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Unfair Practices Surrounding the NYPD

Updated on August 9, 2012
Officer Andrew Kelly as he arrives at courthouse.
Officer Andrew Kelly as he arrives at courthouse.

Police corruption, cover-ups pertaining to those in the field and down right making the system work in your favor has been an on-going issue as far as the NYPD is involved. In a city ridden with crime, it is truly unfair not to mention appalling to hear such atrocities being committed by the men and women we as citizens depend on to uphold the law.

I for one can write on the good and the bad but find myself writing more and more stories on how corruption is plaguing our judiciary system more and more each day, and how quickly they are to defend their actions during investigation.

The most recent events bringing me to address this is the horrific way a young woman’s life was taken away so abruptly due to one officer’s negligence while driving under the influence, and how the first responders tried their very best to assist him in getting away with it by giving him a piece of gum, and water to help mask the scent of liquor emanating from his breath, and the hours it took to take a breathalyzer which should’ve been done on the spot.

Andrew Kelly shouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel after a night out with friends no matter how long he was without taking a drink. He was obviously intoxicated still when he decided to drive a fellow officer Michael Downs and two other friends home, and in route, but not too far away from the bar they last left struck and killed Vionique Valnord as she was crossing the street.

Though Kelly attempted to help the victim by giving her CPR his efforts were pointless as she didn’t make it. Upon hearing that she died he also wept, but his conscious didn’t help his case when he decided to refuse taking a breathalyzer and a warrant had to be issued to get blood work which was not obtained until seven hours have already gone by, giving the reading a 0.0, which in turn can seriously jeopardize a conviction if tried as we all know it should be.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is also proving how the system works by stressing that the more than seven hour delay in testing was not that unusual because of the steps needed to get a court order. The breathalyzer should’ve been done at the scene and the first responders should’ve done their jobs upon arrival. The way they handled this was totally unacceptable, and they should be accounted for and also reprimanded for trying to cover it up in the first place.

To this young lady’s family a formal apology should be given from all involved and they should also be used as an example to prevent this from ever happening again. No family should be told they lost a child due to negligence on behalf of the NYPD. If this was your family members (police officers) wouldn’t you want all to have been done on the onset and not seven hours later? Covering up events because he or she is a fellow police officer should never be considered. You signed up to uphold the law not break them yourselves. “To Protect and Serve,” your own should not even be a factor, and how can you expect respect if the citizens of this city are given the shaft at each turn.

The main problem with this case is the amount of time it took to get him tested when they already had a warrant to obtain a blood test, the obvious cover up and the mention that they handled it as they did because they expected Al Sharpton to turn this into another racial profiling case. In addition to all of the above, Kelly’s lawyer is playing on the fact his clients blood work came back with a 0.0 alcohol level and attempted to save her life. Of course he did, he was trying to save his own butt from prosecution and delaying the tests, coupled with the gum and water he was given only proves that.

The NYPD as well as Commissioner Kelly should be ashamed of themselves for once again proving to the public you only stick up to, and protect your own. Never even considering the poor family who now has to bury a loved one whose life was basically cut dramatically short due to negligence…

Now please don't get me wrong. I have a lot of respect for the good officers trying to make life a lot safer, and who pretty much still have their minds set on doing good, but I will be the first to also point out their mistakes if only to help make a difference and possibly assist in vanquishing the bad and keeping the good. Bottom line is no one should be exempt from the law no matter what.

Copyright © 2009~Alma Gonzalez


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