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Should Violent Criminals Receive Social Security Disability Checks?

Updated on April 15, 2012

Social Security Checks


Saving Social Security

It is a rather sad but well known fact that many of the social security recipients are in fact of able mind and body and are out on the streets committing violent crimes against society each and everyday. There are many organized criminals who are also on social security disability who are very wealthy but this article examines why society would pay violent anti-social criminals any monies at all?

I doubt any taxpayer would agree to pay a criminal convicted of a violent crime social security benefits. But what about those who commit violent crimes while receiving disability? Should society continue to pay and feed them so they can continue to perpetrate violence on society or should the criminal be left to forge and struggle for their own survival?

Arguably a person capable of a violent crime is not disabled physically. And violent criminals are institutionalized for everyones’ safety. But should they continue to receive government subsidy? It is a legitimate question. How can there ever be restorative justice when a “disabled” person commits a violent crime. How can that person ever be capable of restoring balance and harmony back into society?

There is an argument that violent criminals will only become more violent if they are cut from social security but then we lock them up and throw away the key. Society can’t tolerate what amounts to a bribe to a violent criminal to behave. And when the violent criminal continues to commit crimes while receiving his social security doesn’t that mean the bribe didn’t work and therefore is ineffective and should be withdrawn?

I am only asking this question because I was recently assaulted by a person who is on social security disability. I am not on disability nor do I claim to be disabled at this time. Although I do have an injury which made it very difficult to fend off this “physically disabled” person. He attacked me in broad day light as I and my son walked to crime watch. We live in Florida and crime watch has suddenly gotten a bad name but our crime watch group is really about preventing crime. I am a firm advocate in crime prevention. But with all the news about Tray Von Martin/Zimmerman it is open season on legitimate people who wish to work with authorities to make their neighborhoods safe. And as such I was assaulted infront of my son by a violent criminal as we walked to crime watch. I don’t carry a gun or a weapon but I am a simple Mom who wishes to have her son grown up in a safe neighborhood.

And as I was getting punched in the face by this “physically disabled person” I keep thinking the taxpayers are paying for this violent criminal. He is in jail now and will not be out for a while. It was all captured on video tape and I have provided a statement to the authorities. Taxpayers are paying for this guy in jail as well but atleast he can’t hurt anyone.

I really don’t follow the news and I am less interested in what happened in Sanford Florida then I am in my neighborhood. But what I do know is crime watch has suddenly received a bad reputation as if there are crime advocates. Some of us want to live in crime free neighborhoods, without violent criminals around our children and in peace. And I don’t think the social security trust was ever intended for violent criminals who claim to be “physically disabled” but assault a single Mom of a child with Autism on the way to crime watch.

So let me suggest here that anyone convicted of a violent crime while claiming physical disability should be denied Social Security. I think they should have to find jobs and work. Perhaps then they will be too tired to assault anyone else at the end of the day.

Violent Crininals Receiving Social Security

Do you think violent criminals shoud receive Social Security Disability?

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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

      Hi Jama,

      I so agree!!! :):) Atleast the SSI should pay for their incarceration to relieve the taxpayers.

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 5 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      There was a big flap several years ago when it was discovered that hundreds of Southern Californians (mostly otherwise able-bodied men) were receiving SS Disability. Their "disability"? They were alcoholics. Somehow, SSA in its infinite "wisdom" had bought into the bit that because alcoholism was/is (legitimately) a disease and many alcoholics are too drunk to work, it was therefore a "disability". It wasn't until someone in one particular neighborhood noticed on the first of every month, dozens of SS recipients were lining up to collect their checks, then going to a liquor store a few doors down the street and spending the entire amount there. An entire month's check gone in a matter of minutes. Once this became public, the SSA quickly revised its rules and eliminated alcoholism as a "disability".

      However, as far as I know, incarcerated felons old enough to receive regular Social Security benefits do receive it, despite being behind bars. This IMHO should cease. Being incarcerated is NOT the "retirement" SS was meant to cover.

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

      I wish I were in Cartagena. But no I have been working on my research for children with Autism and it looks really promising. I am very excited but I am surprised how many violent criminals are being paid by the SSA. Govt. embraces the violence and creates a civil war on the streets.

      I think anyone convicted of a violent crime should be cut from SSDI for a minimum of 5 years.

      It is nice to hear from you Lord. I missed you my friend but back in the salt mine so to speak.

      Take care my friend.


    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

      Glad to see you aroind JT,

      Thought you were in Cartagena Colombia! You were right about the Secret Service after all; they have a life and can party as hard as the Rolling Stones! Wowzaa!

      This hub should be read by our political correct SSA. Great points and We might've seen some guys that don't really look so disable, but are living it up!


    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

      Hi Dex,

      It is a limited engagement on HP right now as I am working and conducting field research. It is very promising and I have to work on my publications this month. Lovely to hear from you as well. Thanks but I fear I may disappear back into my work again soon. Great hearing from you!!

    • Dexter Yarbrough profile image

      Dexter Yarbrough 5 years ago from United States

      Hi JT! I just wanted to drop in and say hello. Welcome back!