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Voters and Candidates Dos and Dont's

Updated on December 4, 2011

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Voter and Candidates Dos and Don'ts For the Next Election and Every One After That


1. First of all should stand up and work to protect our personal liberties as long as those liberties do not prevent another human's right to their "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" at any stage

2. Should vote to make abortion illegal because abortion denies an unborn human child's Constitutional and God-given right to "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness"

3. Should actually honor their oath of office to obey and defend the U.S. Constitution and appoint judges that will do the same and not create unconstitutional laws from the bench

4. Should have their rhetoric match their voting record

5. Should not be flip-floppers and dodge tough questions but should be honest and consistent with their views so that at least we know where they stand even if people don't agree with them

6. Should vote to cut the size and spending of the bloated federal government back it it's constitutional size

7. Should never vote to raise people's taxes before they significantly cut the wasteful spending, and unconstitutional departments of the federal government

8. Should work to preserve the rights of the States and always remember the States created the federal government, not the other way around

9. Should immediately vote or work to abolish the unconstitutional Federal Reserve (our central bank) which will do at least two things: 1) will stop them from charging our government interest to print our currency when the Constitution says that the Congress must issue are currency DEBT FREE and 2) will stop the devaluing of our currency which will then stop inflation and higher prices

10. Should immediately repeal the use of paper money (i.e. bills of credit) and allow Americans to use gold and silver coins as "legal tender" as authorized by the Constitution

11. Should immediately vote or work to abolish the IRS (because legally only Congress, the Legislative Branch has the Constitutional authority to collect taxes, and does not have the authority to delegate that to the IRS which is in the Executive Branch)

12. Should vote or work to abolish the intrusive and deceitfully named "Patriot Act" which can be misused and allow the government to arrest and detain American citizens indefinitely without a trial

13. Should vote a law that would grant Americans the opportunity to opt out of having to pay tax money to the public schools they do not have children enrolled in, which also promote subjects they don't agree with

14. Should vote for a law that would allow Americans to not have to pay any sales tax to the government on the days the government is not open for business (Saturday, Sunday & holidays)

15. Should only deal with issues that are explicitly dealt with in the U.S. Constitution

16. Should not go to war so carelessly and without a proper and legal declaration from Congress and never wage wars of aggression (imperialism) out of fear that any and all countries may one day attack us but only wage defensive wars

17. Should vote against any income tax and let the American people keep what they rightfully earned

18. Should vote to stop the government from spending money it doesn't have to "create" jobs because the government bureaucrats do not and cannot create jobs, the people do, so let's have a candidate that empowers the PEOPLE not the government to create our jobs, and our nation's wealth

19. Should vote to abolish the capital gains tax, inheritance tax, death tax, the costly regulations on businesses and reduce the tax on corporations to 7%

20. Should vote to give incentives to Americans business that hire Americans and create products "made in the USA"

21. Should vote to abolish all these so-called "free trade" agreements that favor foreign workers over American workers

22. Should not currently be a member of the pro-world government groups like the Council On Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergerrs etc

22. Should vote to end America's membership in the communist United Nations and end all ties to it and never allow any U.N. treaty or any other treaty to trump or contradict our U.S. Constitution [see video: "Revolution By Treaty" on this page for more info]


1. Should not allow themselves to be fooled by a candidates fancy speeches or flashy photo ops

2. Should vote for a candidate willing to at least vote and work towards all of the 23 items above

3.Should vote for a candidate who has never and pledges to never be a political whore of the military industrial complex, the big pharmaceutical industry and other special interest groups

4. Should vote for a candidate that does not dodge tough questions and tells us the truth whether we like to hear it or not so at least we will never have to wonder where they stand

5. Should not vote for any candidate that is or has been a member of the pro-world government groups like the Council On Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, etc

Choose Your Candidate Wisely

Choose A Candidate Whose Voting Record Is Consistent With Our Founding Documents

Ron Paul Isn't Another Establishment Candidate Talking Head

Ron Paul Is REAL

The GOP/Mainstream Media's "Frontrunners" Are Robotic Talking Heads

Tom Woods Shares How We Can Make History

Ron Paul and Reagan

Why liberals who are "anti warfare-state" should vote for Ron Paul

There's only ONE presidential candidate calling for the end of the Fed. Guess who

This is a political ad from 1912...During a time when the Federal Reserve was being discussed but BEFORE the FEDERAL RESERVE was created. I think they pretty much nailed it on the head
This is a political ad from 1912...During a time when the Federal Reserve was being discussed but BEFORE the FEDERAL RESERVE was created. I think they pretty much nailed it on the head | Source

Ron Paul is the People's Choice


Why Christian conservatives who are pro family and freedom should vote for Ron Paul pt 1

Why Christian conservatives who are pro family and freedom should vote for Ron Paul pt 2

You cannot defend liberty without defending life at all stages

Christians Can and Should Back Ron Paul


Quote From Lawrence Vance - he nails it! Sad commentary on Christians who say they are for freedom! Some of them are wolves in sheeps clothing!


We Need A Consistent Candidate!

We Need A Candidate Whose Got Some Convictions!

We Need A Candidate That Has a REAL Plan To Restore Our Long Lost Constitutional Republic!

We Need A Candidate Who Can TRULY Secure Our Nation!

We Need A Commander In Cheif Whose Actually SERVED In Our Military!

Peter Shiff's commentary on Cain's 999 plain plus Occupy Wall St movement

Revolution By Treaty

Why Our Nation Is Messed Up Today

Our nation is in crisis because too many people don't do their homework and are listening to and accept information from the wrong sources.


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    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 

      7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Amen! Amen! Amen!

      It continues to amaze me how talking heads win votes, despite their lousy voting record and inconsistent stances on important issues.



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