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The United States Has Expressed deep concern over the Worst Human Rights Violations In Occupied Kashmir

Updated on September 29, 2019
mehfooz ul hassan profile image

I am a student of political science and international relations. I got my master degree in political science from the University of Punjab.

The United States has very deep concern over the worst human rights violations in occupied Kashmir

The United States has affirmed deep concern over the worst human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and demanded that India immediately curtail its curfew and lift sanctions. The Indian army has besieged Kashmiris for the last 56 days.

Youngsters 'women' are bound to the elderly and patients. The worst curfew has created a human tragedy in the Valley due to malnutrition and lack of medicines. People are rubbing their hands for lack of medicines. The Indian army is committing war crimes by taking innocent children from their homes and committing brutal torture. But human rights organizations and the international community are not paying any attention to Kashmiris who are less than abusive. Not only is global concern expressed against the brutal atrocities and brutality of the Maoist government, but India itself.

The US President is a Strategic Partner of Modi

The peaceful, moderate, and fair-minded communities are also expressing anger. If the Modi government succeeds in imposing RSS Hindutva's agenda in secular India, without taking into account global pressure or even the pressure of the Indian people, the only reason for this is Modi's strategic partner, US President Trump. Blessings, On the one hand, the US president talks about mediation on Kashmir, and on the other hand, he hands over Modi's hands and casts salt on Kashmiris' wounds.

That is why Prime Minister Imran also had to say on the forum of the General Assembly that the world has to decide whether to see a billion people market or Indian atrocities. In this context, it would not be wrong to say that Trump's entrepreneurial thinking is fueling the burning in Kashmir. US President encourages Modi's genocide by raising trade and strategic rituals from India It is the worst example of solidarity, and it can only be expressed with sorrow and regret. The recent UN meeting has given the impression that the international community has also taken this meeting of the General Assembly as a sitting speaker and convenor.

Ellis Wells To Call India Relaxing Curfew In Kashmir

The international community could have called for at least one language to lift the curfew from the occupied valley, which did not, while it was not wrong for US Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Ellis Wells to call India relaxing the curfew in Kashmir and removing sanctions. It would be better for the US to use its strategic partner, Modi, to influence the Kashmiris by implementing UN-backed resolutions for 70 years, instead of forcing them to exercise their autonomy in Kashmir instead of holding elections in Kashmir.


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