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Wasted and Wasteful

Updated on May 13, 2015

Recently, I stepped in to help a friend with trash duty; if someone gets caught using electronics during school hours, they get lunch trash duty. While watching the empty, hollow can slowly fill up, I was appalled to notice at how thoughtless and wasteful people were; well, considering the age range of 14-18 for my case.

Unopened packages of food just tossed, ready to decay and be sent to an incinerator ending its hidden and fickle life, while others across the prime meridian would tear off their limbs for simply a crumpet of the wasted meal to ease the unbearable pains of their stomach.
It's one thing to throw away food that's gone ill , or throw it out to decompose or be scavenged by outdoor critters, but to simply waste the product of investments of time, money, energy and labor? How ignorantly careless people can be.

Energy is already reaching an apogee of scarcity, and factors of production: water, land, electricity, are concurrently waning as well.
Uneaten apple, simply thrown into the cylindrical black abyss, not giving a second thought to salvage it for later, or maybe offer it to someone who has nothing to eat.
A Ziplock bag full of walnuts, tossed with a nescient smile; did it ever cross a mind of how much time and water it took to harvest those nuts? Any consideration to the nutrients' soil depletion turned to vain because of one careless act? Guess not.

Not only is there neither any sensibility for the waste of food and energy, nor for the welfare of others, but I guess none for one's money either? It seems there's truth in the saying "what's not yours isn't your problem"; it's not like the value a dollar can buy is depreciating while the amount of labor for the same value becomes more burdensome or anything.

The stress of social pressure is ridiculous; I wanted so badly to simply pick the wasted food out of the trash and toss it back at the culprit; maybe then they're realize the worth of their waste. Yet, considering the social norms, such an act would have only exonerated my point, leading it to being further ridiculed, and probably by a wider audience.
It's honestly just so awful to have so much waste and carelessness while the times are on a strain for sustainability.

There are 805 million people starving in the world, and 2.6 million of them are children; while some pampered folks may tarnish a perfectly well package of Oreos, there are some who've never even been able to experience the delicacy taken for granted.

I realize not all can be salvaged, but there are certain things that can; and there needs to be someone to stand up and spread notice

It's up to the future generations to set things right, but if these sort of people compose the subsequent generations bearing the future, then frankly, I'm quite worried.

Is there truly a way to limit wastefulness? Comment thoughts below.

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