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United We Are - Divided We Stand

Updated on November 2, 2012
As American's we should stand together in this time of celebration, instead of ruining the moment with political arguments.
As American's we should stand together in this time of celebration, instead of ruining the moment with political arguments. | Source

Is The War on Terrorism Over?

As the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death by the Navy SEAL’s at a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan reached Americans, we celebrated.

We sat glued in front of our televisions as President Barack Obama gave his speech to the people of the United States. People gathered at ground zero and at the White House as spontaneous acts of patriotism. Some even walked the streets placing little American flags around yards in America.


Because a terrorist we had been fighting for so long has finally been taken down. The mastermind behind the September 11th attacks - the attack that has wounded and killed many of our soldiers and civilians, the attack that made America stand up united together against terrorists, the attack that has stolen our sense of security - the mastermind has finally been taken down.

Is this grounds for a celebration that is long over do? Yes! So what is the problem with this situation?

The problem is the embarrassment of how so many American’s have reacted. Not in their means of celebration, but by the means that has divided this country due to political stances. While we should mark this time down in the history books as an accomplishment made by the American people, instead we are fighting against each other for who we should thank. The quest for credit has just begun.

Some have fought over how honorable it was that President Obama had signed the papers the ultimately resulted in the finding and finishing off of the number one terrorist. Others say to give credit to were it is due - since it was the Bush Administration that ultimately led to Bin Laden’s demise.

In reality, isn’t it a cooperative moment. Both administrations helped to find and secure this enemy of the United States. This isn’t a one up for Obama and a dream Bush only wished he could have attained. This is a Win-Win situation for all of America and for both administrations.

In a statement by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia, he stated this was a package deal. That it wasn’t a win from either administration. “I commend President Obama who has followed Bush in bringing Bin Laden to Justice,” Cantor said.

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Is the Unproductive Babble Tearing us Apart?

The unproductive babble about who gets credit is only tearing apart us as United States citizens. It is obvious who should get credit. It is everyone. It is both Bush and Obama. But mostly, it is the Navy Seals who did the dirty work. It is the military service members who spent nights away from their family on a mission they weren’t sure they would return from. It is the veterans, whether it is those who have been injured and returned home or those who served their time and got out. It is those that never made it back. These are the unsung heroes who are hardly getting a note of the credit deserved.

While we should be celebrating, instead we are fighting over which president led the battle that lead us to ultimate victory.

As I have watched the news stories flash by, and the numerous Facebook status updates turn into political debates, I can’t help but wonder why. Why is it that when we should be celebrating together, we are throwing low blows to each political party? As Americans we are a melting pot of different races. We have different opinions. We are people. It is in our nature. As Americans we have the right to speak our mind, yet this right that we have fought for, has turned a celebration into our own little personal war at home.

In this time of celebration, can’t we all just get along and agree to disagree? Give credit to were it is due. To the men and women who have fought in this War on Terrorism or have served our country proudly. You are disrespecting everything they do by turning this into a competition. There is no competition.

As Americans - Mission Accomplished. I congratulate each and every one of you - the citizens of this great place!

So as we continue to stand here divided, let’s put our views aside. This is a moment of celebration. Let’s enjoy the moment!

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I typically don't like to write on political events. In no way am I take a stance for either political party. I do believe this is a time for American's to stand together and celebrate and I feel that the political cut downs that have been happening is unproductive and leading to further division on the homefront. While I look forward to your comments and would love to hear from you, this is not intended to be a place for political debates. If any of the comments can be considered distasteful and argumentive, they will be declined.


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