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Underclass Mid-term Election Poll

Updated on October 13, 2010

October 12, 2010

The Democrats and Republicans are appealing to their political base to win the mid-term elections. According to the polls Republicans are more energized and likely to vote than Democrats. Because of this opinion Republican are claiming victories in the House and Senate. I believe that there is more energy in the Republican base generated by the Tea Party. Two years of demonstration and protest, there is no question the Republicans will vote in large numbers. They hope the polls are right this time.

The polls said Obama couldn’t and wouldn’t win in 2008. Polls are wrong most of the times. Polls and facts don’t mix. The fact is there are more Democratic voters in America than Republican voters. Obama won because the Democratic base came out to vote in 2008. The base of the Democratic Party is the poor and the underclass. That’s tens of millions nationwide. The lower class and middle class Democrats almost equal the number of Republican vote nationwide. The fact is if the Democratic base votes this mid-term Republicans have little hope.

The Democratic base is aware of what’s at stake. They know that their future is in their vote. I believe that the base will take the time to vote because of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is an identifiable foe to the poor and underclass. They know the only way they can stop the Tea Party is with their votes. The poor and underclass have no choice but to vote Democrat this election. They will come out like its 2008 again. My opinion poll says the Democrats will win by a landslide. I believe that in the voting booth a lot of Republicans will vote Democrat if they have the chance.




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  • junko profile image

    junko 4 years ago

    I was doing a little reflecting and was I ever wrong about the strenth of the tea served by the Teaparty in the 2010 Midterm elections. There will be no 2014 Midterm poll prediction from the Underclass.