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Uderstanding The Election Process A Simpletons View

Updated on April 24, 2017

What is the Primary Election

Although America claims a two party system this past election brought to the forefront other candidate hopefuls who either were eliminated or withdrew their candidacy creating a multi-party system (Independent, Democratic, Republican and the Green party). The candidates that remained compete for the possibility of moving on to the national convention. At this level each party affiliate debates against their own party candidate to determine the stronger candidate that would move on to represent their party in the next phase.

The next phase of the process is the known as the primary elections. During the primary phase, the candidates are chosen one per party affiliate. It serves as the very first phase of choosing a serious and viable candidate for the office of President of the United States. It is the weeding out of the Presidential hopeful. "The United States holds two very different kinds of elections: primary and general. Both are important in determining the will of the people. This process finds out who the people want to run for each party, and then which party's candidate they choose over the other party's candidate. The primary election is the party nomination". "The Difference between Primary and General Election" Brian Gabriel

2016 Election saw Hillary Clinton the winner to represent the Democratic party after the primary election. The Republican Party had Donald Trump the front runner for the Republican Party.

General Election

We now have to swallow the consequences of our inaction, as the general election saw Donald trump winning, going on to become the President of the United States. We can continue to blame the electoral College, however, had each eligible voter turned out to cast their vote we may have seen a different outcome. The thing that is most evident in this and past election is that most Caucasians take their voting rights seriously. It also highlighted the fact that there are more of us who are Liberal minded than Conservative, of course, each has a median ground that at times makes for interesting politicking.

We are all familiar with the general elections, it's the one Day every four Years during an election cycle when we get to choose the new President. Most will do their civic duty and take the time to vote while the naysayers will leave it up to others to fulfill that obligation.The general election is a local, state or national election we not only elect the President but also some state and local representatives.

Midterm Elections

The dissatisfaction we feel at the Republican party's inability to temper or spur the current President to behave in a manner acceptable to most People is appalling, and would at times be laughable if, these actions were perpetrated by anyone other than the Man who is representative of America. It is becoming quite a freak show the only saving grace is that come November 6th, 2017 the Day a great many People are looking forward to as the Republican party may see a lightening of their representatives.

Ridding Yourself of Your Judiciary

In most States, Judgeship is appointed by the governor. However, at the very next general election, they must be confirmed by the voters. They then generally serve a term of 12 years before coming up for re-election. If during the 12 year period the seat has to be vacated the Governor can appoint someone to fulfill the obligation only for the period of time remaining during the initial 12 year period.

A Judge who has served his or her 12 Years and wants to maintain their employment will file for retention. If the Judge does not face an opponent and is running as an incumbent. A question is placed on the ballot asking whether each judge shall be retained for another term, and voters choose "yes" or "no." Judges must receive majority "yes" votes in order to remain in their seats.

A partisan election, often times are based on party affiliation, which a Judges must disclose prior to being placed on the ballot. Most Judges are approved by us the voters during the General Election. If a midterm vacancy occurs on the court, a temporary judge is named by the governor. Appointees serve out the remainder of their predecessor's unexpired term if four or fewer years but are up for re-election in the next general election.

Attorney Generals are in 43 States elected to office in the remaining 7 States they are appointed by the Governor. Each appointment is consistent with the Governor's party affiliation. In a few cases, they straddle party lines and are nonpartisan. Failure to vote during the midterms can cost you if the employee that is chosen or elected does not hold your views

The police chief is hired by the mayor (also an elected official) to act on the behalf of the municipality he or she is to serve.

Failure to vote during any of the above-mentioned Election cycles ensures that at some point someone who does not hold your values will be in a position of authority. Let me address it this way, you are giving someone else the authority to hire for you an employee who does not fit your company's agenda. Lately, we have been privy to a Judicial system that has little or no regard for human life it seems. Defenseless People being shot and killed by civil servants whose job it is to protect them along with the Attorney Generals and the Judges often times they are derelict in the performance of their duties to see to a fair and impartial fulfillment of justice.

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