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Updated on May 9, 2009

Volunteer Work

The main purpose of volunteerism is giving time for charity.  It is the individuals genuine desire to share with others their helping hands in accomplishing important tasks assigned to them in hospitals, daycare centers and non-profit organizations.

Hospitals always accept volunteers. At one time I was at the playroom for an hour to give children toys, books, watching over them assisting a childcare worker.  A single hour spent taking over the task will add up to reduce the cost of childcare.  If you love children it is one place to volunteer your time.

Another place that accept and need volunteers are daycare centers.  Most of the daily tasks involve singing, playing and putting children to bed at nap time.  Personal interaction with toddlers and young little girls and boys could be displayed when they need washroom help and table manners.  Giving a helping hand to childcare providers deserves a considerable appreciation.

For non-profit organizations, fundraising is very valuable. Joining a fundraiser event maybe difficult.  What is the best time and how to approach people when asking donations is rhe key to a successful fundraising.

The longest volunteer work that I was involved is the campaign period during election time.  As soon as an election was announced , the campaign office held a meeting for all volunteers.  During the meeting the campaign manager unroll a map and show where flyers will be distributed by the volunteers for the supported candidate.

One day after distributing the candidate's brochure we dropped by the campaign office. One of the staff asked what problems we encountered dropping leaflets from house to house. What I said, " We have to go back to the mall to find a washroom." Our shyness took over to ask a homeowner to use their washroom.

How many elections have passed supporting the same party candidate.  Putting up the big party signs infront of my house and calling friends to have these signs put up infront of their houses too.

When there;s a Victory Ball there's a cheerful, joyous atmosphere and noisy celebration but with defeat there is silence and few people are there.

This kind of volunteer work continues as long as there are local, provincial and federal elections.

Volunteering time benefits others.  It is no longer called "work" but "help" is the right term when giving some freetime." 

Free training is provided to volunteers before they are accepted.  These trainings attended by volunteers entitles them a Certificate of Attendance and the length of voluntary commitment means a valuble experience written in their resume when applying for paid work.

Volunteer work is a socialization process connecting yourself to the community and a chance to build a circle of friends.  It is also a satisfying experience especially when there is a change that took place physically and socially between the volunteer and the recipients of the free services rendered.


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