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Unemployed and not worth replying to

Updated on April 16, 2012

Dear potential employer

Please find attached a copy of my CV for consideration for the administration position with your company. I have spent a few hours carefully addressing each element of the job description, provided good examples for the required core competences and sold myself to you why I am indeed worthy for an interview. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dear Naomi. You are invisible. We won't even bother with the decency of replying to your application even though it is good and you are worthy of an interview. We have no manners and will not even give enough of a damn to spend even two minutes to send an email saying 'sorry but no'. We have no manners or respect for your effort and time given to try and bring something worthy to our organisation in way of your experience and skills.

How many of you have applied for a job and never heard back? I am applying for jobs way below my pay band and do not even get an interview! Since Christmas I have applied for about 30 jobs - only ONE replied that I was not successful. One... that is utterly disgraceful and disrespectful. Not so long ago you would get a letter saying 'no, sorry' but these days you don't even get acknowledgement of existence. And they wonder why people stay on the dole and cheat the system!

So if you are an employer out there, advertising for a position, think about how your actions are impacting on valued, skilled workers who have taken time to apply for the job and only want acknowledgement that they exist but weren't successful this time. It takes two minutes to send an email. Stop being lazy. Stop being disrespectful to people who have made the effort and who want to bring their skills to your company. It's rude.

It is no wonder our nation feels so much apathy. It is no wonder it's easier to stay on benefits. Not for me! I didn't spend years gaining experience and qualifications to sit on my arse at home, sending applications to rude people!

Just because we are unemployed, does not mean we are worthless doleites milking the benefit system. Most of us just want to work. Some do milk the system and that's wrong.

I have kept myself busy during my unemployement, learning new skills and gaining experience.

I am worth two minutes of your time.

Rant over....


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    • Blue Crow profile image

      Blue Crow 5 years ago from Yorkshire

      Thanks Tony =o)

    • Tony Flanigan profile image

      Tony Flanigan 5 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Yep. Professional courtesy has gone down the tubes. When I moved to East London a few years back I applied for over 120 positions in the first 3 months I was here. I made it onto a short-list a few times, and those were the only occasions on which I was contacted. Beyond that- nothing!

      Blue Crow, I sincerely hope your endeavors to find employment succeed, and wish you the best of luck.