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Un-Natural Disasters - Angry planet

Updated on November 29, 2017
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An honest look at our personal and cultural modus operandi can generate a conscious rethinking of what, of our body-mind, is ours to adjust

This article which, within the framework of spiritual philosophy, deconstructs some of the most phenomenal ‘natural occurrences’ that have made world headlines, is the 3rd of a series written between 2010 and 2014. Since then, it has been more of the same, as the expression goes.

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Sea Surges - Tsunamis

May 4, 2010 - Freak waves batter La Promenade des Anglais, in Nice, France – my hometown.

This sea storm is even more dramatic when we know that on the littoral, the Mediterranean sea, unlike the Atlantic, is normally quite still.

Only days before the official opening of the tourist season, this natural disaster could spell economic doom for the French Riviera.

The cost of repair, mostly of the seafront restaurants between Nice and Cannes, is for now estimated to be between 3 and 8 millions of Euros.

We Nod

Most of us do nod in agreement that everything happens for a reason, but we usually fail to search for ‘the reason’.

Contextualizing natural events, these so-called Acts of God helps make meaning out of events that are occurring more frequently and with more intensity than in the past.

Saying that these disasters are due to global warming or to the El Nino effect only addresses the symptoms, not the primary cause.

It’s no different than saying that cancer is caused by the genetic mutation of cells while the real question is the one that precedes why have cells mutated in any one particular human being?


Although dust clouds are not uncommon, the one that mushroomed out of Eyjafjallajökull was the greatest of them all.

Across the globe, it would appear that our planet is reacting more forcefully than ever before with her killer hurricanes and her killer fires and her killer earthquakes and killer mudslides which, like Gargantua’s alter egos, regularly swallow thousands upon thousands of people worldwide, often it seems with greater appetite and unbridled aggressive strength than many of their predecessors.

This increase in ferocity has led to the catchy term: Angry Planet.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

More accurate than the attention-grabbing personification that is intended, it is wise to pay attention to the term – but only in a way. Our planet is not angry. Anger, as a retaliative response to needs not met, is a human trait that doesn’t have an equivalence in nature.

Incredibly, at least in our mind, what the planet does is mirror our species’ cumulated excesses and erratic behaviours.

Nature with powers that exceed ours manifold, duplicates and magnifies our actions before hurling them back at us through the elements - her emissaries - and their Cyclopic strength.

Nature’s intention, it would appear, is to show us how ugly, violent and destructive is our Modus Operandi. On the one hand, we operate our lives, private, public and professional, as crudely as was the norm hundreds of centuries ago.

On the other there appears a degree 'civilized' behavior, a veneer of politeness, that is squeezed out of us by laws and legislation and deterrents and punishments and to some degree, for the nicer ones of us, by the fear of losing face and blowing the lid on what stirs within the moment our sensors detect an ‘obstacle’ on the path to any of our objectives – be they lofty or far from lofty.

Blinded by the Bling

'Live’ from Nature, dust clouds are real-time reflections of our communal blindness to What Is and to what is truly essential in life.

We are so blinded by the bling, our personal needs and by each other’s personas that we see little else.

Floods and the greater the flood, the greater the need for us, as separate entities to wash from ourselves all negativity of thought, all dark emotions and actions or risk being flooded by them, swept away and left to drown in them – literally as well as figuratively.

When it comes to fire, be it a house fire or an entire district that goes up in flames, fires are calls to all of us – all of us who watch the devastation on the news.

Disasters are never merely intended as messages for the ones personally affected - that would be a terrible overkill and Nature does not waste her energy in meaningless acts just to appear sensational and make it big on CNN. Over-acting and over-reacting are other traits that are strictly human.

Wildfires confront us with the ‘natural’ hot temper and often uncontrolled fierceness and ferocity that we are known to unleash as a species, as groups and, often, too, as individuals in the shape of arguments, quarrels and wars.

Interestingly, fires such as the one that ravaged Marysville, Kinglake and neighbouring areas near Melbourne, Australia, in 2009, were said to be of a new strain of killer fires – fires of unprecedented ferocity and agility.

That particular string of fires raged on uninterrupted for three weeks, killing 173 people, injuring 413 physically [and countless more scarred for life] reducing an entire town to rubble, devastating 450,000 hectares of prime bush-land and killing however many thousands of farm and wild animals.

Burn Away the Past

It is this new type of killer fires that also devastated a part of the Angeles National forest near L.A., a few months later.

Fires are Nature’s calls to burn away the past, to leave it behind, to not try to hold on to it and to not try to resurrect it.

The past is not. It is not more than the future is.

Only the present moment is which is why it is imperative for us, separately and collectively to be Awake and Aware within the moments that present themselves under our feet.


Aridity of the Heart

Drought symbolizes the aridity of the heart. It reflects back at us our private and collective inability to give of self unconditionally and, in our homes, to keep our love flowing to those we claimed to love.

Drought as seen on the news, even when happening to unfortunate ones in another land, has a message for each one of us who are witnesses – as do all of Nature’s events.

Drought is Nature’s urgent plea to swing away from using ‘love’ as a performance-based incentive, as pats on the back, raises, promotion and bonuses are used in the workplace.

Petrified Emotions

Snow and ice storms are about the frozen state of petrified emotions, the ones we choose to hold on to – the ones we help fossilize with thoughts along the lines of:

This is who I am. I can’t react any differently.

If you have a problem with who I am, then we have nothing to say to each other. You’re the one with a problem.

Eyes, Open!

For the past 150 years [approx.], science has moved us away from our spirit, away from our soul and into our body and its myriad of creature comfort/status needs, as if body and soul were unconnected entities.

Urged on by what many of us would call Free Will, we have happily moved along that continuum as one very massive herd of 7 billion + on the greatest of all migration paths.

Symbolically, it can be said that sandstorms are wake-up calls that the time has come to open our eyes to What-Is, to our personal and collective Modus Operandi and to clear the ‘grit’ out of our eyes.


Rooftop of the World Crashed Down

In mid-April this year, more than 1000 people died in Jiegu, China, as a strong quake rocked a remote Tibetan region. Before that, the death toll of the January earthquake in Haiti escalated to 212,000.

Personal and professional relationships and alliances of all sorts are quickly made and quickly unmade everywhere on planet Earth, often with devastating results. Earthquakes symbolize the crumbling down of our relationships.

Even as the 'roof' comes crashing down on us, the message is for us to begin a renewal from the bottom up – a renewal similar to that which always follows the rejuvenation of Nature after every devastating fire - not a mere, frantic, desperate attempt to rebuild what was, as is our tendency.

Ice Wants Us To ...

Frost and Ice want us to warm our heart by opening it wide, wide and wider without any provisos or strings attached.

Anger, resentment and their spin-offs destroy us.

They destroy our health as they destroy our relationships, be they familial, social, professional or political just as hurricanes destroy all that is in their paths. Hurricanes reflect the angry and negative energy within us, within all of us.

There is not one of us, dead or alive who is unfamiliar with anger and resentment. The raging seas also mirror broiling and unbridled anger.

Our Homemade Projections

Rain symbolizes our tears – even the ones we don’t shed while storms symbolize devastating hatred that is so destructive.

Sunrises that many of us may get up too late to enjoy symbolize awakening and birth while sunsets that we consider so awesome, dramatic and romantic are about dim understanding, blindness and death – on the path to rebirth.

“Because Nature is L O V E and what we see as her anger, violence and disasters are but our own deadly projections and creations,” Moriya explained.

© 2017 Carole Claude Saint-Clair


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