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Voting as Americans for America

Updated on June 18, 2016

There is much political news this election year but it is hard to determine who has the best path going forward for our country. Many individuals vote on party lines especially in Congress but they should vote as Americans. There are many problems today and it seems the topic of discussion changes daily. Those of us who are citizens need to vote for individuals who are right for the country not a political party. Making this decision can be a difficult choice for many individuals but in the wake of the latest shooting in Orlando voters must understand what is at stake this election year. It is the security of our country not to mention our economic situation.

All Americans want to feel safe in their communities and in their homes but today with issues around the world and in our country changes need to take place including the political culture in Congress and the Executive Departments and their agencies. It is time to honor the Constitution not political party affiliation. We send individuals to serve us at all levels of government but it appears in some if not many cases they are bent on serving their party affiliation not the country. It is fine if the policy and decisions being made by party leaders are honoring the Constitution but if not each individual must choose between their party and honoring the Constitution.

It is true that many changes need to be made in the approaches being taken or not being taken to serve not only the needs of the country but the needs of all citizens. The decisions we make as Americans this year will have a drastic impact on the future of our country it is critical we make the right choices when we enter the voting booth come November.

Governments at all levels have a purpose and whether that purpose is being fulfilled or whether it is in an overreach mode will be decided by those of us who vote. Voting is an important opportunity to voice our opinion about the way our elected officials have been making decisions. Individuals of integrity I do believe exist in both political parties but the problem is that they are being drowned out or snubbed by their own party in some cases. This needs to change.

We may not agree with all the decisions made by our elected officials but we have the right to evaluate those decisions and their impact on the problems facing our country. Decisions being made must be for the benefit of the whole country not specific locations as we have seen reported in the news concerning waste in government spending.

The coverage of the media in many cases is distorting the facts to make headlines. It is a known fact that some media organizations have their own agenda for the country and their reports are slanted to promoting their own agenda. We as voters must not let the media dictate our decisions this election year. There are two candidates running for the President of the United States and each of them have an agenda for what they feel must be done to resolve the issues facing our country. It is for us to determine which candidate will be better for our country by considering their approach they are proposing for the future of our country.

One thing is certain we have many problems and the approaches being taken in Congress and other elected officials are ones used in the past. In some cases the approaches failed to resolve the issues and trying the same failed approaches today will not change the outcome tomorrow. There is a saying which states: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.

Today we need a different approach to resolving the issues facing our country such as our national security and our national debt. Difficult decisions must be made and strong action must be taken by all elected officials regardless of party affiliation. Our elected officials must make decisions as Americans not as a member of a political party. The increase of voter participation this election year is sending a strong message to the establishment that the people are angry at the decisions or the lack of them being made to address critical issues facing our country. Our government is dysfunctional except when significant events take place that focus on what Congress is going to do. While actions may be need by some level of government it does not mean that government should overreact by making decisions which really do not address the root cause of specific events. It also means that government is not the source to resolve every problem. In some cases government is the problem. Voters are sending a strong message they want change and evidence of this is why outsiders received huge support in the primary elections. The dysfunctional operation of government must change. If the establishment does not realize this they may be on the outside looking in.

As we elect a new President it is important that we provide that person the support they need for their agenda especially if it is the right one for America. The media in many cases in their infinite wisdom is trying to impact what that support will be by painting a picture that does not represent reality in relation to the facts. There have been too many years where the media has impact decisions made by voters. It is time this impact be reduced if not eliminated. There are many honest media resources which present the facts honestly and there are too many resources on the Internet which provide information but the accuracy of the information is impacted by the source presenting it.

The decisions to be made by the next President will impact the future of our country for years not the least of which is nominating individuals to the Supreme Court. Individuals to be nominated for the highest court in the land must be ones that support the Constitution and not be willing to legislate from the bench as has been the case in some federal courts across the land. The Constitution is clear with respect to our rights and any legislative action or executive action must be evaluated based on the Constitution not opinion. The individuals that will be replacing Anthony Scalia and others that may retire in the future must be constitutionalists in decisions they have made in the past if not they are not the right choice for the Supreme Court or for any federal court.

Our country is again at a crossroads and that crossroads is more serious than the one in place during the last election cycle. Our debt is higher, our unemployment rate is subject to interpretation and the need for energy independence cannot be greater than it is today. The path our country will take going forward will be determined by those we elect this year and in 2016. The culture in Congress needs to exhibit a dramatic change in the way they operate and the way they impact our daily lives both as individuals and as business owners.

Another point to make which will impact the future of our country is the restrictions currently in place within several executive departments to do their job while in other cases decisions being made by some departments or agencies are not the right ones for our country. Changing this perspective will be impacted by the individuals we elect to Congress and as President this election year. Let us hope we make the right decisions for our country. Voting this election year will have a profound effect on our future as a country and for us as individuals in the kind of control we will have over our lives and the lives of our families. Our decisions must be as Americans not our party affiliation.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 20 months ago

      Thank you for reading my hub and providing your input. I always appreciate all comments.

    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 20 months ago from Yorktown NY

      I totally agree with your hub and the solution is obvious. We need to bring term limits to Congress just like we have in the Executive Branch.