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How People are Led into Ponzis

Updated on July 2, 2017

I Can Testify!

In every scheme,be it a clear Ponzi or straightforward scam, there is a
need for Shills.

Shills must be people who are
'just like you ' who have received
great benefit from the scheme.

Where there are those who act as
Shills may be ignorant, even
innocent of the scam they are
perpetuating, most Shills, know exactly what they are doing and why.

Shills know and willingly agree to advertise the Ponzi scheme and rope in suckers.
They know that those they bring in will be ripped.

People invest in Ponzis not because of words or pictures or promises, but because a Shill, a person 'just like you' said:

"Oh, I put $100 in the Ponzi and got back $200 in one week !"


"I posted an article on Factoridz yesterday and it already made $10.00!"

People hearing/reading this think;

"If s/he can do it, so can I!"

and join the scheme.

In all Ponzi schemes there is the first pay out. This first payout proves the scheme is legitimate to the sucker. That fool, who was paid that first time will act as a Shill and rope others into the scheme.

"I joined Scheme and put in $100 and in one week I made $100!! "


"I have 100 articles on Bukisa and made $10 last month, and have one
on Factoidz and made $10 in one Day!!

This kind of contagion, where shills create new shills is the basis of a Ponzi.
Nothing sells a scam more than 'satisfied customers'.

The Life of a Shill

A Shill, whether aware or not,
is the Judas Goat who brings
the Sheep to the slaughter.

He stands at the card table,
'wins' then steps aside to allow
others to be ripped off.

He brags about how much money he made so that others assume the guy who
lost his rent is just a loser, not a real example.

On rare occasions an innocent person is used as a Shill. The Innocent is
duped into believing in the Ponzi so invites others in the belief that s/he is doing a good deed.

Shills have limited life spans.
They are the ones the public sees and can attack.
Further, there are always others ready to take the Shill's place.

Hence the Shill who last month was crowing about the scheme, testifying to
the sums of money s/he gained, is this month counting losses.

One of the most hardworking Shills is often the Old man who has nothing to do.
He will devote the empty hours of his life to recruitment until replaced by another one.

How Not To Be Used

Never 'tout' a scheme unless you are paid to do it. If you are hired as the advertiser, then your role is clear. You are the agent of the Scheme.

If you are an average member of the public, and 'luck' into something which seems too good to be true, it probably is.

You might be in that first batch of 'satisfied customers' who will become unpaid adverts for. Ponzis and other scams. All successful scams must have a crew of 'satisfied customers' who tout the scheme.

In most Scams, whether they run on line or off, the early 'satisfied customers' often go back for a second helping and lose everything.

It may happen that a particular shill is so good at what he does that he's kept around as part of the long con. He probably knows he is a shill and might think he is safe. That he won't be ripped off. But the fact is, shills have a fairly short shelf life.

Shills are always expendable.

It Can Happen to You, It Will Happen to You

Do not think just because you roped in ten people to invest their money, or got ten people kicked off or demoted on a website your 'brownie points ' will protect you.
It won't.

Scammers have no loyalty save to self aggrandisement.
They will use anyone to enhance their gains.

The now defunct publishing site, Factoidz, had paid much more to their 'staff writers' than any other writing site.

Writers, enticed by those, 'just like them; have joined and yes, they too have gotten so much more they can't wait to tell everyone.

"Well, I stopped writing here when I started to write for Factoidz as I make $200
a month there, easy."

This of course attracts those who haven't even made $20.

Some Shills pm members of publishing sites with; "Hey! Did you join Factoidz? They pay like Six times more than. .."

The first thing in your mind when you read something like that should be: "How?" and even if you join, keep it to yourself. See how it goes, see the experience of others.

If you've invested $100 and gotten $200, take the money and run. Don't invest that $200 to make $400.

Do your own investigation of various Online Publishing before you sit in tout a scheme which will shortly turn you into a victim.

In Real Life, if Blueshop was selling microwaves at $20 and all the other shops were selling at $60, the fact those other shops are still in business should alert you that something is very wrong in Blueshop.


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