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"Un" common Sense

Updated on October 14, 2012

The other day in PVR, I paid 30 rupees (non-refundable) per 3D glass and when I got the glass, I got shocked to see it in "not at all glass" shaped cardboard with 2" lens like" things in the middle! It is 20 rupees per glass in Sathyam where they actually give a "Glass"!

This made me think - why is there such a disparity? Who restricts/controls such acts of siphoning money from consumers? How many of us even think about this? With I.T blooming and abundant money in the hands of everyone, nobody seems to care for such 20/30 rupees.

This is not the only place, take the different mobile service providers for example. Each one charges in a different way. The rates are varied over night and the customer is not even informed about it. Pay for your calls and messages, and pay even more to cut the rates! Who will bring a uniformity in this? I am sure many of us have been cheated in one way or another by these service providers. How many of us really care?

Who determines the convenience charges for booking tickets on the internet? Why is it different for different theatres and websites? How many of us notice this difference or even care about it? All we bother is about getting a ticket (which is so tough these days!)

Who decides the parking rates in the different malls? Absolute atrocity this one is. Do we even care to park in a different place and walk to the mall, saving that precious 50-60 rupees? Is it even precious?

How much ever the hike in petrol/diesel price, we don't even think of car pooling to office! Leave the monetary part of it, atleast considering the traffic?

Why is it that the value of money is not felt anymore? Who gives the right to the road side cool drink shops to charge for the "cool" part of the cool drink? Who cares about the extra 2 rupees? After all 2 rupees!

This attitude of being ignorant about money spent has given the chance to many to take our money, like leeches that suck blood. Why is that not many care to get back the exact change in retail stores? After all they are not poor, for us to tip them with the change, be it even 50 paise, it is your money.

How many of us have paid 100 rupees to the traffic police without even questioning him just to escape from the situation? Do we even know the correct fine amount to pay?

These many many small amounts when added over a period of time might end up being quite a big amount, but who cares? What is that, which gives us the privilege to be "Ignorant" about our hard earned money?

Most of us want to fight for big causes like Lokpal or FDI in Retail, not even fully aware of the issue, but not many of us want to fight for small things happening around us! We always want someone to speak for us. The sad thing is, many consider that "someone" who speaks as a "sad case"!


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    • OTEE profile image

      OTEE 5 years ago from India

      Most of us want to fight for big causes like Lokpal or FDI in Retail, not even fully aware of the issue, ...