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Ways Politicians Screw Societies Around the World

Updated on September 10, 2017
Endy Noble profile image

Endy writes on politics, political myths and social issues. He has BSc degre from Kogi State University. Life goal: To become a Strategist


It’s ridiculous how most of us embrace the idea that politicians can solve our problems. This belief has created and given politicians edge to manipulate us and get away with evil and corrupt practices. Going by present day fraternising among politicians and the political class. There is this fear the world might soon become a corporately operated political party system. Saddening enough, common folks on the street has come to embrace the idea of political parties to an extent of owning or belonging to one; whereas their interest is not incorporated into the party's agenda. We don’t seem to understand the damage done by politicians in the name of a party. This article examines top monstrous ways politicians destroy our societies.

Political Parties

Creation of ‘Political Cult’ called Party

The history of political parties dated back to the late 1600s, as a result of developments in democracy. In the United States, for instance, it dated back to the 17th century. The USA congress signed into law in 1787 the parties system of government. The first party is the Democratic Party, founded in 1828 by Andrew Jackson. Her today’s rival, the Republican Party (GOP), was founded in 1854 by the Northern anti-slavery activists and modernizers. As democracy continues to spread, more countries embraced the party system of electing leaders.

Most political parties in days of formation were objects which promised to liberate and serve the people. But in long run, politicians highjack them from the people they promised to liberate, and serve; oppressing the same people while enriching themselves. One thing most of us who believed in democracy and parties as an instrument of electing leaders don't know is that parties are cults which make us feel belonged, at the same time uses us as sacrificial animals. Politicians only use them to serve their interest—promote a lifestyle of avarice and make them more politically powerful. They're able to divide people along political party. Common people who own political party, fight and defend politicians, while politicians across parties fraternise dubiously stealing resources. The people hate each other in the name of parties. Of course, this only gives the common people something to fight themselves over so they no longer care what politicians do.

Political cabalism

A cabal, small group of people involved in secret plans to get political power at all cost. In most countries of the world, cabals now control the political scene. They fund politicians to become the godfather of the government; gain access seat of power and over-inflated projects, which in most cases don’t get done. But because politicians are beholden to them, they go unquestioned.

We hear of Halliburton and Panama's white paper scandals involving politicians of different countries. We hear them every day, yet, no one gets punished for them. No one goes to jail.

Cabals are now more powerful than the constitutions. The laws can shift ground as long as the cabals are involved. Such a double standard!

48 Laws of Power

The 48 Laws of Power
The 48 Laws of Power

"The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers is a book that set the stage for understanding of the present political dispensation. Although publish in 1998 by the Penguin Group. It's still relevant is filled with secrets of political conspiracies. I enjoyed the read.


Use of Media to Misinform the Masses

In an age when information is golden, people rely heavily on mass media such as TV, DStv and News Media—print, e-reports, radio and television. Most of these outfits have been high-jacked, bought and paid for by politicians; and used as tools for political propaganda. No thanks to envelope Journalists who accept money believing it's everything. Money is considered more important than life. It's no news the world has become a theatre of gossip where propaganda, rumors and lies spread like bushfire.

A factor that promotes this damaging use of media by politicians is a fact that people patronize political news. Therefore a high percentage of news reported covers political matters and politicians leaving out core human values. This further promoted because the future of all of us depends on the policies made by politicians. Politicians having achieved power through marketing of lies, deceits, propaganda and blackmail capitalize on more lies to maintain it. They now believe the best way to run government is through propaganda. The effect is a culminated misinformation, confusion and accumulation of non-discerning masses—people that cannot decipher propaganda from truths. This has reduced and relegated true representation to the background.

Irrational Spending or impulsive borrowing

Naturally, in families and organizations where there are values. The fathers or founders pride themselves in leaving behind properties and valuable assets. The system is, however, the political system of governance. Every successive government or political administration leaves behind debts for next generation. Most governments in the world today are heavily indebted. Governments proudly go on borrowing expenditures—taking loans they’ve no intention to pay back before the expiration of tenure. The reckless thing is these loans are not used to build or maintain infrastructural developments. They’re used to fund political interest and to acquire more powers—leaving behind debts for generations of children and grandchildren. This idea is contrary to our ideal and elementary knowledge of leadership.

As citizens, when the future is mortgaged by politicians, what's left of our most psychological need—self-expression? What value has a slave or a debtor? None I guess! That’s the level politicians reduce nations through the irrational and wasteful spending of both generated and borrowing resources. They aggrandized to sustain and live luxurious lifestyles. They can afford to mortgage the future to sustain and maintain flamboyant and wasteful lifestyles.

The Prince Nicolo Machiavelli

The Prince
The Prince

Great book! Great expositions. I love this book.


Political or Sectional Divisiveness

Which group of people really reminds us of our races or skin colours? Who reminds us of our religion, tribe, sex or genders? Do we care about this stuff when we go to markets to buy or sell? I don’t think we do. We become aware of our hair and nose types only when it's time to electing political leaders. They sell these sectional ideas to us so they can win our votes.

During electioneering campaigns, they pointed out to us the misogynists, racists and religious bigots, yet, they cannot point to us those sponsoring terrorism. But once they win elections and settle into offices, they immediately reconcile behind closed doors. No one gets punished. They fraternised to abuse offices, the people, loot public funds and leave behind generational debts—debts huge enough to last many generations. They no longer quarrel over sectional issues. There are no longer Christians, pagans, Muslims, Hindus, atheist and Ginny (Green teeth’s) worshippers. They suddenly become one; lying liars. Are they for us? Can they solve our problems? Are they interested in uniting or sectionalizing us to achieve their self-seeking interest? Obviously, they're the real problems.

Thuggery and crowd renting

Thuggery is a mechanism invented by politicians to take power from the people. It’s a special means through which taxpayer’s money is syphoned to rent violent machinery, equip, special interest groups and wolves to unleash mayhem on the poor and helpless masses.

Thuggery strives in developing democracy while crowd renting is new trends in the advanced democracy. Fraudulent and unpatriotic citizens are rented and equipped for thuggery and protest rallies at campaign venues of political opponents. In some developing countries, even state owned forces are deployed as machinery by politicians against the people. They're used to wreak havoc on the masses. They work against the very people they ought to protect. Instead of for the state, they work for individuals.

The Trump's campaign rally syndrome is a handy example. It’s typical of how politicians invent anarchy. “'Rent a Crowd' Company admits politicians use their service”,

Blackmailing of Opponents

Is it new that politicians have become petty houseflies looking for garbage to feed upon? Not at all! They fix their proboscis and perch on every available mess. 99.9% of politicians around world—developed and developing countries see these as effective tools. Sad that's the reality of our days. Surprisingly, countries which should be ‘World mirrors’ shares in perch on debris thing. What are they teaching their followers? What are they teaching their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren? Just the same thing that’s hurting countries and the world? Is that what followers should learn from their leaders; and children, grandchildren and great grandchildren from their parents? Definitely, not a healthy way to go.

History revealed the first ever blackmail was politically motivated. That’s how terrible politicians are leading us off good values. They do the very direct opposite of what they ought not to be doing.

Political Justice System

Manipulation of Justice System

What makes countries strong and prosperous? What confers sovereignty on nations? Aren't the laws, the constitutions and the justice system? Agencies saddled with these responsibilities of administering justice are clones in the hand of politicians. Most law enforcements and federal judges are now tools in the hands of politicians. They've become chronic favour seeking entities; overlook consequences of breaking laws when the political class are involved. This has led to people losing confidence in justice systems and taking laws into their hands.

This same has led to brooding of terror and violence. We must understand politicians manipulate and use the misguided fellows among us as an instrument to highjack power and loot nations' wealth. Some-worth, justice and equality before the law which is one of the most important identities of any country have become a reserve. If a few continue to manipulation the justice system because they've the means, positions and power. Then there will be anarchy—the exact thing that is happening today.

Worst, we can’t hold them accountable. The institutions have been taken and insulting our collective human intelligence. We fight ourselves to defend politicians. What a mess? Why should we defend them at all? Why should we give them reasons to aggrandize? Why can't we stand together as a people? All the answers are simple! They give us a non-existing sense of belonging to fill our empty voids—a party that never protect us; a Constitution that says, "We are equal" but never applies; a media that promise information but misinforms; and the petty fabricated story of blackmail—something to keep busy in gossip.

If we keep our needs as human as a basis for agitations, the politicians should be our enemies—they're the people we should fight in order to preserve our dignity. But we're pretty very forgetful. We leave important issues to discuss unimportant ones. We bad-mouth people's private lives instead of demanding rights. And what happens? They laugh away with wealth to maintain their luxuries lives.

How I wish we understand these things? Then, we could have a more ordered system.

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© 2017 Ajodo Endurance Uneojo

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    • Endy Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      Ajodo Endurance Uneojo 

      12 months ago from Lokoja, Nigeria.

      MaddockK123, Like you said, the article might be opinionated. It, however, covers the reality in most countries.

      Look at USA,

      Look at Britain,

      Look at Nigeria,

      I can go on but the stories are similar if not the same. I think politicians are the real problems.

      Go through the article again and relate it to live situations in your country or other countries around.

      I hope this way you will find this opinionated article resonating so much realities.

      Thanks for stopping-by . Nice having you here.


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