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The Mayan Calendar, The Bible, and Conspiracy Theories

Updated on April 21, 2014
The Bend In the Road
The Bend In the Road | Source

Whether you believe the Mayan Calendar, the Bible, or Conspiracy Theory, one thing is certain. Our future is uncertain. So what do we do? A friend once said to me "If we could see around the next bend in the road we would never take another step." I suppose it's true. Our future is uncertain, in part because –

  • some say the Mayan Calendar signals the end of our world
  • some say the Bible (Revelations) tells us we are living in the end times
  • some conspiracy theories tell of a New World Order where we become prisoners to a government gone bad

The truth is, we don’t know. In my lifetime I have cycled through my fears of each of these theories, believing for a time that the Mayan Calendar, Revelations, or the New World Order would bring about my demise. I've been there and done that and today I know no more than I did then. So what’s all the fuss about?


The Mayan Calendar

You've probably heard that the Mayan Calendar stops on December 21, 2012 and some believe that signals the end of our world as we know it. Maybe, maybe not.

The Mayan were a highly evolved advanced People who lived in the jungle of Mexico and Central America. They were a peaceful People with extraordinary skills in mathematics and astronomy. Today, descendants of the Mayan are found in Chiapas, Guatemala, Belize, and the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Mayan Calendar consists of three wheels used for tracking time.

The Haab is a solar calendar consisting of 365 days, divided into 18 months of 20 days each and one month with only 5 days. It is considered a civic calendar and consists of an outer ring of glyphs (pictures) that represent each of the 19 months and a number for each day. The pictures depict a personality for each month.

The Tzolkin was considered to be the Sacred Round (distribution of days) calendar and was a 260 day calendar (20 periods of 13 days). It was used to track special religious or ceremonial days.

The Long Count is an astronomical calendar used to track universal cycles. Each cycle is believed to represent about 2,880, 000 days or 7885 solar years. The Mayan believed that at the end of each cycle, the universe was destroyed and recreated.

Does the end of the Mayan Calendar signal the end of time? Or could it simply signal a new beginning; a new cycle; a new and better universe. I don't have the answer.


The Bible and the Book of Revelations

Christian religions teach that the book of Revelations (New Testament) in the Bible tells of the end times and that they are upon us. These teachings tell that the beginning of the end will take place in 2012 and that our world will end in the Fall of 2015. A sampling of the prophecies include:

  • Four major earthquakes occur worldwide and they will be different than any we have experienced. There will be lightening and thunder and noise, unlike other earthquakes.
  • Seven trumpet judgments or extreme catastrophes will occur on earth. Prior to the first trumpet, Jesus will be revealed and 144,000 people will receive the seal of God. The seal of God will save them in the end time.
  • Seven plagues will fall upon the earth.

The Seven Trumpets (Judgments)

Trumpet 1: Hail and fire fall to the earth. Fires will ignite all over the world and may be caused by meteors. Volcanoes will erupt.

Trumpet 2: A great mountain (? Asteroid) will burn and fall into the sea. A third of the ocean will become like blood and a third of the sea creatures will die. A third of the ocean vessels will be destroyed (cruise ships, fishing boats, pleasure boats, freighters).

Trumpet 3: A giant star falls to earth and a third of the fresh water on earth will become bitter and will poison many.

Trumpet 4: One-third of the solar system will become dark and days and nights will become confused. Fires from the first three trumpets will darken the air and sky.

Trumpet 5: For five months pain will be inflicted on people who refuse to worship Satan. Only those with the seal of God on their foreheads (144,000) will be exempt from the pain.

Trumpet 6: One-third of the people on earth will be killed, billions slaughtered by Satan and his army of 200,000,000 people.

Trumpet 7: Another worldwide earthquake will occur accompanied by noise, lightening, thunder, and hail The door of mercy in heaven will close and human probation ended. The chance to become a believer is over and those left behind will worship Satan.

The Seven Plagues

The Book of Revelations also tells us that seven plagues will befall the earth and describes them as:

  • The first plaque will fall on the people who have the mark of the beast in the form of painful sores..
  • The second plague will result in rivers drying up and fish dying.
  • The third plague will be when rivers and streams turn to blood.
  • The fourth plague is when holes open in the ozone allowing extreme ultraviolet radiation to scorch the land and people.
  • The fifth plague brings darkness to the earth.
  • The sixth plague says that the Euphrates river dries up and prepares the way for the kings of the East.
  • The seventh plague brings hail, fire, and earthquakes and will destroy the nations on earth.

666 or the Mark of the Beast

The beast will be Satan disguised as God. He will be charismatic and people will be endeared to his charm. He will have seven symbolic heads and each head will have a name that is some variation of God’s name. The beast will have 10 demonic horns who will be kings and rule alongside Satan.

According to Revelations, those who choose to worship Satan will be marked on their forehead or on the right hand. Only those with the mark will be allowed to buy or sell. Without it, how will you live?

For purposes of this article, it is important to state that these are interpretations and should not be considered as exact fact or written prophecy. Everyone should ask themselves if these are literal interpretations or symbolic interpretations. And then, is it all true? What can or should you do? It is up to the individual to decide. I am no authority and would never pretend to know enough to offer advice beyond asking, is your house in order?


Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theories abound and are deserving of a separate article. However, I will touch briefly on some of the more prevalent theories and encourage you to do additional research based on your desire to know. And I will caution you to remember that the Internet allows almost anyone to publish information, whether it is true or not. Make your own decisions.

There are many conspiracy theories circulating; some involve the solar system, some, the government. Although NASA admits that our solar system is ever changing, they emphatically deny that there will be any catastrophic solar events in 2012 caused by man.

Another source of conspiracy theory are the secret societies such as Free Masonry, Knights Templar, and the Illuminati who have predicted the evolution of a one-world government/religion that would control the population of the world.

Another of these secret societies is The Order of Skull and Bones, based at Yale and is thought to be an extension of the Illuminati. Popular names that have been associated with the Order of Skull and Bones are George W. Bush I and II, John Kerry, and Prescott Bush. .

Other organizations that have been tied in theory to this One World control are the Federal Reserve. The Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations. Some prominent family names have also been associated with this attempt to create a One World government and they are Rothschild, Rockefeller, DuPont, and Bush. Corporate involvement appears to predominantly come from international banks and the pharmaceutical cartels.What does it all mean?

Under a New World Order:

  • Privately held property would be returned to the government
  • Population will be limited by forced control on reproduction.
  • Privately owned firearms will be prohibited.
  • The monetary system will be a pure debit system with no cash allowed.

Cause, Reaction, Outcome:

The cause: In theory, the Illuminati will orchestrate some conflict which will be promoted on the world stage by controlled media outlets.

The reaction: Citizens will be outraged by the scenes being delivered and so-called freedom fighters will start to rebel.

The result: UN peace keepers will arrive on the scene and never leave. This will happen in all major countries or strategic areas where resistance is likely to occur.

Don't stop reading. This is the important part.

Okay, so I've probably left you feeling like I’m a certifiable nut case. Maybe I've scared you a little, at least enough for you to do your own research and take charge of your own life for whatever time we have left. In truth, I only want you to be bigger, smarter, and happier than you've ever been.

My purpose in writing about this subject was to demonstrate that none of us knows what tomorrow will bring. We don’t know what will happen five minutes from now. That’s why the most important thing we can do, right now, is to tell those we love that we love them. We can spend time doing things that bring us pleasure or, making sure that life is just a little bit better for someone who can’t do it themselves.

If like me, you are the type of person who needs to be even more proactive, then there are other things you can do.

  • You can start learning to take care of your family without so much dependence on drug companies. There are organics in nature to treat almost anything that ails us, if you know how to use it.
  • You can learn to grow your own food and store it to reduce your dependency on major retailers.
  • You can learn to recycle, reinvent, refurbish the things you have rather than throwing them out and purchasing replacements.
  • You can think about your finances, work harder to reduce your debt and reliance on credit and put more emphasis on cash on hand.
  • You can take an inventory of your home, assess what is really important, and share the excess with someone who has less.

In my lifetime I have fallen into cycles of believing all of the theories discussed here. I have lived in the fear and stock-piled water and food and emergency supplies. I even bought a crossbow and learned to hunt with it. The string is dry-rotted now from lack of use.

Finally, I realized that I couldn't handle keeping the stock dates current or live in the remaining space. I refuse to become paralyzed by fear or to live in a state of paranoia. My truth is, I don’t know what the future holds. I know that I have this moment and that it may be my last. I want to make it count.

How could I make it count? Well, for starters, a few years ago I made a list of all the people I felt I had hurt in my lifetime, or, even those I had had a misunderstanding with.I began to call or write them to say I was sorry. It has taken a couple of years but I have made amends to everyone on my list and I’m in a good place as a result.

Instead of shopping for bottled water today or ordering a new supply of MRE’s, I’m spending part of my day asking you to decide for yourself what is best for you. I can’t tell you what to believe because honestly, I don’t know what I believe anymore. I don’t know if the world will end on December 21, 2012 or during Armageddon on some arbitrary date decided by the interpreters of the Bible. And I sure don’t know if the New World Order will become a reality either. I could drop dead today but, I won’t spend another minute worrying about it. For today, at this moment, I choose to be free and happy. I choose to accept an uncertain future and make the best of my life and the life of others while I can. I'm a small fish in a big sea but I can do something, I'm sure.


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