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Validating the Predictions Made Under the I Ching: Part One

Updated on April 29, 2016

My desire is just to be with the moment,

and become one with my breath.

It is the moment of pure awareness of all things,

the apprehension of Oneness

and the entry into the magnificent Divine

where life endless flow as golden waters of Light.

Energy Cycles and Conditions

After posting the story on the Future of the Possible, at HubPages on January 15, 2016, significant events that were predicted to happen under the Taoist prediction system of the “Year of the Major Fire Monkey” were noted in April 2016 to validate the statements within the story.

To validate means to confirm if the statements made in the published story have “predictable value” as confirmed by the occurrence of events within the predictive statements made.

The starting point of our event monitoring is the Chinese New Year which was on February 8, 2016 considered as the first month of the Taoist calendar that comes on the second new moon after the winter solstice. From the first week of February 2016 until this time of April 29, 2016 we have searched the internet for events that have occurred related to the predictive statements made.

The Taoist calendar is based on the yearly terrestrial energy cycles of the planet, not on a structured fixed point based on the rotation of the Earth and its revolution around the sun as developed and used by the Gregorian calendar system, consisting of 365 days.

The yearly terrestrial energy cycle (in sequence) consists of the Winter Solstice followed by the Vernal or Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice and Autumnal Equinox. The energy of the planet peaks at Summer Solstice. Its downside is during Winter Solstice. Natural or man-made events can be predicted during these phases. This terrestrial energy cycle is the one being followed by the Taoist Book of Days or Taoist Calendar.

2016 is based on the Gregorian calendar but the Taoist reckoning antedates the former by more than 2,000 years with its present year estimated at 4713. This should not be interpreted as a fixed and final number since the Taoist calendar comes in 60-year cycles. The “year” 4713 is just a numerical estimate based on continuous numbering for comparison with the Gregorian calendar. In short the Taoist reckoning of days began roughly 4,713 years ago.

The Taoist calendar also uses the 365-day period and adapts to the modern Gregorian calendar but does not follow the starting point or New Year on January One. Taoist cosmology places emphasis on the emerging-waxing-waning-disappearing energy forces, the elements and cycles of the solstices and equinoxes that, for purposes of illustration, may be reduced to the following numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 12, 60. The number 1 represents the Universal Creative, the Source of All or the One God (whatever the force may be called).

The number 2 is for the positive and the negative forces found in the Universe (the yin and yang) but which are not separate from each other. Five is for the 5 energy elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Ten represents the 10-year cycle of Heavenly Stems or energy forces that combine with the Earthly Branches.

Twelve is for the 12 animal zodiac signs that are also considered specific energy attributes, one of which is dominant for a specific year. And the number 60 refers to the combination of energy cycles, as a result of combining all the elements, stems and branches that end up in an updated compounded smaller 60-day cycle and a larger 60-year cycle.

In addition, Taoist cosmology identifies the constantly changing energy conditions that happen every hour within a 24-hour period, every day, that change in accordance with the energy attribute for the year, and for 2016, the energy attribute of the Major Fire Monkey.

Taoist cosmology is operationalized in the I Ching or Book of Change which makes it possible to make predictions about certain events that could happen within the Taoist year, and for the present Year of the Major Fire Monkey, from February 8, 2016 until the Second New Moon after the Winter Solstice which is sometime in February 2017. January 2017 would therefore still be under the influence of the Major Fire Monkey.


The Validation System

The predictions were made as early as September 2015, and were published at HubPages on January 15, 2016. A slight updating was made on April 15 but only to correct the spelling of a word. To validate the statements made, we need to find actual events that happened or are happening that started from February 8, 2016 as the first point of time. Any significant event that happens a few days before February 8 may be also be considered as important and relevant.

A friend and associate, Brian Bingil has helped me confirm the events in relation to some of the predictive statements made at .


The international news agencies like BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera would provide excellent sources of events and updates of anything relevant to what has been said, since such events are immediately reported. In addition, we have relied on other complimentary sources like The Guardian, Business Insider, and wire agencies such as Reuters, Associated Press and Agence France Presse.

We also looked at disaster-related links for additional confirmation like, PHIVOLCS, and As soon as we get information on a major event of importance relative to the predictive statements made, we secure all the multimedia information about the event and place these in a catalogued folder. The event is then matched with any statement made if there is a direct allusion, or if there is a strong or weak relevance.

Once confirmed a new image file is created and published on Facebook for initial reactions and comments.



A listing of the significant events pertaining to both the natural and man-made disasters that have a more or less direct bearing on the energy qualities of the year as first presented in the HubPages story, “I Ching oracle speaks about 2016” on January 15, 2015 would probably suffice. Briefly, such energy qualities would refer to: (a) Yang predominance, (b) Fire predominance, (c) Monkey attribute, (d) 33 Fire-Metal Yearly Cycle, (e) 19 Daily Cycle, and (f) Water / Fire Character.

There are three sets of energy elements involved in 2016: (1) Fire, (2) Fire-Metal, and (3) Water-Fire. In all the three sets, fire is present. Specific characteristics would be: the aggressiveness of events, unexpected twists of events, more surprises from global to personal events, creative standouts to happen, and disaster events of fire, metal and water origins.

Predictive Statement 1

The Fire element is strong this year, and while it is not going to be a global conflagration, local fires would be common. Safety awareness to prevent accidents that would lead to deadly fires must be instituted at all levels of society. Even before the arrival of the Major Fire Money on February 8, 2016 we are already seeing deaths on the local level due to fires. We would also see a number of forest fires in other countries.

Fire has literally engulfed many areas of the planet today with large and small fires occurring at an unprecedented pace. The, for instance, reports three forest fires occurring in the US as of this writing, one in Spokane, one in Charlotte, Washington, and another in Tampa, Florida. (

The Philippines Bureau of Fire Protection reports that 182 cases of grassfires and forest fires have been recorded in Northern Mindanao alone for the month of March 2016.

About 20 homes were razed to the ground in a fire that happened in Taguig City, Metro Manila on April, 28, 2016 as reported in Philippine Star. An alarming series of local fires have engulfed a number of communities in the Philippines from February to March 2016 as reported by national, regional and local newspapers and news television networks.

Five predictive statements are presented here that have a bearing on the global events, since we are still in the Second Quarter of 2016 and we still expect so much events to happen.


Predictive Statement 2:

The eruption of ten active volcanoes in 2015 has enhanced the interconnectedness of volcanic pathways underneath the earth, as magma energy flows within the “ring of fire.” There is a strong likelihood these active volcanoes would erupt in greater intensity in 2016, and would be added by other more active volcanoes along the Pacific Ring of Fire. These include: the Villarica and Calbuco in Chile, Bulusan, Kanlaon and Mayon in the Philippines; Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, Wolf Volcano in Ecuador; Sinabung, Kelud and Sangeang Api in Indonesia; Piton de la Fournaise at Reunion Island, Colima in Western Mexico, Tungurahua in Ecuador, Etna and Stromboli in Italy, Bardarbunga in Iceland, Mount Ontake in Japan, Pico do Fogo in Cape Verde, Pavlof in Alaska and Fuego in Guatemala that erupted only in January 3, 2016.

Predictive Statement 3:

Magnitude 6.5 to 6.9 could occur in New Caledonia, Baia Formosa Brazil, Papua Guinea, and Vanuatu, Southern Philippines, the southeastern part of Indonesia, the southern part of Malaysia and the coastal areas of Uruguay, including possibly, Chile and California by the 2nd Quarter of 2016. Earthquakes of Magnitude 2.5 to 4.5 would continue to occur on a daily basis in different parts of the earth.

Predictive Statement 4:

2016 is going to be a year that is ripe for explosions, whether from volcanic eruptions or manmade explosions.

Increased earth-based explosions such as volcanic eruptions and industrial fires will in all likelihood dominate the global scene after the New Moon in February and will continue to become an awesome experience and a spectacle on a bi-monthly basis, reaching its peak by the 3rd quarter of June 2016.

The complex set of pictures below will confirm the abovementioned statements.

Predictive Statement 5:

Turbulent storms, typhoons and tornadoes would still bring floods death and damage to the environment, most likely on or before the 6th month of the lunar year which is July. The months previous to July will also experience a number of damaging splash cycles in Europe, Asia, the US and the Asia Pacific


Do you have a personal confirmation of the events mentioned in this story?

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