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US Department of Sink Holes

Updated on March 21, 2013

A Sink Hole For Every Purpose.

Did you know that the United States Government has a Department of Sinkholes? No it is not the infinite spending of the democrats and republicans in office . It is a super secret joint venture between the USGS and the Department of Defense . Because it is so super classified it is not a cabinet level agency but it is independent. One day a sinkhole opens up and swallows a house or a man in bed and then the next day you hear about a collapsing salt dome underground swallowing up an entire town These strange events are becoming more and more common because the US Department of Sinkholes has been very active for the past 40 years. You did not know that there is a super high speed rail subway system that spans much of the globe did you? It is not quite finished yet but then it probably will never reach Australia. You did not know that that underground high speed rail system can has trains that can travel over 600 mph with nearly no resistance because they suck nearly all the air out of the tunnels? It all began before Ronald Reagan was in office. Not sure exactly when but the story goes that after the tunnels were drilled for the Chunnel under the English Chanel Connecting Britain and France by rail the borers just kept going around the world. it does not plow it's way under the Atlantic or Pacific. That is just too deep and the sea floor is considered too thin in those areas. In Britain and France there are two separate underwater submarine bases that connect what is known as the Subterrain stations. From France it plows its way all the way though Europe directly under the Kremlin in Moscow. It heads under Istanbul to points below Jerusalem, Cairo and soon directly under Baghdad and Tehran, Iran. On the Atlantic side it links the Long Island, NYC, Washington DC, Baltimore and elsewhere with multiple submarine subterrain stations and tunnels spanning the country , Canada Mexico and down though Latin America ,

Famous things you don't know about besides the many unfortunate sinkholes that open up during construction was the sink hole that opened up directly below Fort Knox allowing the Bush Family to have most of the gold that was stored there moved to their private vaults in the Maine subterrain vaults. That's why there is no gold in Fort Knox . Not any more and no one is going to tell you about the giant sinkhole under it because it is just too embarrassing.

Sinkholes can open up anywhere the department of sinkholes wants to create one. Although US ambassadors and diplomatic staff people can be whisked around the world at 600 plus mph they still make an effort to make it seem they fly home on occasion. Some day if necessary a huge sink hole will swallow up Beijing's government center buildings , the Kremlin , or Central Tehran. The holes are evacuated in advance just in case they ever are needed to dispose of enemies without having to drop any ground penetrating weapons because sinkholes are a lot more effective.

If you are worried about a drone circling your home some day you are just paranoid with over 200,000 miles of underground tunnels already spanning the globe the US Department of Sinkholes may actually already have a tunnel below your home with the capability of opening up just below the bed you are sleeping on and sucking you down. A sinkhole may have already opened up and swallowed part of an Iranian nuclear weapons plant. subterranean tunnels are being excavated at the rate of several miles per day somewhere on earth--under the earth beware. How can the US afford to do such a thing? They actually turn a profit now and then excavating coal or running though oil seams and then using the pneumatic pumps to excavate those valuable resources to market before later turning those evacuation pumps to the duty of removing the air from tunnels to reduce air resistance to near zero for allowing for high speed train travel that consumes little more energy to speed up to 600 mph as it does 35 mph. There maybe a hole about to open up under you at any moment so forget that you read this and just act surprised that is if you survive the fall.


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    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of pissants promisem and deantraylor 5 years ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      I've read about the causes of sink holes but never read about this one. It doesn't surprise me though. I suspect it explains why the EPA is so active in fining and prosecuting private citizen's who want to develop lands over these tunnels. The media must know about this but they never report on this department of sink holes which is more proof that the media is pro government and leans left. All this tunneling must account for many earthquakes too. It must be easy to figure out where these tunnels are now that we know about it. Just check all the golf courses Obama has ever played at while president - you can bet the tunnels are not near them. Funny isn't it, you never see Obama even approach the subject of sink holes or tunnels - that is a dead give away, or maybe they just removed those words from his teleprompter's vocabulary database.

      Very informative hubpage - on a scale of O to infinity I give it a 17 trillion.