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Ukraine will start WW3 in Europe as Russia declares war and invasion

Updated on March 4, 2014

Red Alert

It seems there is no letting up in this conflict on either side, whether Russia or the West. Obama calls for likely military action while Putin has already put military inside the borders of Ukraine although in limited fashion. The new Ukraine government is trying to rally its army for defense but it in no way could match the might of Russia. Which means they would need help coming from NATO. They have around 6-9 times smaller military. But some in the new government are calling for Ukraine to re-establish their nuclear arsenal even though the nation signed an agreement to not develop in 1994. The issue with both sides are, Russia wants to natural gas promised because it runs their economy and the West (NATO, EU & US) want it to join the EU because they are broke. Putin also declared he will not be humiliated like the former Russian president Medvedev on Libya. Which means Ukraine will be a tug of war.


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