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Voting in 2020 - Who Should Get My Vote

Updated on January 5, 2020

As I Consider the Options

It takes a lot of cautious consideration to decide which candidate best meets the needs of the country.

Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

He comes across as an opinionated boss type. The kind of man with smooz that probably can turn a buck or two and can recognize an opportunity to cash in on a sales opportunity.

Do we need a man like that for president?


Who are We the People

When you watch the news, America has been depicted lately as having a lot of people fighting each other. Lately, the police have been getting shot and a lot of them are getting wounds that are fairly disabling, if not deadly.

Daily, we hear about people getting killed. Most of the time, it's

That type of behavior needs to stop.

There are a lot of people who gotten into financial trouble in the past 8 years. They might have extended their credit too far and they may have lost their house.

America is not a poor nation. Look at how much money we have to dump into the Lottery. If a government could harness that disposable income and use it to clear the national debt every one in a while, we'd be set.

Don't Let Immigrants in

Build walls. Make them pay for it. So. We'd be building a wall like China has? To keep immigrants out? Or, are we theorizing that it will keep those nasty, little people out who come here and use guns on the populace?

Okay, but, who decides who is supposed to be here? We already have border police who obviously are not doing the jobs that they were hired to do.

This country was founded by people who moved here from somewhere else.

Our relatives were immigrants. Immigrants is what made the country what it is today. We started out with immigrants that came on the Mayflower. My own great grandmother came over here on a boat called the Statendam.

For that matter, I recall that California was a place - back in the 1980's, that everyone joked around that there was no one from California, because everyone had moved there from another state.

This is My Opinion - Disclaimer

This is my opinion and you, have your opinion.

I did not vote for Trump in the 2016 election. I actually voted all female. Once Trump got the vote, and started cleaning up the people that were not doing their jobs, things started to improve.

I will probably vote the way I want to in the next election.

The National Debt

I was reading in a history book and discovered that when the country was formed, back in the 1770's, the country started out with a large deficit. If you read the history books, there is some information that there was one man who was supposed to pay it off, and sold some shares to raise money to finance the endeavor.

Then, another guy started buying up the shares and, then, the game changed. The original idea got scrapped and we got hung with the bill.

We've been paying and increasing it ever since.

But, again, if things were as bad as they claim, postage would be higher than fifty cents an envelope.


While we are on the subject of who I should pick when I vote.

Look around. Have you driven on the highways lately? I feel a certain amount of contempt for people who tailgate and drive like they did not read the driver's license manual.

My opinion on people who break traffic laws is this: these people who obviously put my life in danger on a regular basis; these are the people who I am trusting the judgement on to pick the next leader of this country. They cannot manage their own driving, How are they to have the proper judgement to pick a candidate?

For that matter, how do I have the same.


Wouldn't it be a great idea if we had a checks and balance system, where there were a bunch of people who debated what we needed, voted on things for the people and the president was able to either agree or disagree.

Wouldn't that be an interesting concept?


Isn't that what we have now?


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