francois Hollande that France was at war with Islamic State.

Although this resolution is not a legal basis for military action as such nations like France who were hit last Friday by Islamic State terrorists leaving 130 dead and Russia who had a passenger plane destroyed in mid - air over Sinai, Eqypt, killing all on board which was claimed by Islamic State have been stepping up their bombing raids over Syria on Islamic State targets.

The resolution does condemn in the strongest possible terms the actions of Islamic State in France, Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey and the death of all passengers on the Russian civilian aircraft.

What all necessary means is open to interpretation but it probably means all necessary means other than large numbers of soldiers invading Syria ala George Bush style in 2003 when the US and UK invaded Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein using airpower but also massive ground forces as well.

Certainly Obama seems happy to continue with the present plan of hitting IS from the air and backing local forces like the Peshmerga and the Baghdad government to take the fight to the Islamic State.

Meanwhile David Cameron is trying to get an all party agreement to back air strikes against IS in Syria with the UK at the present time only bombing IS in Iraq. The sticking point will be Jeremy Corbyn when it comes to a vote in the House of Commons but now the UN has passed an 'all necessary means' resolution this may some what ease the passge of the vote for military action when it comes to it.

Russians Have Refused to Rule Out Ground Troops In Syria.

Kremlin - Seat Of Russian Power.
Kremlin - Seat Of Russian Power. | Source

Russians Pound Islamic State.

According to Iraqi reporter Mohammed al - Hakim working for Iraq's news agency al - Nahil the end of Islamic State could be in sight as Russian missiles and bombs rain down on Islamic State in Syria in places like its stronghold in Raqqa the so called capital of the group's proclaimed Caliphate.

In one raid alone 600 IS operatives were killed according to the Russians leaving IS according to another source close to the Russians with only 34 bases left. There is no doubt that the massive wave of air attacks not only from the Russians but from the Coalition must be having a detrimental affect on the way Islamic State operates and the esteem of its operatives.

Russia has not ruled out sending in ground troops to mop up the remnants of the Islamic State once and for all. The Americans though accuse the Russians of merely wishing to protect their man President Assad in Damascus rather than defeat Islamic State.

For their part the Russians have stated that defeating IS is part of their programme and went on to state that the US is responsible for the creation of the Islamic State in the first place due to its involvement in the Middle East.

China too it seems wants to be involved in the attacks on IS as one of its hostages was recently executed by Islamic State.

Brussels Skyline.


Brussels In Terror Alert and Possible Attack On British Shipping.

Today in Brussels the capital of Belgium and de - facto capital of the European Union (EU) has been on high alert and on vertual lock down due to the fact of a terror alert. With a number of suspects still on the run from the Paris attacks from last Friday it is understandable this is so and indeed the Belgian security forces may have specific information regarding another IS attack.

Even though terrorist master mind Abdelhamid Abaaaoud was killed in a raid on a Paris flat which developed into a gun fight by French police and others as long as any IS operatives remain at large there is still danger they could plan another attack or even randomly attack any busy area. Belgian authorities have closed down the Brussels subway and asked people not to gather together in crowds.

Belgian authorities have also made a number of arrests in the Molenbeek district of Brussels an area notorious for Jihadis. Moving away from France and Belgium now it was reported that the SBS (Special Boat Service) the water - equivalent of the SAS had been put on alert as there seemed to be some intelligence that IS had planned a raid on British shipping.

Port Of Dover.



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