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Unemployment in Pakistan!

Updated on May 3, 2013

In a pleasant evening, in summer, I was going on foot back to my home when I saw a man decently dressed was standing by the side of a melon stand. As I stopped to buy some melons, I reckoned that may be he is also waiting for the actual vendor, but when I inquired then I came to know that he was the vendor actually. I was bewildered somehow when he told me that I am a freshly graduated student but has not got any job offer so he was left with no other option and thought to sell fruits to make survival of his family possible. How pitiable his condition was! Tears rolled on my cheeks by seeing his despair situation and watching the talent being wasted in such a ruthless manner.

Unemployment is the mother of innumerable evils. It is a poison which pollutes the whole society and grips the whole system in its hands, if not being controlled in a sensible way. It discourages honesty, decency, patronizes corruption and brings the dark side of human character. It is a national problem now in Pakistan because if u take a glance at the educated class, then you will witness thousands of those people who wander about, holding the C.V’s in their hands in scorching heat of summers and even in cold breezes of winters but what they come to know is that “there is no vacancy for them at the moment”. Getting good jobs requires approach these days by high officials and government servants because the corruption rate has increased severely in the past few years. The seats of educated people can be snubbed easily and they are deprived of their reward and are left to stand in the darkness of the feudal system.

Unemployment is also an industrial problem because 80% of our people are dependent on agriculture. Uneducated class is also deprived of jobs because the import rate has been amplified in few years. If a father can’t provide bread and butter to his family just because of unemployment then how can you expect honesty from him? One day he will have to become a great dacoit and join the evil path to make the survival of his family possible in this merciless world. The crime rate will definitely boost up.

Load shedding has played a significant role in the deaths of our industries in last 4-5 years. The shutters of factories fell down, the poor people died of hunger, the honest ones commit suicides but the rulers are deaf enough, not to pay heed to the cry of people in wilderness.

Population scale has drastically inflated. Daily thousands of new mouths are born to be fed. This alarming situation is bringing devastation more than floods can bring in a country.

Young kids of tribal areas mostly get into deadly evils like terrorism where they are paid some thousand rupees for massive killing of innocent people by bombs. Their brains are washed on the name of Jihad. Pakistan is fighting a war on terror in coalition with the USA but what do they expect after making people jobless that they will be able to succeed in this war? It is war initiated by them.

Still there are ways to get rid of unemployment. For this purpose our government has to discourage foreign imports so that news ways of employment can be generated, to make changes in education system and to provide the same education in public and private sector so that the line of demarcation can be drawn, to degrade the increasing corruption rate because it is the root cause of all evils, to make new industries in the country. “Right of survival of an individual” can’t be denied by the state because it is responsibility of the state. We can cope with this situation easily if we will get true and sincere leaders in our country. We need patriotic leaders like Quaid-e-Azam once again who can take the ship of his Nation towards the save shoreline. So the time has come to choose the right leader who can save you from getting into evils, who can understand the feelings of people and can redress their grievances. So make right use to your vote this time otherwise you will be left to mourn for next five years. Be sensible, act wise and vote the leader who can change the destiny of Pakistan.


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