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Did Your Vote Count? Mine Did Not

Updated on June 14, 2020
Shyron E Shenko profile image

Shyron has been a researcher of American Politics from a young age and believes in fighting for the rights of all American Citizens.

Will your vote be counted?

June 23rd, 2012, I heard Pennsylvania’s House Republican leader Mike Turzai, state that the voter Id law will insure that Romney wins Pennsylvania. How can he be so sure that the voter suppression law in Pennsylvania will only decrease the Democratic vote? Maybe some of the lost votes were Republican, but maybe not enough to count.

It is a terrible thing when one political party can decide who can vote and who cannot vote, and decide whose vote will count for which candidate.


Per: Turzai, voter ID will allow Romney to win Pennsylvania.

Have you ever heard of Democrats calling for people to produce a picture ID, or trying to suppress votes in any way shape or form, of any party? I thought not!

Have you ever heard of Democrats Gerrymandering, to change a district from one party to the other, to suppress the votes of the other party?

Have you?

I doubt it!

Woops! GOP admits voter id laws are a scam

GOP 2012 GOP 2012 voter suppression began in Florida

Maddow skewers Florida republicans for voter suppression law, predicted consequences in 2012

The GOP elections are a disaster – By Rachel Maddow 3-20-2012

Election fraud and voter suppression 2012

It is not the vote that counts, It is who counts the vote.

If election fraud does not win the election for you – try gerrymandering

The Legal way to rig an Election:

“Why bother stuffing ballots when you can just draw districts to ensure your re-election? The new documentary Gerrymandering exposes what executive producer Bill Mundell calls "the most effective form of manipulating elections short of outright fraud."

The legal way to rig an election:

Hightower in “The Big Buy:” Gerrymandering Texas

Will we have 4 more years of obstruction by the Congress?

I heard Mitt Romney say that if President Obama is re-elected, it will be 4 more years of the same, the thoughts that came to mind were, four more years of Republicans filibuster, obstruction and saying no to any and all proposals brought before the House and Senate.

When Barack Obama was elected and, before he was sworn in. The Republicans had decided they would fight, criticize and block everything that the President presents (bills, budgets, ideas), even if the Republicans are for the same things that the President is for and would have said yes to, if the President were Republican.


When President Obama reached across the aisle, instead of getting a hand shake he got his hand slapped, he got his ideas ignored, he got criticized..

A Democrat will vote with Republicans, if he/she believes in what they are voting on. But, NOT ONE Republican will vote for anything that is presented by a Democratic President even if they had embraced the same presentation before.

Is Mitt Romney compassionate?

I watched an interview of Ann Romney, who was teary eyed, while portraying Mitt Romney as a compassionate person, when he curled up in bed with her when they found out she had MS.

Ann will get a lot of sympathy for her condition(s) and, it may even help with getting some votes for her husband but, she does not have a monopoly on a man who loves his wife, many, many husbands do the same thing, including mine. No, I do not have MS or anything like that but, I have had other problems and, my husband is as loving and supportive as any man could be.

Even snakes love their mates and geese, who mate for life, love their mates.

Did Mr. Romney think that all student’s parents have money to finance a college education?

I watched Ann Romney’s speech at the Republican National Convention. She said that Mitt Romney wasn’t handed success, but he was handed the means to achieve success.

I do believe George Romney was wealthy and could afford to finance Mitt Romney's college education to insure that he would not have to borrow or work (legitimately). That is the reason why he Mitt Romney said that college students, instead of taking a loan, should go and ask their parents to finance their college education.

Ann Romney also talked about “women” and, their role in life. Yes, every woman is someone’s daughter, and can be a sister, a wife, a grandmother, a niece, or aunt.

I felt that Ann was pandering to women, to gain their vote for her husband. When the fact is, in my opinion, the cold hearted Republicans plan to control all women…..from their vote to what we are allowed to do with our body.

And, when I hear Republicans say, “we need to take our country back,” what do they mean? From whom, the Democrats? Did they mean take it back to what era.

I think ‘back to the days when women were considered sub-human, and the property of any man.” When rape was not considered rape and rape victims were raped again by the system, who said or made the victims feel that it is their fault.

We have a person, who cares about the middle class and the poor. Like Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D), who in 1935 give hope to the people who were too old or sick to make a living, signed Social Security into law at the chagrin of the Republicans, who have tried since that time to tear Social Security down, with the exception of Gerald Ford.

The Democrats are the only party that has done anything for the poor and middle class and, that cares about all the people, not just the filthy rich.

When, Ronald Regan (R), tried to destroy Social Security and when he failed, HE PUT A TAX ON IT. However Ronald Regan did manage to start the destruction of our “UNIONS”.

Lyndon Baines Johnson (D) signed Medicare into law, and every Republican has tried to destroy Medicare, and with the passing of Tax reform this time they will succeed.

Do you really believe an insurance company would take a voucher?

I just had an operation that cost seventy thousand plus and I don’t think that a voucher would go over to well. If Mr. Ryan has his way and puts us on a voucher system, and takes us BACK to when insurance companies can pick and choose. Do you really think an insurance company would take a voucher for (I heard the Republicans mentioned the of a voucher would be six thousand dollars)

Can you imagine a six thousand dollar voucher to and pay on a seventy thousand invoice?

From an Ed Schultz show I saw in August

“For the last couple nights here on THE ED SHOW, we have been debunking Mitt Romney`s latest lie about Medicare. I mean, this is their campaign. Today, it looks like the Romney campaign is really struggling to keep the lie going. They have launched a slick new campaign ad to deliver the same
old misleading message.”

SCHULTZ: “Republicans spent the day repeating that lie about the $716 billion. And they run into trouble when they`re confronted with the truth. Remember President Obama`s Affordable Care Act saved $716 billion by cutting overpayments to insurance industry experts and costs?”

“Ryan`s plan cuts $716 billion from Medicare all together. He repeals the Affordable Care Act but does not replace it. The cost will shift to seniors, you can count on it.”

So, Mitt Romney really needs to pick a plan, doesn`t he?

SCHULTZ: “Romney still won`t clarify what his own plan for Medicare is. So the former governor from Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty, tried to keep the focus on the big lie instead. Here is his attempt.”

Romney's Attempt!

GM plant closed before Obama became President

Paul Ryan’s big Lie: On the second day of the RNC, I listened to Ryan’s speech, and could not believe he took the lie to the convention. The lie was exposed weeks ago, when he stated that a G.M. plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, where many of his pals from his high school worked and, Ryan said that Barack Obama told those workers that he would NOT let that plant be shut down. Well, that plant was shut down in 2008, before Obama became President.

I wonder if Ryan’s pals who worked at that plant support his LIE? It seemed that the people at the convention were gullible enough to believe it.

Now to another of Romney’s big LIES. Romney touted a steel mill, he claimed that Bain Capital saved from going bankrupt. What he would not dare to reveal to the American people, is that the steel company received lots of subsidies from the federal government!

Robert Reich, former labor secretary under President Clinton, now a professor at UC Berkeley, CNBC contributor and author of the book "Beyond Outrage." is here tonight to explain Paul Ryan, the fraud.

SCHULTZ: Will cutting things like PBS balance the budget?

ROBERT REICH: No, Ed, they will not. I mean, look it, Romney has studiously avoided any details with regard to how he`s going to pay for these gigantic tax give aways to the very rich or how he`s going to cut the budget. That`s why Paul Ryan`s budget, the budget that he has come up with for the Republicans in Congress, has taken center stage, because it must be that Ryan`s budget fills in the details of Romney`s lack of detail.

Particularly when Romney says that Ryan`s budget is a marvelous budget; it`s a wonderful budget, couldn`t have come up with a better budget himself. Well, it is his budget now.

Ryan`s tax -- tax benefits to the rich are even bigger than that. And where are these going to come from? Romney says they`re going to come from closing tax loopholes, but he refuses to say what tax loopholes he`s going to close. And he`s not going to close any of the tax loopholes that he himself has benefited from, such as the carried interest loophole that allows private equity managers to treat their incomes as capital gains.


I don’t believe that any Texan’s vote counted and unless people grow a backbone and get some gumption our beautiful country is headed for a dictatorship.


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