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Varadkar: Would Agree to Another Extension.

Updated on October 4, 2019

Irish Prime Minister: Leo Varadkar.

Boris Johnson, said, "Do or die", we were leaving the EU, end of this month. Despite the Benn Act, that if the UK, cannot reach an accommodation with the European Union, (which requires, Boris, to seek an extension, if no deal is agreed, with the EU), Boris, says, the UK will still leave the EU - end of. So either Boris is prepared to break the law and face the consequences, or, he knows something, we, the public, do not.

Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, speaking in Denmark, said he would be willing to adhere, to any extension, sought by Boris. Boris, in his new deal, to the EU, has stated for the record, he has compromised, "gone the extra mile", so a deal with the EU, can be done. However, according to his rhetoric, if the EU or even our sovereign parliament does not accept his deal, we are leaving - that's it. Perhaps Boris, knows his deal, will receive short shrift, so, therefore, he will say "I tried to get a deal and the EU wasn't buying it", so if we do leave with no deal, that will be his excuse.

However, evidence from a Scottish court, seems to fly in the face of Boris's "We are leaving on 31st October, come what may".

If no withdrawal deal can be found, according to the Scottish court, Boris will seek an extension, on 19 October. So what are we to make, of this, is Boris telling Brexiteers one thing and in secret, doing something else?

If so, if this is true, it is, a very risky strategy, for Boris, for he surely knows, the hard-right Breixteers in his cabinet, the ERG, and Brexiteer voters will plunge the metaphorical knife in his back. Would Boris, who despite his bumbling buffoonery, seems to be an intelligent man, risk this?

If true, this can only help Nigel Farage's Brexit party. Farage has offered, to do a non-aggression pact with Boris, come to a general election. Boris, turned him down, preferring to go it alone for an all-out Tory victory.

The Brexit party will be Boris's nemesis any way if the UK leaves with a deal. If the UK is unable to leave without a deal (the Benn Act), the Brexit party will still be a danger to the Tories.

Boris is living dangerously, trying to ape so it would appear, his erstwhile hero, Winston Churchill, standing alone, against impossible odds.

Nigel Farage.

As highlighted earlier, the Brexit party, is a real threat, to Boris. Boris must know, he must keep the Brexiteers on side, but perhaps, he knows, as well, if a deal is agreed with the EU, the Brexit party, will be coming for him.

Nigel Farage, is, utterly opposed, to a deal with the European Union, end of. No ifs, no buts, he wants out, a "clean break", as he calls it. Farage has made it his political life's work, to free, as he sees it, the UK from the EU. He wants the UK, to be responsible for itself and seek its own way, in the world. Not wanting the UK, to pay millions into the coffers of the EU, wanting the UK, to be a strong player, in the world, on its own.

If the UK leaves with a deal, not only will Boris, have to answer to the Brexit party, but to hard-line Brexiteers, in his own party too. If the UK, cannot leave, because of the Benn Act, the Brexit party, will no doubt, do well, at any general election. Farage, himself, will be standing as a candidate, for parliament, although he has failed miserably, in the past.

What happens, in the near future, for Boris, Farage, et al, remains for the future.


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