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A Quiz on the Presidents of the United States of America

Updated on September 21, 2013

The White House


How much do you know about Presidents of the USA?

US citizens elected President Barack Obama in November last and he was sworn in for his second term in January, 2013. Prudence of the voters triggered by their perceptions about the political parties, impact of the campaigns organised by the candidates and their liking or disliking of the incumbent President Obama would have come into play to arrive at this decision. In the run up for elections some flashback about the idiosyncrasies of past Presidents, record of their performance and the landmark political, financial or administrative decisions taken by them specially during crisis situations might also have taken place.

Let us see how much you are able to recall about the past US Presidents.

Are you ready for a quiz?

#1. Dexterities

Most of the people have a preferred hand. That is why people are called left-handed or right-handed. Some are ambidextrous. But there is a President who went beyond this in exhibiting dexterity.

#2. Survey Opinions

Presidential ratings are a common feature in the USA. Different agencies publish results of their opinion surveys from time to time. These opinions may serve as barometers for the public as well as the President in office. Sometimes the surveys show results which are not in consonance with the common views held by the public and surprise everybody. That is why politicians do not take surveys at face value always and some even reject them.

#3. Longest Inaugral Speech and Shortest Stay in Office

Traditionally, Presidents deliver an inaugural speech which normally is a written document, sometimes short (shortest being 135 words) and sometimes long (longest being 8495 words). It is a curious coincidence that one of the Presidents delivered the longest inaugural speech but the destiny did not provide him with an opportunity to continue in office for long.

#4. Unique Date

Barack Obama happens to be the 44th President of the United States and only four past Presidents are alive. Other Presidents left this world on different dates but there is one date which defies the theory of probability.

#5. Mother State

Some of the States are known for their contribution in deciding the elections in favour or against a President. It may be political activism, number of voters or even importance of issue(s) local to the State. This State is having an edge over others though there is some confusion over native State/subsequent stay in some other State of a President. Even in the latest elections this State played a major and decisive role.

#6. Destiny

It is unfortunate that some of the Presidents could not complete their tenure of Presidency due to their death in office. In some cases the tragic end was due to their assassination while for others it was medical reasons.

#7. Family norms

Politicians in some of the countries have been preaching family planning. Small family norms were necessitated by socio-political or later economic pressures. But for some talking about it is like infringing on personal rights. One of the US Presidents did not believe in it at all.


US Past President Abraham Lincoln
US Past President Abraham Lincoln | Source

#8. Physical Extremes

Obesity rate in the US is known to be highest in the world where almost every third citizen is obese. Though half a century back the obesity rate was nearly 13% yet one of the Presidents in the first quarter of 20th century happened to be very obese. With well over 300 pounds weight, sometimes he needed help for pulling himself out of the White House bathrooms.

#9. The Other Extreme

In contrast, a President touched the lowest extreme in terms of height. With Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon B. Johnson touching 6 feet 4 inches (193 cms) on the upper extreme this President was on the other extreme for weight too, in addition to height.

#10. Term of a President

Normally, US President holds an office for four years and can also be eligible for the second term. In fact, many of the US Presidents could manage second consecutive term. But one of the Presidents is known to have broken this tradition. Incidentally, he also had the honour of marrying in the White House.

#11. More than two terms

But there is an exception to the two-terms tradition. One of the Presidents happened to serve for more than two terms. The President lead the nation during war conditions and remained a central figure in the world politics during adverse circumstances.

#12. Longitivity

A nation should always be proud of its past Presidents. Their wisdom is a valuable treasure for any nation. Sometimes, there may be overt or covert attempts to make use of their wisdom by the incumbent President. Let us all wish them a long life.

#13. Youngest President

President of a country is supposed to be sufficiently experienced in politics and age requirement to contest for Presidency in the United States is 35 years. Median age for accession to this office is nearly 55 years, though some of the Presidents assumed charge when they were in their early forties and the oldest one to enter this office was Ronald Reagan, nearing 70 years.

#14. Luck Galore

The Vice president and the President are elected by the people in the United States. However, one person was destined to be a Vice President due to resignation of an incumbent. Luck did not stop here. Circumstances elevated him to the post of President. Both positions were held without facing elections. It did happen.

# 15. First US citizen President

United States of America was declared independent from the Kingdom of Great Britain on July 4, 1776. All the US Presidents born prior to this date were British subjects. Interestingly, one more British subject President served the nation after the first US citizen was elected the President.

Your knowledge about US Presidents

How many items did you answer correctly?

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Likelihood of President Obama's place in this list on completion of his second term


President Obama could read the pulse of the people of United States and won the second term. After registering a convincing win in the Elections the President expressed that he would not like to be known as US President on completion of his second term but would prefer to be known as a Great President. Obviously, he will have to perform extraordinarily well in the coming years. His win has proved 'Unity in Diversity' but he will have to tackle many other problematic issues successfully for placement in the category of Great Presidents.

Your opinion about President Obama

On completion of his second term, which of the following actions is likely to promote President Obama to the category of Great US Presidents?

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