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Wake Up Minority.

Updated on June 12, 2020


Everyone was in a state of dilemma, no one knew what Sumeya wanted to tell the journalists, they were really confused. After one hour, local and international journalists from Al Jazeera to CNN and from BBC to KBC , all were present at Sumeya’s home.

By that time all Kenyans and the world at large were eager to know of Sumeya’s main intentions of calling the journalists to her home.
It was true that Sumeya‘s passionate ambition was to become a president but what could she do now? Kenyans are shedding their own blood, they are murdering their in-laws. She had to intervene and perhaps that is what she wanted to inform them.

Sumeya really forsook her interest for the sake of Kenyans and on that vivid day in front of three hundred cameras she said ,” Oh my fellow Kenyans, don’t you know that shedding the blood of a human being is a major sin and a crime against humanity? I know I won the most votes and Kenyans voted for me and so do you claim that I bribed the electoral board ? Were you present at the time I was bribing them? Nay this is all but a false accusation made up by evil minded people. Does it mean that you will not stop killing each other even after my swearing-in ceremony as the president? Will you not concede defeat even after Kenyans decided against you? Then today, right now it is me who is forsaking my interest and retiring from politics and let there be another election. From now on I am not a politician, it is over let peace prevail in Kenya.”

After her declaration, Sumeya was immediately branded so many names, the worst of it all being,” The traitor.” Her own community begun insulting her through social media, most notably in Facebook. Others were even threatening to murder her. So many Somalis posted on her timeline as they warned her of impending danger. Some wrote, “You traitor Sumeya, If you reach tomorrow, then my Facebook name is not Namraz Namraz,” while others scribbled down, “ We trusted you but you betrayed us, you foolish betrayer, death is your punishment”

However much they threatened her, Sumeya was not worried in the least. Later that night, Sumeya was shot at the head by her bodyguard. She bled profusely at the rate of a leaking pot. He shot her seven times at the head as he wanted to make sure that she died before he escaped.

“Sumeya was shot to death by her bodyguard,” was the talking point of the nation. Some sympathized with the family as they sent condolences to them while others among the Somalis celebrated her death. Sumeya was no more, the kind-hearted woman who at last decided to halt more bloodshed was nowhere to be found. The orphans and their father Metere wept uncontrollably over the sudden death of Sumeya. The question however was, will Kenyans stop killing each other after this repeat election or will they still blindly behead one another?


Till when will a certain community or race lead from behind ? It is time for change . Time people should wake up . Kenya has got over 42 tribes with a population of more than 50 million people . Kikuyus and Kalenjins are always the favourites of lifting the victory interms of elections . Where are the Luos, Kambas , Somalis , Kisii , Turkana , Maasai , Pokomo , Giriama and the Luhyas ? Where are the others.

Does Kenya belong to only one tribe or two ? Am not mobilizing any individual or community whatsoever . And am not in a position to do that . Rather am calling for freedom , the freedom to be there on top and share the cake with the rest . Let's have a fair competition . Where any community can try . Or it will be great if we come together and negotiate on the way forward .

Imagine if there existed a country which takes power in turns . I mean , this election a Maasai becomes the president , the following term a Kisii and the other term a Somali or Luhya . Imagine of that scenario . How sweet could that be ? That goes on untill the minority group takes hold of power . Then in my view Kenya could be recognized as a country of high brotherhood . Kenya could be an example to many .

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