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Uber Driver, Viral Trump Supporter Busts Child Trafficking Ring on Livestream, Stings Hillary Supporters on Podesta

Updated on December 27, 2016

In a dramatic live Facebook video feed, an Uber driver in South Sacramento involved himself in what he said looked very much like a child sex abuse trafficking ring, as blue police lights can be seen behind his car, where police questioned a girl who he said appeared to be around 12. The girl turned out to be 16, and a "missing person." The man occasionally reads off comments coming in from viewers on his social media platform as he narrates his situation from inside his car.

Identifying himself as Keith Avila, of Stockton, California, the man describes how he had just dropped off two women and a young girl, and had called the police. During the ride to a Holiday Inn Express with the passengers, he heard them engaged in a disturbing conversation. The older women were apparently instructing the young one on how to proceed once she met the man she had an appointment with.

He said on video that once he understood what was taking place, driving away was "not an option." Avila called the police. Police later shook his hand and congratulated him on "helping us do our job."

Avila also made the news recently and caused an Internet storm as an outspoken Mexican-American supporter of Donald Trump, in a video which went viral. Apparently referring to the furor caused by emails leaked by Wikileaks from Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, Avila takes a dig at Clinton supporters, saying perhaps they "wouldn't care" in the situation he had found himself in. Some of the Podesta emails are to an associate who owns a pizza shop in Washington DC. Internet sleuths discovered lurid images of children posted at social media accounts belonging to the Podesta associate, resulting in the ongoing discussion known as #pizzagate.

Although many of the immediate conclusions drawn from the #pizzagate emails and images have been widely challenged and labeled as "fake news," the emails themselves ​have never been shown to be inauthentic. Investigators into the Wikileaks trove of documents maintain that, although the images and a strange apparent code talk found in the Podeta emails by themselves prove nothing, someone less powerful might find themselves as a subject of an investigation.

Damningly to Wikileaks researchers, the Clinton campaign already has falsely attempted to claim that the documents are not authentic. Journalist Glenn Greenwald recently wrote:

"Back in October, when WikiLeaks was releasing emails from the John Podesta archive, Clinton campaign officials and their media spokespeople adopted a strategy of outright lying to the public, claiming— with no basis whatsoever — that the emails were doctored or fabricated and thus should be ignored. That lie — and that is what it was: a claim made with knowledge of its falsity or reckless disregard for its truth — was most aggressively amplified by MSNBC personalities such as Joy Ann Reid and Malcolm Nance, The Atlantic’s David Frum, and Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald."

Avila has become a folk hero of sorts, as the problem of child sex trafficking in America confounds authorities and grows to epidemic proportions, according to BBC News.

Many of the children are runaways, but many are also kidnapped off the streets or brought in from other countries where law enforcement is ineffectual at stopping the trafficking of human beings.

Some Hillary Clinton critics are angry and confused that, in 2010 as secretary of state, Clinton intervened on behalf of an American woman who had been repeatedly warned in Haiti, by Haitian authorities, that she could not spirit children out of the country without going through a long and elaborate process for international adoption. The woman, Laura Silsby, attempted to smuggle the children into the Dominican Republic anyway. Silsby was convicted in a Haitian court and was going to be sentenced to six months in prison. Her statements and story were riddled with contradictions.


Hillary Violated State Department Policy to Get Convicted Child Trafficker Out of Haiti. Activist Found Dead


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