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Voter Fraud and Sanctuary Cities in America

Updated on November 30, 2016

The recount, by the way, is only in three states that the race in popular vote was close. It is so obvious that the Green Party is one of insanity by getting people to donate their money to the cause of a recount. Maybe this is a great scam, who is getting most of the money from the gullible fools who donate to this cause? It is a fool's errand and waste of money. Yet, the Democrats tacitly, but keeping their distance, supports the recount because it is the right of Americans to do so. It is a "Hail Mary" pass attempt with no end. Even if the recount exposes that voter fraud was done, there is little chance it will make a difference. A State's electoral votes are won or lost by just a few popular votes.

But, voter fraud does exist as recently exposed by undercover FBI agents in California. Any illegal can obtain a 3-pack in areas where they live. The cost is a mere $100-300, depending on quality. It consists of: a work permit, driver license, and a fake SSN number. Usually, these documents are received within 1-2 days. They give the impression to those who fail to carefully look, the person is a U.S. citizen or legally here. The work permit allows them to complete for jobs real Americans apply for as does the SSN. Most voter registration will accept the SSN and driver license, yet, there is NO way those registering voters can verify that either is legitimate. They look at them and sign them up even though they are not U.S. citizens. There are millions of those here legally with their Green Cards, SSN, work permit. If they are asked if they are citizens, and they say "yes", there is NO way the voter registrar can verify this at that time.

So, to say, there is no voter fraud is laughable. The issue is to what extent is the problem and finding this out is equally difficult. It would require so much effort and time, many think it is not worth the effort. The undercover FBI agents state that when illegals are apprehended, it is more likely than not, they will possess a voter registration card based on their fake SSN and license. That is a startling find.

Meanwhile, with many Sanctuary cities across America who harbor these undocumented and illegal immigrants, San Francisco is going even further. The city will be creating a $5 million dollar fund to help the illegals legally fight deportation. While I have always hated SF for traffic issues and their anti-car position, they have provided another reason. What is exactly wrong with deporting those in America illegally? Why does the city council feel they must protect them and now provide services to them? Do you think other countries would do any of this if illegals crossed their border? San Francisco is acting it is superior to Federal law because this liberal city hates the new president. It is creating a new precedent for other sanctuary cities to follow. The only thing the Federal government can do is deny their Federal funding, which for SF, would be a major event. These funds are used for the people of the city and infrastructure. Are SF citizens willing to take this bitter pill for the illegals harboring there and murder? Is their city council simply out of wack with what their citizens think and would allow? Has the city's population had a voice in this matter?

Do you think sanctuary cities should provide legal services to illegals to fight deportation?

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Do you agree that sanctuary cities should exist to harbor illegals from ICE?

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Do you think there is serious voter fraud in American elections?

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