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Uttered Sadness.

Updated on October 9, 2009

) : ~Utter Sadness~ : (


~~~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The New York skyline
with two broken teeth.

: (

A lump of gold in the ashes
of a Pennsylvania field
wedding rings dissolved
when death did them part.

: (

A black man

holding his





to be


as he

101 stories to his death.

: (

Firemen hearing the whump...
whUMP...wHUMP...W H U M P!!
of the floors collapsing above them

seconds before flattening them.
knowing it was a staccato of death
and still whispering comfort
to the fallen in those final seconds.

: (

Todd Beamers prayers

to Jesus unanswered
it was predestined that he
and others help destroy the final plane.

: (

A woman standing at a bus stop..
the bus was late

but thousands of gallons
of burning jet fuel took her on
a journey to her final destination.

: (

Men who survived heavy fire
artillery barrages, mortars
grenades, and sure death in a war zone
killed by a civilian airliner
shot like a missile into the many sided
halls of legal death
P E N T A G O N E in an instant.

: (

Shallow people complaining

about a baseball strike
just a month before the first anniversary
of the worst strike on American soil ever seen.

: (

some 2,889 immortal

common souls
ascending all at once
together in a wail

toward the heavens.

: (

19 scumbag terrorists

instantly ripped

limb from limb

and flung alive forever

to burn in the bowels of hell.


: (

That maggot
Bin Laden's continued inhaling
of the same air I breath.

: (

uttered sadness

Pain that gripped the world
like a black cloud as it hung
not just over Manhattan
but all across the earth.

: (

Utter madness waits
in the shadows of cool caves
Taliban leaders
plotting evil and
beating around the Bush
laughing at him

......still laughing

8 years later.

: (

It would be easier
to restore life to all
of those killed so
that they could live again,
then it will be to bring
true peace to this world
in which we live
the planet we so

very much love.

: (

This then is my



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    • notquitecorso profile image


      8 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      So creative...the form of your poem is so well-intentioned. I look forward to reading your next post.


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