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War on Education: The Need to Privatize Schools in the age of Islamic Totalitarianism

Updated on December 16, 2015

Closed for the Day

How to make schools safer? Privatize.
How to make schools safer? Privatize. | Source

In an age where terroristic threats run high and nearly everyone is agitated, the education boards of Los Angeles, California and New York City, New York have been tasked with shutting down schools. Los Angeles actually followed through with this plan. The test to the weaknesses of the system, as it appears to be, just goes to show how government ought to perform its sole responsibility: protect individual rights. Would the same response occur with private schools? America ought to learn the lesson of what a privatized education system would do to fortify this country’s position as a mighty giant, capable of safeguarding its own citizens. Instead of government schools ruling the day and ruining young minds in the process, private education would ensure the safety and well-being of students and faculty. Excellence would be the expectation for administrators, teachers, and staff to instruct children to love life and love learning. The chancellors or superintendents would provide security and partner with police units to limit and possibly eliminate potential threats. While schoolchildren might view this closing as a reprieve to taking on the finals exams, what lies at the epicenter of this act is the instillation of fear. As long as young Americans remain scared witless, the would-be bombers, or shooters, or slashers have the upper hand in the matter.

With a robust and dedicated police force, the very idea of hatching one of these “hoaxes” would never cross the enemy’s mind. The concept of committing an act of war against the people of the United States would be foreign to them. Such a police presence would defend students and staff from the potential onslaught of terrorism. Organizations like the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) would only take drastic measures when such measures would be necessary. Alas, we don’t have that system. What happened in Los Angeles only exemplifies the much needed common sense and logic which ought to go along with being the superintendent of the second largest school district in the country. Rather than making rash decisions like shutting down schools, this leader ought to consider the facts before imposing a halt on attending classes. Now, there might be those who say, “Err on the side of caution.” But the account of the facts ought to be recognized. The “cut and paste job” and the failure to capitalize the “a” in Allah showed that whoever sent the message to the school district was either not a Muslim radical or just inept.

School Action

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A Clear Understanding

All these would-be terrorists wish to do is to stir up panic. The closing of school only grants them their wish. The objective of terrorism, real or hoax is to disrupt the normalcy of life. In the face of this danger, the LAUSD may have acted too eagerly in addressing the threat. To close schools sends up a flag that that school system and others across the country remain edgy. Their fears and frustrations mixed up lead them to make such a rash choice. Now, some will say that the whole idea to surface from all this is the protection of the students and staff. But does that mean that schools should cower and kowtow to the demands of some wingnut perpetrating the fraud and acting as an Islamic totalitarian? With the advent of the shootings in San Bernardino, California, just 50 miles away from Los Angeles, this incident may give some pause. Though the threat has been neutralized from that massacre, the scars still linger in the consciousness of Southern Californians. So why would a private school system be more apt in protecting the teachers and pupils? Because the focus would be on the profit motive it would be in the self-interest for districts to protect their investments. Government schools care little about the welfare of students and only seek the subsidies and tax revenue of the people. Their response is one of selfless denial of the facts. Privatization would mean that there would be a clear understanding of what is of the government (the police, military, and law courts) and what is on the free market (education). No rushes to judgement would be permitted in such a capitalist setting. The administrators would concern themselves only with the producing the most brilliant minds. And to do that, they would institute measures which would serve to shield them from all hurt, harm or hazard. Doe that mean that it would be perfect? No. It only means that greatness would be possible only if schools cared truly cared about seeing students succeed. That requires a thorough respect for the rights of students. If their safety is of top priority, then districts would sell off all of their properties and seek a private option.

Schools today ought not be of the governement
Schools today ought not be of the governement | Source

What then?

Does the school closings work? What if schools like LAUSD and NY become inundated with threats daily? What then? The only decision which should be on the table is to refrain from granting the potential enemy the upper hand and feel that he or she has power. The value in a private system would be seen with the advocacy of brilliance. To achieve this, students and teachers must know that they receive protection. The future of the only moral country depends on this fact.

Writing Class

Classes ought to be sold, not told
Classes ought to be sold, not told | Source


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