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Words From The Other Side. My Christmas Wish for Everyone. 2012 and beyond

Updated on October 1, 2013

My Christmas wish for Everyone

A Christmas tree filled with best wishes for all
A Christmas tree filled with best wishes for all | Source

Words from the other side

Big Business and Religion - Our Saviors? Or our Demise?

Will good judgment and common sense prevail?

Or are we doomed to be a society of hatred,intolerance, bigotry and greed?

These are fine examples to set for other countries who have gotten past these shortcomings.

This is my Christmas presentation to all who can read, understand the words, and have the ability to accept others for who they are, not what we would like them to be.

Those who prefer to spread love instead of hate.

And those who actually know the difference between what is truly right and truly wrong.

So, if hub pages allows this to remain published, please note that it is quite controversial, and may be disheartening, shocking, and offensive to some readers.

The moralists who actually take the time to read and view this video will undoubtedly FLAG it to prevent it from remaining available for those who are non-judgmental, to view.

Those are the 'wanna be' controllers of our lives, our fate, our destinies and our freedoms, the bigots, the moral judges and the haters.

I have read many articles published here by pro religion, pro conservative, and haters that were allowed to remain.

This is for those who live on the other side, of that spectrum.

The adults. The educated. The informed. The socially liberated. The non-judgmental. The liberal thinkers.....

Can we publish any controversial hub on Hub Pages?

I guess we are about to find out.

This hub is simple: It is a contrast between Right and Wrong. Notice i did not say, Right or Left.

Are Big business and Religion our saviors? Or will they be our demise as a compassionate 'human' race?

Injustices are never pretty, and most would like not to see them aired, like dirty laundry, for all to see.

But these contributions are from REAL life, and from REAL people - whether we like it or not.

This is the true meaning on tolerance, justice, humanity and yes - reality of those who are not brainwashed, or uneducated.

The following videos and pictures will be the entire subject of this hub. They are quite compelling, controversial, and give a dramatic and deeply emotional view from---------- THE OTHER SIDE.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

Enjoy your holidays and please let others do the same, in the same spirit of love and togetherness, regardless of their status in life.

If we can do this for the holiday seasons we should be able to do it for the entire year.

by d.william 12/22/2011

What if this were Your child?

  • Update: Jonah posted yesterday to Facebook to say that in the four months since he filmed this video, he’s come out to his family and friends, his life has turned around, and he’s able to smile and laugh again. It’s inspiring to hear that some of the young people who had previously hurt his feelings have since apologized to him and are now his friends. Help spread the message to kids like Jonah that it does get better!

Tell your children. NO MORE HATE.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Follow up on this video

I received this email today (12/23/2011) regarding the response to this video (above) on you tube from Zach Wahls. You might find it interesting as well.

"Wow. YouTube said on Monday that more people watched me speak about my two moms than any other political video this year. More than 18 million people in total!1
Testifying before Iowa's state legislature was the best way I knew to fight back against attempts to codify discrimination into our state constitution and protect my moms' marriage. But I never imagined that my speech would touch a chord with so many people.
Frankly, I've been overwhelmed and humbled. And most importantly, I've been inspired that so many strangers care about protecting my family and families like mine. So to spread that inspiration this holiday season, MoveOn members have joined me in creating a new online project: Love Makes a Family. Hundreds of families of all stripes have sent in Love Makes a Family holiday photos and we've put together a great video featuring them."

I'm strong enough to admit that I choked up a little watching it. Check out the video and share it with your friends and family today to help make sure that all families are treated equally in 2012.

The Holiday Family Video Every American Needs To See

Why being a hater doesn't make you straingter

Why Bernie Sanders has Introduced a Constitutional Amendment

Controversial/Adult language content.


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    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. I was quite surprised that hub pages initially denied it based on duplicity of content..? A veiled attempt to censure, i have no doubt.

      There is nothing duplicated here except the follow up after the video, and i made that perfectly clear.

      It truly sickens me that religions and some fanatical factions of our society find it their mission in life to defy God (and nature) by mistreating, judging, and spewing their hatred against what nature has done.

      For every species of animal and plant on this planet there is a natural counter balance for their excessive proliferation. I believe that the increased phenomena of people being born gay is nature's (God's) way of counter balancing the over explosion of humans on this fragile planet. The religious zealots and bible thumpers will pay for their harm to others in hell, if there really is such a place.

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 

      9 years ago

      I too cried silently as I watched the young boy struggling with his Sexuality and thank goodness a Happy Ending or should I say, "New Beginnings" for him.

      I am glad Hub allowed you to publish this very timely and Informative Hub d.williams. We are all born into this World, where we are all different individuals...Everyone has a Right to Happiness, and to lead a productive life. Thanks for sharing and putting together such a Powerful, Soul Searching Hub.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks again for your comments. As i stated above, this hub was originally denied, and i suspect as soon as some moralist listens to George Carlin, there will be another objection filed, or they will make me take this video off altogether. I simply do not understand how some people think they can stop, or change reality, just because they as individuals object to what i consider "colorful language". If they want to live in a cocoon, then let them live inside their moralistic churches and judgmental homes. The world is what it is, and all the inane religious rhetoric will never change the way people think and act. The best we can do is learn to accept the diversities in life and move on. If people paid as much attention to their own limited mentality and stopped trying to change the world to their image, this would be a much better world to live in.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Somewhere in the south


      Thanks for your support. I do agree with you that putting Obama back in in 2012 is simply a matter of the lesser of all evils. But at least he does not tout dismantling the government all together, or completely turning it over to Corporate America as the GOP does. More deregulation would be a tragic mistake and certainly would make things worse, not only for the 99%, but for the global environment as well. The new GOP party seems to be in a total fog when dealing with reality of everything.

    • Credence2 profile image


      9 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      D. Love the George Carlin video. I am going to miss this guy, he defined the "system" in terms that we all could not fail to understand. Lets hope that the Tea-Pary numbers keep shrinking right thru election day, next year.Thanks, Cred2

    • chefsref profile image

      Lee Raynor 

      9 years ago from Citra Florida

      Hey D

      Excellent article, can't wait to see some conservatives add their opinions.

      I was smitten with Libertarianism for a short time. (very short) It has a lot going for it in terms of personal freedom that I find appealing. Trouble is the total lack of support for people that need help. Imagine a country with starving citizens dying due to lack of health care and you are imagining a Libertarian paradise. "Let Him Die" should be a Republican bumper sticker.

      In the vid that chides the Democrats for caving in to Republicans, I think he is utterly unrealistic. The Democratic party is in lock step with their corporate masters just as the Repubs are. Obama put Wall Street Trolls in charge of the economy Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner are no friends to the middle class and Volker left the administration.

      So, yes, I will support Obama but I will have to hold my nose to do so. He has done some good with a long list of successes.

      Obama's opponents seem to be working on his behalf with absurd arguments against him.

      After all for an anti-colonial Kenyan who is a Muslim that attended a Christian church with a radical pastor he is okay! His mother sneaking in to forge his birth certificate some 50 years ago was a master stroke, she sure did think ahead.

      I would write more but I want to look into adopting some kids. If Newt is elected our next Fuehrer I want to have some little buggers around the house I can put to work and feed gruel.

      Seriously, we need either a people's party or we need to take control of the Democratic party back from the corporations

      Up, Awesome and Interesting!

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment.

      You have nothing to apologize for when it comes to being duped by Ron Paul. Each one of those candidates have one point or two that actually sounds logical, but the rest of their views are so radical that they are automatically discarded as viable candidates for presidency.

      They all state how dangerous Mr. Obama is, but he is the only viable alternative to any of those running against him.

      We will just have to wait and see what happens in 2012. My prediction is that there will be a third party candidate that sounds like he/she might have the right ideas for this country. But in the long run, they will only split the votes between the The Democrats and the Republicans. So, as i have been saying all along, the winner of the Presidential elections in 2012 will amount to which party has the best computer hackers. It certainly will NOT be a fair and open election with all the malfunctioning electronic machines that we are forced to use to vote with, and given the history of the likes of Karl Rove, The Koch Brothers, the Corporate factor and Wall Street crooks. Let's hope Obama has found himself a reputable hacker that can compete against the rest of the crooks.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      9 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Well i must say that i couldn't have typed a comment after watching the young Gay boy video, tears were flowing...Then watching Ron Paul, made me so mad, the tears stopped. Goerge Carlin, what can i say, " He tells it like it is, and i miss him. " When are we ever going to wake up and see the world as it really is, full of different people who just want to live and be respected for who they are. God help us if ' The right wing takes over the whitehouse. Everything we've gained in the last 50 years will be overturned. Sweat shops will return. There will be no more soc. sec., old people will be put into homes. Women will no longer have a choice for birth control. What scares me the most, i once thought Ron Paul might make a good President..God forgive me!!!! Keep writing...

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you for being the first to read and comment on this hub. It was originally denied publication, and then allowed after my request for consideration, and an explanation, as to why it was being banned. I am happy that this controversial hub was not censored after all. We all know who the objection makers will be to the contents.


    • lmmartin profile image


      9 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      Thanks for the Christmas gift -- from someone else who thinks for herself.


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