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Updated on March 4, 2016

The former gap-toothed dictator is working very hard to hijack Nigeria out of President Muhammadu Buhari’s handS and have it partitioned into four regions.

And each part will be used to settle the members of the Nigerian Union (3rd level membership of PDP) who will rule the respective regions on his behalf and oversee or supervise the smooth running of the innumerable business corporations scattered here and abroad in and with the name of government. The Nigerian Union in return are irrevocably sworn to serve and protect their Lord and Master who, after 8 years, will inaugurate the re-union of the different parts and compel them to embrace one Nigeria.

He (former gap-toothed dictator) knows that with President Muhammadu Buhari, and for the first time after Obasanjo’s anti-corruption war was messed up using the 3rd term agenda, the war against corruption has come to stand.

He knows Buhari too well as a die-hard, no-nonsense and stubborn crusader against corruption in both high and low places. And that when the real war against corruption and terrorism comes to stand, he (former gap-toothed dictator) and his lieutenants are the first, second and third casualties.

Therefore, the attempt, by the former-gap toothed dictator and his cohorts, to take over government and restructure Nigeria signifies an effort to work out their security and protection and shield themselves and their nefarious activities from illumination.

The respective agitators for Biafra, Oduduwa and Niger Delta nations will be highly elated at the prospects of actualizing their long-awaited dreams for independent nations. And this is the propaganda that is propelling this march to the balkanization of Nigeria.

Mind you the former dictator and his cohorts, is not alone on this. So let no one presume that once the deed is done, any attempt to reverse it or revert to the old Nigeria will be resisted. The sponsorship is coming from wealthy Arab terrorists and core CIA (Illuminati of CFR), and therefore any attempt to stop it will re1duce any resisting region to the Burundi or Somalia experience.

But is this the end? Observers are worried about the hypocrisy of the Western powers.

Simply put, the United States has worked out and is implementing a Master Plan, developed some 20 years ago, for the total re-colonization of Nigeria with special focus on her natural resources. The core members of the Illuminati, working for and on behalf of the U.S. Government prompted and nurtured the greed of the gap-toothed dictator and his cohorts, and provided the logistics for the looting of Nigerian treasury. The looted funds, their owners and the locations of the funds are carefully marked and classified.

When these greedy dwarfs have succeeded in laundering huge funds into their foreign accounts, some of the CIA members are used to infiltrate Nigerian intelligence and are assigned with the duty of volunteering information and links about the person. By intimidation and blackmail, the person in question is prevailed upon by the U.S. secret negotiators to forgo part of the loot that runs into billions of dollars to the bank or a mafia in exchange for his freedom. And the beneficiary of that loot knows what is required of him or her by the U.S. Government with regards to the stolen fund.

The way the fight against corruption is going has the capacity to, not only convert Nigerian wealth or funds into U.S, funds perpetually, but also destroy the nation entirely as corruption itself fights back.

If being crushed under the burgeoning and excruciatingly painful yoke of corruption and terrorism does not constitute an issue for Nigerians in their choice of a leader, then God does not need to loose his sleep over some villages being wiped out in the North East of Nigeria or by another ten who had their heads cut off in Andoni/Egbema Local Government Area of Rivers State.

It is often said that the people deserve the government they have.

And when that government is a product of a democratic process, then the gods themselves have spoken.

Having Bola Tinubu and Orji Uzor Kalu as leaders for the Yorubas and Igbos respectively, and with James Ibori and Ibrahim Babangida at the background bidding their time with regards to the Niger Delta and the entire North (by playing the "Drunken Master" game) is one sure way of putting Nigeria on the road to Burundization/Somalization, or to total disintegration into four different states ruled by paramount chiefs to be dictated to and controlled by a centralist government run by the Muslim Brotherhood under the disguise of the Islamic State of Northern Nigeria.

Supposing but not conceding the fact that the Buhari lungs fail to trap the required energy that is necessary for the sustenance of his life, an Osibanjo presidency will be left with two options: a Bola Tinubu presidency; or a “government of necessity” that will only permit him to work out a structure that will produce a president of Northern extraction within six months.

Therefore, the end-results of the re-run elections in Abia North Senatorial District and in Rivers and Akwa Ibom States respectively hold out two possible designs for Nigeria: a total disintegration into the Islamic States of Niger Delta, Lagos, Northern Nigeria and the United States of Biafra, or into burundization/somalization – a project that will gladden the hearts of the conspirators. Or, a return to a broadened home-grown democratic arrangement with in-built developmental structures that will put smiles on the faces of Nigerians.

Whichever way, one factor that is very clear is that Bola Tinubu, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, Orji Uzor Kalu, Eunice Kalu, Gana Kingibe, Chimaraoke Nnamani, James Ibori and the political umbrella of late Pa Adedibu, leader of Ibadan garrison politics constitute one and inseparable political family. They are held together by their common affiliation to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)

In a cover story anchored by Baffour Ankomah in the New Africa Magazine in 2008 (New Africa February 2008. No. 470), secret societies were presented as the solution to the problems of political, economic and security somersaults in African nations. That edition of the magazine has come to be regarded as the most catastrophic event in the history of the print media in Africa. Ankomah failed woefully, in his journalistic effort, to create a surgeon's bag to be put at the disposal of a secret society that is divorced from Satanism, terrorism and corruption.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has been dictating to Africa since 1986.

And the OIC and OPEC have come handy as willing instruments of ostracization or sanctions against North African countries rising up to this dictatorial challenge.

But with regards to West Africa with a sizable Christian population, the MB method is defined in terms of and designed to accommodate total conquest and destabilization of the West African sub-region as well as a Marshal Plan for rebuilding the region which includes a genocidal action and does not pretend about its commitment to the project of genocide that has been ratified against some of ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

At the eve of the gubernatorial election in Abia State in 2003, I had the opportunity to advise and warn Abians about the emerging monster. This simple act of divine instrumentation fetched me a double confirmation of a death warrant that had already been sealed and ratified against my person since 1996.

And my exilic period at Port Harcourt, Rivers State opened my eyes to the fatalisms associated with Ankomah’s advocacy for a leadership role for and big African co-operations run by Satanists, terrorists and corrupt personalities.

It is unfortunate that these Satanists, terrorists and corrupt personalities are at work in Nigeria, and those who should do something are busy handing down stringent conditions in arrogant manner to people who risk their lives for the sake of the poor and oppressed citizens of this country.

Was it not when it had become clear to these people that Muhammadu Buhari had won VICTORY even before the election was conducted that last minute efforts were put in place to contain the hemorrhage with which the Jonathanian administration was perpetually inflicted?


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