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United States: Acronyms and Phrases That Relates to USA

Updated on March 1, 2018
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A politician who actively follows stories and events around the globe (most especially in the US) as they unfold.

US Politics

The US politics is one that promises endless drama and intrigue suspense; from the most secure building in the country to the least secured, the role played by both is overwhelming. Since Trump took the reign in the Oval Office, more cameras have been focused on the United States, most especially their political issues.

Many have become more interested in politics unlike before, picking sides and creating enemies. The United States of America has indeed been the country with the most political news report for the last 12 months.

There are abbreviated terms often used by the media, these abbreviations will definitely be useful in helping you understand reports and news better, from the political related to the military; you will find useful information if you continue reading.

The abbreviations are briefly explained for better comprehension and help you learn more since no knowledge is a waste.

1. USSS: the United States Secret Service

The United States Secret Service is a federal agency of the United States of America, the secret service was formed on the 5th of July, 1865. It has its agency in Washington and is primarily responsible for the protection of the President of the United States and his Vice inclusive.

The agency consists of division officers, technical staffs, administrative staffs and well trained special agents whose collective and sole purpose is the protection and safety of the United States President and Vice President, past Presidents and also visiting Heads of State to foreign countries on an official visit.

The agency’s usefulness was further highlighted during the murder attempt on President Ronald Reagan who was severely wounded. The murder of President John F. Kennedy (JFK) was one incident that rocked the agency to bottom.

2. MB: The Muslim Brotherhood

Formed by a school teacher and scholar, who goes by the name Hassan al-Banna in 1928 in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is a political party that was meant to be a peaceful and democratic organization.

The Muslim Brotherhood was however found guilty of involvement in terrorist activities, as a result, was declared a terrorist organization by Egypt, Russia, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain as of 2015.

The Muslim Brotherhood was victorious in the first democratic presidential election of Egypt, as its candidate won the polls. He (Mohamed Morsi) was later overthrown barely after a year; by the military due to several demonstrations, and unrest in the country.

3. HEC: United States House Committee on Ethics

The Ethics Committee as it is commonly known, is a non-partisan union that was created with the sole purpose of checkmating ethical conducts or moral values of members of the House. The first case brought to the committee was on 30th January 1798 when Rep. Mathew Lyon representing Vermont was charged with an ethical misdemeanor.

The committee is charged with the responsibility of investigating members that have been charged with indecency, providing counsel to members of the House prior to them taking certain actions that may make them culpable ethically.

The committee maintains a balance of power as the number of its members is evenly split among each political party.

4. KKK: Ku Klux Klan

The Ku Klux Klan is a vicious group that advocates White Supremacy, Nativism, Anti-Immigration, Anti-Semitism et cetera, and was founded in 1865. The KKK has had a total of over 6 million members since its inception.

KKK was more active and dreaded in the South where several of its members have faced trial.

The KKK group is responsible for the death of over 5000 African Americans and Republicans in the 1860s. Its members were all democratic and did threaten and kill Republicans, ensuring that voters chose candidates of the Democratic Party.

In 1868 in Columbia County, 1,222 votes were cast in favor of a Republican (during a gubernatorial election), but only 1 vote was cast in the November Presidential Election later that year due to KKK’s tyranny.

6. R\’s: Republicans

This abbreviation is used to represent members of the Republican Political Party of the United States. The Republican Party currently holds the majority in the US Government (as of 2018).

5. D\’s: Democrats

Used to refer to members of the Democratic Political Party of the United States and they are commonly known as Democrats or members of the left-wing because of their political stance and beliefs.

7. KSA: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is called Saudi Arabia in short, and it is one of the largest countries in the Arab world. As the name suggests, Saudi Arabia does not practice democracy and is in total monarchy and dictatorship.

Saudi Arabia is an oil-rich nation which has the Quran and the Sunnah as the constitution of the country.

Women were not arrived to drive in Saudi Arabia, not until 2017 when the crown prince pushed for the innovation.

8. MSM: MainStream Media

Mainstream Media refers to media corporations that have a strong influence on its viewers, readers. The Mainstream Media includes broadcast media and newspapers and any media that sways views and opinions of a lot of people.

Some of the Mainstream Media includes CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC, CBS and FOX NEWS (Yes Fox News is a mainstream media)

9. ANTIFA: Anti-Fascists

The ANTIFA as an Anti-Fascist/Fascism is a United States group that uses a straight approach in passing their message. The ANTIFA often engage in sabotaging private and government properties and physically attacking their perceived enemies (White Supremacists and Fascists).

Being a far-left group, they are bent on fighting the beliefs and ideologies of those on the far-right.

10. F2F: Face to Face

This refers to a face to face meeting; or one on one interaction and conversation rather than an electronic communication or conversation on the internet.

This abbreviation is regularly used on Twitter by media handles and politicians, given the limit on characters available on Twitter.

11. BO: Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States; he served two successive terms from 2009 to 2017. Barack Hussein Obama II is his full name and he is the first African American to be the Commander-In-Chief of the United States Armed Forces.

Some of the highlights of his tenure were the ordering of the operations that led to the death of notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden and the killing of Libya’s Gaddafi. Obama signed and legalized same-sex marriage in America, failed in Gun Control, Obama also lost the United States Embassy in Libya. Libya was declared a failed state after he couldn’t suppress terrorist activities following the death of Gaddafi.

12. HRC: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton Served under Barack Obama as Secretary of State, ran for the Office of the President of the United States in 2016 under the Democratic Party. She lost to Trump after been tagged favorite to emerge President by the Mainstream Media, subsequent to the release of several poll results which suggested she was the more preferred candidate.

13: DJT: Donald John Trump

DJT is the abbreviation of Trump’s full name; once real estate mogul; now President of the United States of America. Donald John Trump was elected President of the United States in the November 2016 elections. The result of the election has been subject to denigration, as there is evidence as reported by the FBI that there was external interference.

The acclaimed Mueller is heading the investigation of a possible Russian Meddling in the elections, an election which its result came as a shock to many around the globe.

Donald Trump ran against Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State. Her tenure is full of rumors of murder and other political crimes, the United States lost her Libya embassy when Hillary Clinton was in charge of the State affairs.

Julian Assange In Ecuador Embassy, London
Julian Assange In Ecuador Embassy, London

14: JA: Julian Assange

A computer programmer, hacker, and journalist; Julian Assange is the founder of the popular WikiLeaks. The publication was founded in 2006 and has gone on to publish over 10 million documents and reports.

Assange’s family had to change their identities according to him, revealing in an open letter to French President, at the time; that his wife and son have been subject to numerous death threats.

Julian Assange during his hacking career, successfully hacked into the Pentagon, US Navy, NASA, Motorola, Panasonic and many more. He was charged to court by the Australian Federal Police, pleaded guilty and was unconstrained on a good behavior bond.

Notably decorated by Times, Sydney Peace Foundation, Rolling Stone etc, Julian Assange has been increasingly active, politically. Julian has been investigated by the FBI for several felonies; he is currently residing (on right to asylum) in the embassy of Ecuador, London England.

15. U1: Uranium One

Uranium One was acquired by the Russian Government, and the motive of the acquisition of the mining company has and is still being investigated by the United States Government. The company produces Uranium Gold and was founded in 2005.

In 2015, Uranium One’s chairman made a donation in the amount of $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Furthermore, subsequent to the acquisition of Uranium One, Bill Clinton received an amount in the sum of $500,000 to speak at an event in Moscow. This event was hosted by a Russian investment bank which has ties to the Kremlin. However, the donation made by Uranium One was not disclosed by the Clinton Foundation despite being directed by the White House to announce donations received.

16. SAP: Special Access Program

The special access program that is also known as secret access program is a federal government program initiated by the Department of Defense. The program is another layer of defense or security protocol; it requires designated clearance for extremely covert operations or top secret documents (marked SAP).

Government officials and military personnel with clearance for normal clandestine operations might not have clearance for SAPs.

17. AF1: Air Force One

Air Force One is the code name or a call sign attached to the Presidential Jet; a jet used by the President of the United States of America. The jet during each flight carries up to 70 personnel including the President, and it was coined in 1953.

The Air Force One’s refrigerating system was reported to be due for replacement, as it raised worries for the Secret Service who thought it is unable to meet requirements. The Presidential Jet is able to hold 3,000 meals, which can last for at least two weeks without receiving supplies.

18. DEFCON: Defense Readiness Condition

The DEFense readiness CONdition (DEFCON) is a system used by the United States Armed Forces to determine readiness and alertness for military actions. Designed and developed by the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, it has 5 stages/levels (of readiness).

Some of these DEFCON stages apply to some of the US forces while another applies to all. The most ruthless of the stages is the DEFCON 1, while DEFCON 5 is least severe.

DEFCON 5 – The armed forces are not at their most readiness, they are rather in a normal state and at this stage, any situation or crisis might be fading out.

DEFCON 4 – The armed forces are tasked to be at their watch, sharp and to gather as much intelligence as there is and be above the normal readiness state.

DEFCON 3 – The US Air Force at this stage is ready to take off for any battle within 15 minutes and the armed forces are readier than they were in DEFCON 4

DEFCON 2 - This stage calls for a strict military action; and at this phase, the Chiefs of Staff are not taking chances and are prepared for a nuclear war. The US Armed Forces are on alert and prepared to engage in battle within 6 hours.

DEFCON 1 – Being the most ruthless of all, the DEFCON 1 is activated when a nuclear war is certain and imminent. The armed forces are at their maximum readiness and it is battle time.

The President of the United States and Secretary of Defense are primarily in charge of controlling the DEFCON stages.

19. MS-13: Mara Salvatrucha

MS-13 is a notorious Latino Drug Cartel that has been operating since the 80s with a presence in continental America. The MS-13 is an international criminal mob that engages in child prostitution, illegal immigration, robbery, money laundering, drug, arms and human trafficking.

The MS-13’s deadly activities have caught the attention of the United States President, Trump. He has tweeted about the gang, once again using it to state his intentions of building the wall.

20: BP: Border Patrol

The US Border Patrol is a law enforcement agency that is tasked with the primary duty of making sure that the US border remains secured and impenetrable. The border patrol makes sure dangerous substances like drugs and contrabands don’t get into the country and also to stop illegal immigration.

The agency is a Federal Law Enforcement Agency (founded in 1924) under the Homeland Security and has jurisdiction wherever the country borders with Canada and Mexico.

Learnt Something?

Hope you grabbed a few things during the few minutes you spent on this hub.

Think someone might need this? You can share.

© 2018 Tony Okey


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