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Trump Created a Viral Year in Elections

Updated on March 17, 2019
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I couldn't get behind Sanders because he didn't run under his own party and I felt it was wrong. I felt the same way about the Tea Party.

The Many Brutal Dictators Trump Idolizes

Who pays? Dead Americans so he can accomplish the greatness he admires in brutal dictators

What ever it takes to get the vote....that's the Donald Trump motto.
What ever it takes to get the vote....that's the Donald Trump motto.

Who is Donald Trump?

Who is Donald Trump? No one really knows. From the beginning of the election cycle, when Donald Trump threw his hat into the rink, he told people what they wanted to hear. He has yet to give any words of substance. We hear a lot of what, but nothing of how.

Maybe, because he has none. Donald Trump has personalities that he uses at the drop of a dime, so it is safe to say that Donald Trump the presidential candidate and President doesn't know who he is either only what he wants. And he wants everything to go his way or no way.

Look At Me

Trump has to constantly be in the limelight and when he isn't he has to point out how great he is.

  • When the female contestants won on the Apprentice reality show, what was their "treat", a chance to see his apartment and he told them they should be honored because very few people get to see it and added that Kings and Presidents have been impressed by it.
  • His ego and the ignorance of his followers could prove him to be correct. He truly believes what he said, "I could stand in the middle of 5th Ave. and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose votes."
  • I'm Really Rich!
  • I have a lot of money!
  • I will show you my taxes and you will see how rich I am.

Trump kept talking about how you'll see, but he hasn't allowed anyone to see to date. One excuse; he's being audited. An audit doesn't keep you from releasing your taxes. You just have to prove to the IRS that you are claiming correctly.

President Trump?

Can you honestly vote for this man to be President of the United States for a second term?

See results

Trump on Muslims

Trump's insistence will help ISIS and turn the world against the US

Foreign Policy

To show the ignorance of Donald Trump, one just has to look at a quote he made to Hillary Clinton. "I'm sorry Clinton, but my ancestors didn't make their way to this great country to have immigrants come in and take their jobs."

His grandparents were immigrants; as was his mother. His grandparents, the Drumpf's came from Germany. His mother's family was from Scotland. In 1936, his mother was living with the Drumpf (Trump) family and by 1937, she was married to Fred C. Trump, the father of Donald Trump.

Fred Trump had also been arrest in 1927 at a KKK Rally in Jamaica Queens. He learned his business techniques from his father who was a wealthy real estate and construction man. After World War II, Fred Trump told people that his family was Swedish in origin, instead of German so it wouldn't hurt his business because many of his tenants were Jewish.

Donald Trump lies, cheats and manipulates to get what he wants as he has said many times, to include going into debt and filing bankruptcy where he makes millions and his employees and investors get kicked to the curb with nothing. And he is perfectly o.k. with it.

How will that attitude work when working with other countries? It will take us back to soup kitchens, the rich will get richer and the poor will suffer.

Donald Trumps upbringing explains a great deal about his ignorance in race issues, but his ideas on how to handle foreign policy are his own uneducated and narcissistic ideas. Here are just a few:

  • He hired 200 polish illegal immigrants to build Trump Towers. 200 individuals with no papers and basically slave labor because they were paid about one-third of what the going union rate was. And they did not follow OSHA laws and regulations. When he was done with them, they weren't his problem anymore.
  • He is building the Trump International Hotel just around the corner from the White House, and he had several workers admit that they came here illegally. Many of them Mexican's which he wants to deport in mass.
  • He blames the Chinese for Global warming, he said they created it. China doesn't want to deal with Trump.
  • He rants and raves about the Muslim's and the Mexicans and the majority of what he says is scare tactics. He accuses them of being rapists and drug dealers. Mexico no longer wants to deal with Trump.
  • Scotland, Trump is seen as a grotesque American curiosity. Those that live around his golf courses think of him as a bully with minions.
  • The most alarming: A member of the Parliament said the Trump was a fool, should not be allow to be a free and dangerous fool on their shores. A petition signed by over half a million people in Britain is being pushed so that they can keep him from entering Britain.
  • Prime minister Cameron says that Trumps remarks are divisive, stupid and wrong. Others there believe he is playing the people against each other like pawns to get what he wants.
  • Former British Chancellor believes that Trump will harm the ability for America and Britain to move forward.

Two years of Trump in office and he already has created problems with foreign policy and if this continues, our American soldiers and their families abroad will be in danger because of Donald Trumps arrogance.

Trump and Putin' brotherly love

Trump does get along with one foreign power and that is Russia. His man crush on Putin' can be seen every time he speaks about him.

Man Crush

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

The Statue of Liberty: Words this country was founded on.

The statue of Liberty hold a saying:

"Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

The wretched refuse of your teaming shore. Send these the homeless, tempest- tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

No where does it say, build a wall, turn away those immigrants who want the same freedoms our ancestors wanted.

"If there is no truth in your words---don't use them"

Don't Cross the Don

Donald Trump will be the first person to tell you how he feels. As an American and a voter, I've seen enough to know that someone this unstable, should not be allowed anywhere near that red phone or the button.

Here are a couple of quotes from the Don himself.

  • When people wrong you, you go after those people because it is a good feeling and because people see you doing it.
  • When someone screws you, you screw them back in spades.

Our President of the United States must be knowledgeable, must have a level head to negotiate and must think of others. An "I" centered person will never make a good leader because they only think of what's in it for me.


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