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Was the Olympic Games terrorist attack thwarted? Part 2

Updated on December 5, 2012



In February 2009 Westfield owned 119 shopping malls worldwide. One of them is in my home City Derby, England. The Westfield shopping centre is built on an ancient Druid sacrifice site in the City Centre called "The Spot." Westfield also recently built a Hotel in Cannock, England; it is a huge four sided Owl which represents Moloch of Canaan, Arianrhod the Owl god of the Druids and Minerva of the Greek tradition, it is also built on an ancient Druid sacrifice site! These sites are not thick on the ground!

Frank Lowy, 81, former Israeli commando opened up the mega mall adjacent to the Olympic Stadium and Stratford subway station owned by the Westfield Group. He just so happens to be the partner of Larry Silverstein, the man who profited handsomely from 9-11, in the World Trade Center on Sept 11, 2001. Silverstein also owns Westfield Group. Lowy and Silverstein acquired a 99 years lease on the World Trade Center complex on July 26, 2001. Before that, Silverstein built the WTC in 1987 on property leased from the Port Authority and remained under public control until he and Lowy obtained the lease in July.

Why would they want the World Trade Center when the buildings needed $200 million in renovations and improvements most noticeably the removal of the hazardous asbestos (which killed many of the first responders of the attack who inhaled the asbestos laden dust when they contracted cancer)? The WTC were white elephants and a nuisance and it would be too costly to disassemble the twin towers floor by floor.

So instead of renovating, Silverstein insures the World Trade Center against a terrorist attack for a huge figure. He received $4.5 billion in profit from the attacks.

Both Lowy and Silverstein also own the Marriot Hotel. Both businesses seem to attract Lady Unlucky wherever they are situated. They are bomb magnets. Here is a list of bomb scares of Westfield Group:

21 September, 2005: . Bomb scare at Westfield Mall, Perth, Australia.

17 May 2006: Bomb scare at Westfield, Woden, Australia.

21 July 2007: Bomb scare at Court house adjacent to Westfield Centre Derby, England, which resulted in an evacuation of the premises.

01 March 2008: Bomb scare at Westfield Old Orchard Mall, Stokie, Illinois.

20 April 2009: Bomb scare at the Westfield Hotel Annapolis during TV’s, “America’s Next Top Model” competition.

Also the Marriot Hotel:

20 Sept 2008: Marriot Hotel in Pakistan exploded.

17 July 2008: Marriott Hotel, Jakarta exploded.

Keeping this in mind, it would seem insane for any Insurance Company to insure any of these companies against a terror threat but British Insurance company Pool Re did just that and it would cover up to $7 billion in the event of a terrorist attack.

Was there a juicy profit to be made?

A commercial illustrated a red line connecting the London Underground, advertised as the main mode of transport between game sites in the Olympic village, to the Stratford stadium. The Stratford station is part of the Jubilee Line and Jubilee Extension Line. It so happens that those places have been targeted for terrorist bombings since 1989, says an insider who says his information was given to him by Stella Rimington, ex head of the MI-5.

I have a picture of the poster of the commercial promoting the London Underground as the main form of transport. In it is a very sinister reference. In the picture, you can see an Osama bin Laden-type figure looking back at the London Underground.


Full poster
Full poster
Terrorism allusion?
Terrorism allusion?


Whenever Mossad, Israeli intelligence, is involved, rest assured something pernicious is up. Japan seriously angered Israel when Japan offered to enrich uranium for Iran. Shortly after that, Magna BSP, an Israeli firm, received a contract to oversee security at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Suspicious oversized cameras were installed. They resembled mini nukes. See picture below. Magna BSP established data links in the reactor core flouting international nuclear regulations. Surprise.

Fukushima reactor explosion

Compare the Fukushima to a nuclear weapons test.
Compare the Fukushima to a nuclear weapons test.

A hydrogen blast can never make the reactor explode. It just isn’t powerful enough. As we can see from the above picture, the blast looked like a nuclear blast test. The aftermath of the reactor is too heavily damaged to be done by a hydrogen blast.

All the members of that Israeli security team left for Israel days before the disaster struck. They continued to monitor the reactor cores through their illicit internet data links.

In light of this very disturbing information, would it have alarmed you to realize that Mossad ran “anti-terror” security drills in preparation for a terrorist attack at the Olympic Games?


Someone at the British Olympic Association said in an article from Ynet News that also involved is Sayeret Yahalom, an elite combat engineering unit of the Israeli Engineering Corps of the Israeli Defense Forces. They are involved in covert missions like counter terrorism missions and includes planting and defusing explosives. Is English security not satisfactory enough?

Advanced Warning

A suspicious amount of Israeli companies and people seemed to have advanced knowledge of the 9-11 attacks. A few days before 9-11, Israeli ZIM Intergrated Shipping Services vacated the WTC North Tower breaking its lease which ran until the end of 2001. The company lost $50 000 for dishonouring the lease. FBI agent Michael Dick thought this was worth investigating as he was investigating the Israeli spying prior and after 9-11. He was relieved from his duties by the head of Justice Department’s Michael Chertoff who happens to be a Jew himself.

At the time of the attacks, 14 of the 19 employees of the Israeli Company, Clear Forest, were absent from their WTC office quarters and the remaining 5 escaped.

ODIGO was/is an Israeli instant messaging service and at least two employees of this company received an IM warning of an imminent attack of the WTCs 2 hours before the attacks. These ODIGO employees remained silent and did not alert the US authorities about this IM. ODIGO had its R&D facilities in Herzlya in Israel close to the Mossad headquarters.

A disturbing video came out that showed Israelis dancing and video-taping the first plane crashing into the North Tower. Of course it’s strange that they would capture the first plane going in and celebrate it. They were arrested and were obliged to take lie detector tests, which they failed, but were set free by Michael Chertoff. Back in Israel, they appeared on a talk-show where one mentioned that they were there to document the event. So they came all the way from Israel to America and just happened to be in a position to film the first plane crashing? What timing!

The dancing Israelis on 911


I mentioned 7/7 earlier. It so happened that the terrorist attacks in London on 7th July 2005 occurred one day after the announcement that London got the bid for the 2012 Olympic Games. I hardly think this is a coincidence especially since there is evidence that Mossad was responsible.

A few minutes before the attack, Scotland Yard warned the Israeli Embassy in London that there was an impending attack. The embassy in turn contacted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was in London at the time to attend a conference next to the Liverpool Tube Station where the first bomb went off, to warn him to stay in his hotel.



On 9-11, the World Trade Center was shut down one week-end a week prior to the attacks. It was an unprecedented move one that completely baffled Gary Corbett, former employee of Fiduciary Trust Company International. He said it was shut down for approximately 24 to 36 hours from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. It is because of this that the security broke down. The security cameras were off and the security locks were inoperable resulting in anybody coming and going as they pleased. Bomb sniffer dogs were also removed.

Another former employee World Trade Center employee corroborated this:

“You have to understand how unprecedented the power down was. To shutdown all of our financial systems, all inter-related and with connections and feeds to may outside vendors and suppliers was a major piece of work. Additionally, the power outage meant that many of the ‘ordinary’ building features were not operating, such as security locks on doors, cameras, lighting, etc.”

Despite attacks to contact the 9-11 Commission and Port Authority, Scott said he never received a response to why there was a power shutdown. The 9-11 Commission was never investigated this.

London maintenance for Olympics

Similarly, it was reported in June this year that the London Underground warned that there would be disruptions on the Central Line because of a burst water main. It caused flooding in Stratford station. The Central Line remained suspended for at least 32 hours. It also so happens that the Central Line runs directly under the Olympic Stadium.

Furthermore, in July 2005, the London Development Agency recruited a contractor to construct 12 kilometres of tunnels to accommodate underground power-lines across the Olympic Park and in 2006, contractors prepared the Olympic Park for redevelopment.


Could a nuclear bomb have been planted then or even removed if the terrorist attack was cancelled? It so reminded me that the World Trade Center elevators were modernized 9 months prior to 9-11. A.C.E Elevators worked on the elevators and elevators shafts up to the day of the attacks. They had access to the entire inner core of the twin towers.

The personnel appeared to know the towers would collapse. Those who were on duty that day disappeared despite them having the responsibility that the elevator engineers help rescue personnel address elevator issues. Judging by the police officers and fire-fighters that raced into the buildings, they had no idea the buildings would fall and rightfully so. However, the A.C. E. personnel had other ideas.


In order for a terrorist attack to seem plausible and not raise suspicion by the real perpetrators, terrorists use propaganda techniques to brainwash people to think in a certain way prior to the attacks. One way to do this is to provide an explanation how such a terrorist attack could happen at the Olympics and in this case it would be to blame poor security.

Investigative journalist Lee Hazledean trained undercover as a security guard for the London Olympics private security firm G4S. Lee is a filmmaker and investigative TV journalist. He has also been involved in major stories on the IRA and how British Army infiltrated the organisation and carried out false flag operations. He posed as a terrorist with knives, etc, and waltzed right past security. The security firm is G4S. It has been an embarrassing scandal as reported in “The Sun”.

Eventually a whistleblower, Lee most likely, came on the news to reveal this shocking lack of security. Sniffer dogs were meant to search for explosives as the Olympic Park but was never carried out. This was supposed to stop terrorists smuggling a bomb into the site in a vehicle which was supposed to be detonated.

Should a terrorist attack have happened, G4S would have been blamed for allowing Al Qaeda to smuggle bombs into the stadium. It would give an explanation how it could have happened. People asked a similar question? How could 9-11 have happened? NORAD and the FAA were deemed incompetent.

It also gave an excuse to draft in 5000 military troops to fill the gap because G4S had admitted it could not provide the contracted 10 400 guards. They had seven years to sort this out yet the security was a mess. This ties in to what I am about to explain next.


Great “surprise” was expressed that no incident, or even a very serious terrorist attack, happened at the Olympic Games. Commentators marveled at the fact that there were largely unarmed officers and soldiers on display and with no visible paramilitary elements.

So before the Olympic Games, there were missiles installed on rooftops and thousands of just so that the officers and soldiers can go around unarmed during the Olympics?

"It was a golden opportunity for al Qaeda," said Noman Benotman, a senior analyst at Britain's Quilliam Foundation think tank. "But what happened was that al Qaeda failed to organise and execute an incident. They had plenty of time to plan and prepare, but they just could not manage it."

Al Qaeda can organize the worst terrorist attack on US soil on 911 which took extreme coordination and planning yet waltzing past bad security was a problem? It was more of “The Global Elite” missed a golden opportunity.


One way to try and mar the credibility of conspiracy theorists is to mock their particular theories. Some may be aware that there was a theory going around that aliens would attack the Olympic Games. I mentioned the alien aspect in previous hubs but I didn’t believe it would happen. This conspiracy theory sounds ridiculous, true or not, so obviously this one was used by the mainstream media to ridicule conspiracy theories. It is worth pondering why the mainstream media never brought up the nuclear attack conspiracy as best to my knowledge. Is it because they didn’t want people’s attention to be drawn from a real proposed attack?

So we can see that the Global Elite thought certain things would happen and they have inside knowledge that didn’t materialize. Are things continuously postponed for exactly the right time?

As for the Olympic Games, one can entertain the idea of it being a psy-op. However, the evidence suggests that too much effort went into planning an attack. It appears very unlikely that so much preparation went into it with the sole purpose of discrediting conspiracy theorists. What is irrefutable, however, is that the whole Paralympics and Olympics were a Satanic initiation.


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