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We, Three Kings, of ...............

Updated on June 14, 2020
Beata Stasak profile image

Beata works as a qualified primary school teacher, a councillor for drug and alcohol addiction and a farm caretaker for organic olive grow.

The three kings rule their walled off kingdoms with their iron fists.

What about the rest of the world? The rest of the world, they just divide between them or fight over it, as they see fit.
What about the rest of the world? The rest of the world, they just divide between them or fight over it, as they see fit.

What about the rest of us?

The rest of us for them is nothing more than significant military areas, consisting of insignificant humans that need to be divided and conquered by any means possible.


Once upon a time, there was a Russian king called Putin who won his first still democratic election with a promise to make his Russia ‘great again’. His fearful and poor people, who had been part of the mighty Communist Soviet Union before, were now on a new path towards capitalism, democracy and freedom of speech. They dream of prosperity and peace.

Over time, Putin put the Russian type of capitalism in place, bringing prosperity to himself and his followers and taking freedom of speech away. When people started to protest, noticing that they had lost their voice again like in Communist times, he picked up his white Russian nationalistic card and shouted: ‘Russian people invade other countries because we are stronger and better than others. Let us make the mighty Soviet Union great again. If you let me rule you the way I want, I will make Russia great again.”

Today there are no more democratic elections in Russia, only Putin’s elections. There is no more free speech in Russia, only Putin’s speech. There are a few extremely rich Russian oligarchs living in Petersburg and Moscow who own a number of worldwide luxurious businesses and properties, who need to keep their mouths shut and serve their king Putin. The rest of the population just needs to keep their mouths shut and serve their King Putin.

Russia has become a worldwide threat, invading other countries and helping tyrants all over the world to kill their own populations if they disobey. Russia is now a world leading expert in cyber warfare, meddling in American and British elections and government affairs. I can't talk freely with my friends that I made in Russia while studying there in my youth, because they're not allowed to talk freely anymore. They just send me images, if they're lucky to have an internet connection - images of the bleak world that they live in, surrounded by commercialism and gadgets that they can't use freely.

They're imprisoned in their capitalist-like Russian state. Their king dreams to make the mighty Communist country a superpower again. Their king has a brain and all the power a king can get. Russia is an autocratic state.

King Number 2:

Xin Jinping is the new emperor of the Communist-capitalist hybrid state of China that uses a capitalist system for their economy and the Communist party system for their ideology.
Xin Jinping is the new emperor of the Communist-capitalist hybrid state of China that uses a capitalist system for their economy and the Communist party system for their ideology.

He persuaded the Communist party to let him rule forever with the promise to make China great again.

With his belt and road initiative, he decided to buy the world, not invade it, like Putin. The developing world owes money to Xin Jinping now and he owns their trading posts. He decides how they trade and with whom now.

The Chinese in his Communist state never have had freedom of speech and never will. The rich middle classes live in prosperous polluted cities surrounded by all the gadgets and commercial goods that one can get. They're encouraged constantly to consume, buy and waste and buy more. Like perfect consuming machines, to keep the circulation of money and business booming in China. They're encouraged to buy as many gadgets as possible, to digitally connect in China with Chinese, the way they're ordered by Xin Jinping. At the end of the day, all of the gadgets that they buy, lead them to only one connection: Xin Jinping.

Xin Jinping has found the way to control his people: by their mobile data and their digital profiles, that all belong to Xin Jinping. The Communist party knows every movement of every Chinese, their way of life and way of thinking and way of feeling. There's nothing that any Chinese can hide from Xin Jinping. Their bodies, souls and minds belong to Xin Jinping from their cradles to their graves.

The Chinese friends that I've made in Australia, while they studied and did business here, are not allowed to talk to me freely over the phone or the internet while they are in China because Xin Jinping is listening. Always. Even if they're here in Australia, they keep their mouths shut. They always praise China. They're ordered to.

Xin Jinping uses his brain to rule, and his unlimited power to keep his Huan Chinese prosperous by taking land from Uighurs - locking them in concentration camps and giving that land to his Huan disciples. He took over Tibet and put his Huan disciples in a place of absolute power there. Xin Jinping broke the agreement between England and China to keep Honk Kong independent from China. Now Huan disciples rule there too, in Xin Jinping’s name. Xin Jinping expands his territories in the South China Sea. He's now the second biggest player after Russia in the cyber warfare.

Chinese people are now divided between the rich middle class that is money driven, and the rest of the poor, that wish to be money driven. Chinese are encouraged to think about nothing else but money. Xin Jinping will provide for them if they're Huan Chinese and if they promise to serve him from the cradle to the grave. They're selling their bodies, minds and souls to Xin Jinping. They're showing off their Huan Chinese yellow cards, letting Xin Jinping kill minorities and invade other countries so that they can buy more gadgets, even buy the whole world.

America Before King Number 3

Trump replaced Obama, who managed to get medical assistance for impoverished American people, who are also mostly coloured. He was the first coloured American president, bringing hope and decency.
Trump replaced Obama, who managed to get medical assistance for impoverished American people, who are also mostly coloured. He was the first coloured American president, bringing hope and decency.

History will treat him well for that. Obama inherited a depression in America and conflict in Syria.

He was not ready to invade. Everyone remembered only too well, the Bush Junior fiasco in Baghdad. Bush Junior invaded Iraq on the lie that Saddam Hussein was harbouring weapons of mass destruction. He then massively destroyed the whole country. Iraq is destroyed, while Bush junior is enjoying a peaceful and luxurious retirement, painting idyllic countryside pictures in his beloved Texas, apparently.

It was in post Bush Junior Iraq, that Islamic freedom fighters were born - protesting against Bush Junior and his invasion of their country. They're fighting the world to this day. Obama inherited the Islamic freedom fighters and their fighting in Syria. Putin sent his army there instead. Syria collapsed and it was the end of the country as we knew it. Three quarters of the Syrian population fled to find refuge in the West. The walls that collapsed when the Berlin wall crumbled down in the nineties, were put up again. The West didn't want to share their riches with the poor from different cultures and origins. It would make the West weak and poor again, if they were afraid.

The Self Coronation of King Number 3 – I Am Trump, Who Is Greater?

And the time of Trump was here. All he has to do is put down his own Trump white card: ‘Make America white again and make America great again’.
And the time of Trump was here. All he has to do is put down his own Trump white card: ‘Make America white again and make America great again’.

The rise of 'Trumpists'

The white middle classes, consisting mainly of old evangelicals, follow him as their new God, after their own Jesus Christ. He speaks their language of power of money. He tickles their pride in being white and proud of it, because it means to be above the others, right? He promises to build a wall to protect their mighty American kingdom from the poor and not white and not evangelicals, because the majority of Americans are white and rich and evangelicals, right? So who cares about the rest? Welcome to the kingdom of the white evangelical ‘Trumpland’ with the self-imposed king Trump as it's head.

He watched Putin and Xin Jinping and he tried to follow in their footsteps: silence journalists, replace anyone in your government who disagrees with you, promote your own TV station: Fox News and make your own propaganda to feed the people every day with your own news: Trump tweets are important, just like Communist propaganda. Label the truth as fake news to confuse people. They'll stop believing others and start to believe you: Trump truth.

Unfortunately for Trump, there are other people living in America - not only his old white evangelical disciples. They're usually poorer and not so white, not all of them anyway, often more educated and decent. Trump doesn't value education nor decency, but no dictator or bully ever did. So no one expects him to understand that America is not Russia nor China. He can't proclaim himself to be a dictator for life and not change the constitution, as the two other kings that he admires have done.

Trump can use his Trump white nationalistic card successfully only for his own old white evangelical bunch. I have a few good friends in America who are his followers. Through them, I try to understand how someone so goodhearted and such a good judge of character, can ever follow or admire someone like Putin or Jinping. Someone who does not have even their brain power, just a lust for power.

I came to understand that their admiration for Trump lies in every core of their evangelical belief, that they were raised with by their mother, from their cradle to their grave. Like the Chinese or Russians are brainwashed by their kings, they're perfect ‘Trumpists’ who were just waiting for him to come along. When I visit their churches or listen to their sermons, where greed is celebrated as a God given right, white colour is celebrated as a God given gift and power is celebrated as a God given right to defend your way of life by taking other lives, just protect what you believe in. Use your gun, hallelujah. It is all allowed by God and God given and God celebrated. Long live the Trump! Give him a bible, even upside down, give him a gun, give him an army. And let us sing Amazing Grace now. They sing, thumping their big white chests and holding on to their white Trump cards…

America is not Russia or China and never will be. There, black lives matter and other nationalities and cultures matter, democracy matters, human rights matter

White evangelists may not like it but if democracy and human rights and freedom of speech mean nothing to them anymore, then maybe it's time for them to move to Russia or China
White evangelists may not like it but if democracy and human rights and freedom of speech mean nothing to them anymore, then maybe it's time for them to move to Russia or China

Do you think they'll go?

Of course not. They value their American democracy and freedom of speech way too much. They just have to learn that there are others in America who have a right to it too. Not only them and their Trump!


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    • Beata Stasak profile imageAUTHOR

      Beata Stasak 

      9 months ago from Western Australia

      Please share it Ruby, more people will read it, more people will know:) Thank you for your kind comment:)

    • bhattuc profile image

      Umesh Chandra Bhatt 

      9 months ago from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India

      You have made a nice analysis. People turned to communism only to find that it was not what they thought it to be. Democracy is also full of corrupt and racial practices and the dilemma is there as which system to choose.

    • Beata Stasak profile imageAUTHOR

      Beata Stasak 

      13 months ago from Western Australia

      Yes Peggy very true, yes China or Russia or USA the problem of racism and inequality is ripe. But also in many other parts of the world, what is truly sad, the USA shined a little more with hope that inequality could be reshaped to equality for all sadly that is not possible in Trumpland. I would like to add some little reflection here: A protester shouts: “Times Square is not Tiananmen Square and America can not represses its way out of this problem!

      Trump shouts: “It is law and order I am brining, get out of my way!

      When black George Floyd met his murderer for the first time, he kept order in the Mexican music venue in Minneapolis with calm and a big smile. The sheer presence of him, six-feet-six with bulging muscles under his coat made him noticeable. He was security guy everyone respected and everyone felt safe with. “That isn’t my style to intimidate people with guns and pepper sprays, you better leave this premises!” He said to his to be murderer when he saw him in action. Off duty white police officer with jittery eyes reached for his pepper spray and fired it all over at that music venue, on every black person he met in that music venue just because he could and he didn’t like black.

      The white policeman who was already jailed for a murder of a black man before glared at him: “It is law and order I am bringing, get out of my way or I will kill you too!”

      The next time they met, he kept his word. By the end of May, the gentle big George Floyd had been laid off from his security job when covid-19 had closed the venues. He scraped together somehow money for rent but there was nothing left for him to live off. On the evening of the 25th he went to buy his basics at Cup Foods where he was regular. He tried to pay with a $20 bill which the store clerk thought looked counterfeit so he called 911. “You never know with blacks do you?” He said later. The $20 bill was genuine.

      When the white man with jittery eyes arrived ready for murder, George Floyd struggled to see him, remembering his style. He calmed down once he forcefully cuffed him. Then he refused to get into the squad car with his to be murderer. So the white man with jittery eyes ready for murder wearing his police uniform proudly dragged him aside, threw him to the ground helpless and for nine minutes, knelt on his neck, pressing, pressing, as he cried out for his mother and his breath and his life.

      He was proud to finish his murder in front of street audience and posed proudly with his lifeless black victim lying on the street: “ It is law and order I am brining, get out of my way, or I kill you too!”

      Trump agreed with the words of the white murderer and as the demonstrations against George Floyd’s horrific end began to boil in Minneapolis, Trump first hid quickly in his bunker. Then he decided to copy Nixon’s election campaign and emerge victoriously from his hiding place with Nixon’s words: “I am your president of law and order and just like that white policeman said, I kill any black that oppose us!”

      The similarities between the dark days of 1968 and today’s racial, economic and health ruptures are truly similar. But Nixon ruled in time of much whiter, more racist country than Trump is representing today. Even white voter deeply concerned about racial inequality look horrified at Trump who wants to deport black footballers engaged in peaceful protest and order non-white congressmen out of the white house.

      Trump plans to send his army to squash the rightful demonstrations over the brutality of white police force, but military forces are designed to win wars not trust. The army’s goal is to kill its enemies. Police are supposed to serve and protect Americans without violating their civil rights and to face consequences for violating those rights. Yet when it comes to killing few officers face consequences. Prosecutors are reluctant to bring charges against police. Police will not help prosecutors who go after cops. The George Floyd’s murderer stared straight into camera when he was killing him. He knew he was filmed and he was proud of killing another innocent black men. He knew police officers are rarely convicted for killing someone and especially if that someone is black. The George Floyd’s murderer under enormous pressure from the public was charge but already out on bail.

      Trump’s national security adviser told CNN said there are some bad cops that are racist but he did not think there was systematic racism. But systematic racism does not mean that all officers are racists or bad people, it means that the system operates in a racially biased manner regardless of individual motivations.

      Most police agencies are local regulating them is a local responsibility. But the federal government still has a role in police reform or at least did in previous administrations. Obama invested heavily in police reform creating the President’s task force on 21 century policing and boosted funding for community oriented policing services to improve community-police relations which Trump cut. The Federal government can and should investigate and prosecute departments for violating people’s constitutional rights. Obama’s administration investigated 25 departments and enforced 14 consent decrees, Trump’s administration does not want to lose voters among police and white racists so they will just pretend to do something to silence public. To keep police on his side Trump encourages mayor and governors to use the police forces to silence protests. But Times Square is not Tiananmen Square and America can not repress its way out of their racial inequalities. Americans took to the streets six years ago after Michael Brown was killed they should not have to return in another six.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      13 months ago from Houston, Texas

      Let's hope that democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, the right to protest, and justice win out in our upcoming elections.

      I feel sorry for the people living in Hong Kong right now. I hope that they will ultimately win their independence from China. Our government has been pretty silent regarding that issue.

      Your article title made me think of a Christmas song. It was much more serious a topic.

    • Beata Stasak profile imageAUTHOR

      Beata Stasak 

      13 months ago from Western Australia

      Thank you Ruby I hope so too, people need to know, a lot of injustice happen because people do not know facts just like it happens with the pollution of our environment, we need to know the inconvenient truth even if it is not nice to hear...

    • Beata Stasak profile imageAUTHOR

      Beata Stasak 

      13 months ago from Western Australia

      Thank you my dear Shauna it is just i-phone but I have a bad habit to take pics wherever I am, smile, if people want to chat with me while hiking they usually take my mobile away ha ha ha otherwise I am truly a terrible companion...

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 

      13 months ago from Central Florida

      Wow, Beata, you really pack a punch with this one! More power to you, lady!!

      After all Trump has done in the past few years, I'm still amazed when I see bumper stickers for Trump 2020. What the hell is wrong with people?!

      BTW, your photography is outstanding. The colors, clarity, and angles are awesome. Have you done any professional photography?

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      13 months ago from Southern Illinois

      Oh my, you echo my belief's entirely. With your knowledge you have painted a picture of the world and especially Trump. He cares nothing about America, he wants power and will do anything to hang on. It is my prayer that the people who voted for him will see the man as he is. Obama attempted to serve the poorer class, but the pharmaceutical companies won. BTW, they give millions to the GOP. I want to invite you to read my goodbye to President Obama, it is still published. Thank you for writing this very important article. I hope many people read it. Thank you.


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