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Varsity Collage Teachers Scholarship Application Mr Nkosi Ncala.

Updated on September 1, 2015



Varsity Collage Teachers Scholarship Application Mr Nkosi Ncala.

I Nkosinathi Ncala am a 35 year old African male.

I have been residing in Midrand, Vorna Valley‎, since August 31 2002.

I matriculated the year 2000 at Ferndale High school in Randburg.

I attained 59 percent HG Higher Grade in my English studies in my final year of

high school.

I have always had a passion for Poetry, spoken word, and I participated in drama

class throughout my schooling.

I have a pretty fluent command of the English language, written and spoken.

I am blogger on .

My user name as is, godspoetnkosi, under search.

I have written 89 articles in 2015.

With articles ranging from psychology, reality, dreams, ‎our fears, glory, relationships

‎And making the most of our time on earth.


The reason I feel I should be considered an asset to Varsity College Scholarship.

I am 35 a mature adult.

My life experiences have shaped my personality to be firm and assertive.

I am a good judge of character, and I work exceptionally well with my peers as well

as subordinates.

I am passionate about the English language.

I am a precise story teller.

I love sharing my knowledge.

My patience can be tested, yet I am forever calm on the surface.

I still have a lot of new skills to master in the teaching profession.

Yet on my first day in class, I will let my students know that, the change we want to

see in the world tomorrow, begins with our plans and execution of our thoughts today.

Should my application be successful! I would be jubilant and work even harder to be a

role model to my peers and pupils.

We would start a Varsity College Poetry Magazine or newsletter where we publish

current news on campus as well as academic material poems and articles composed

by Varsity College Students.

Start a radio station on campus, giving our media students a feel of the reality of being

a rookie ‎disc jockey.

Please view my application with the sincerest ‎scrutiny.

I look forward to an esteemed response‎.

Gods Poet Nkosi.

Nkosinathi Ncala.


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