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Visions of the End of Time

Updated on July 10, 2016

This is an exciting topic for me in these times. I am a soldier of the word of God. I know what I am going to write is hard to believe. Please bear with me.

I know the Word of God says that in the End Times there would be wars and rumors of wars. Which of us can say we haven't seen a new war coming? I have heard some of the elderly say that we are heading toward another World War. There are things going on in the world that is very much against the Word of God. I have to be careful because there will be Muslims that may read this and be offended. In the USA we are ready to fight to keep our rights.

Well I have say so many people on the Social Media start to voice disbelief in the way our government is run. How the president overrides what the people, who he swore to serve, he is giving total disregard to. I watch the attacks on Paris and San Bernadino and think to myself that this cant be happening. Where did we go so wrong with our lives that we allowed this to happen?

Today as I was traveling for pleasure I and the people I was with looked up into the clouds and saw a large beautiful gold cross. Yes, I know it is hard to believe. I found it hard to believe as well. A friend called me later and told me that she has heard reports of people hearing trumpets where there was no trumpets. I prayed and went to my Bible and found that in the end times we are supposed to look up for our redemption draws near. I don't claim to know what the gold cross was allowed to be seen by me for. I do know one thing that I will never deny the fact Jesus Christ is my Saviour. I believe that soon we will see more and more of the things forecast in God's Word.

I read today that one translation of the Bible decided to take out the words Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Messiah. I find it hard to believe that our world has come to this. I guess I want in this piece to draw people's attention that our world is never going to get better. I will spend time on my knees till Jesus Christ calls me home. I know some will read this and think I am strange but I would rather be strange rather than miss God's call

We as believer's need to decide that if as believer's we are going to allow people to change what we believe or if we are going to stand for what we believe in. Do we believe that we will be better off with the policies our governments are doing or do we do what GOD says it write. Are we going to start letting sin be called good. Are we going to stand for GOD's word or be silent and let our friends who don't know Christ go to hell? I am willing to be laughed at for Christ, my Lord and Master than let even one person go to hell. I don't want their blood on my hands.

Thank you for reading.


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