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Restoring Ameria's Former Glory

Updated on January 12, 2016

America's Former Glory in Manufacturing

As China's economy grows and American jobs are lost as corporations move to China, America's glory and reputation as an economic superpower is tarnished. Since 2000 one in six US manufacturing jobs has been lost amounting to a total of 3.2 million jobs. American manufacturing was in its primetime during the Second World War as tanks and bombers rolled off the runways in the thousands. The US has switched to a more service based economy but 5.5% of the US population is unemployed as of May 2015. With the recent events in the Chinese economy and the idea of US-based companies becoming more appealing to investors and consumers, the goal of more blue collar jobs helps restore America's former glory.

Restoring America's Former Glory in Politics

After WWII the US was and still is a world superpower as their territory and influence reached across the world. With the establishment of NATO and the UN the United States was further thrusted into the spotlight. The US was further put in the spotlight as they tried to persuade almost every country in the world to join the western powers as they battled against the Soviet Union to gain worldwide influence and become the supreme superpower. The current politicians in the US are a shell of the past heroes that have lead this country. Modern politicians promise the public things they can't deliver and increase the tax rate to buy things this country doesn't need. "The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that government spends too much." -Ronald Reagan. The US needs a strong affirmative leader to guide this country in the right direction.

Restoring America's Former Glory in Military Strength

America's military is the best in the world with leading military technology and allies across the world. At the US military's height in 1945 it was 12,055,884 strong which is almost eight time as much as their current manpower. The US is still the most powerful force in the world has they wage war against terror groups such as ISIS and the Taliban. President Obama and other Democrats try to defund the military and lower the amount of troops in current war zones as they assist the weak governments that are still developing due to the fact that they have just been established by the US government and its allies. Furthermore most of the major weapons in the US arsenal were made in the 60s, 70s and 80s, these weapons are not obsolete but are not capable of handling all the challenges a changing battlefield is throwing at them such as IED's and hidden terrorist in highly populated areas. With the highest military budget in the world and advanced technology that still surpasses all of America's enemies, the US has time to fix their problems but the sooner the better as the US needs to adapt to new challenges.

Restoring America's Former Glory

As the US tries to adapt to all the current challenges that the world throws at them, they must adjust and learn to thrive as the world throws new obstacles at them. With problems ranging from a decreasing military to a dying blue collar work force the US has no shortage of problems that need to be fixed to return the country to its former glory.


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