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We Are Moral Hypocrites To Assist Our Surrogates That Are Warring Against Syria's Bashar al-Assad...

Updated on June 14, 2013

We Are Moral Hypocrites To Assist Our Surrogates That Are Warring Against Syria's Bashar al-Assad…

We were told by the Obama administration yesterday that the Syrian regime, as led by President Bashar al-Assad, had crossed the threshold or ‘redline’ because the Syrian dictator had, apparently, used Chemical Weapons on his people, including children, recently in his prosecution of the ongoing Civil war. This ‘including children’ part of the verbiage is supposed to drive the moral point home and stir us into action - but is Bashar al-Assad any different from us, including President Obama or President Clinton, the latter who is egging us on to assist our proxies to do our war bidding in the Syrian theatre? There are indeed terrible atrocities being perpetrated on the Syrian people, including its innocent children, but any more so than the murdering of children we are engaging through Abortion since 1973… I have a headline for you President Obama, President Clinton, and the United States: simply because Bashar al-Assad does his murdering of babies within the confines of a civil war and by way of the weapons of war… does not make him less of a murderer than both President Obama and President Clinton, both of whom are wholeheartedly vocal supporters for those of us who believe or have engaged in State sponsored murder of our Unborn children.

During the conflict in Bosnia and the Clinton Presidency, we assisted those who were fighting against the murderous regime that was engaged in genocide - a fact many a Muslim seem to forget today. We saw the sickening, bloody pictures depicting the slaughter of entire villages because these victims belonged to certain ethnic groups and said pictures guilt us into action and President Clinton was at the ‘bully pulpit’ compelling us that it was the moral thing to do then in Bosnia. Circa 2013, President Clinton is noising his support for President Obama to do the ‘moral’ thing in Syria because of Assad’s use of chemical weapons on innocents - do not get me wrong, I am not sanctioning the violence being done against the innocents in Syria, as carried out on the orders of President Bashar al-Assad… but we cannot hold ourselves out as a beacon of morality.

In our Bible, King David murdered a man name Uriah by placing him in the area of the war where the latter would likely meet his demise and he did and God rightfully deemed King David of murderer… do we think that President Obama and President Clinton and all of us who have embraced Roe v. Wade, the legal opinion that officially gave us license to kill babies, are not guilty of the millions we have murdered so far… incidentally, much, much, more than the 100000 or so innocents that have died in the Syrian civil war and at the hands of President Bashar al-Assad. I expect the Obama administration or the United Nations or some humanitarian group to anytime now show us the bloody images of dead women and children…all of those who died at the hands of President Bashar al-Assad, but I wished that I too could show you the same sickening bloody images of the 50 million or so and counting Aborted babies, but alas, the powers at HubPages would not allow me to do so nor would most of you perusing this blog would want to see such gruesome images.

I too would like to guilt many of you who believe or on the sidelines on the issue of Abortion and show you how hypocritical we are in judging leaders like President Bashar al-Assad. Many of us are going to weigh in on whether we should intervene in the Syrian conflict and besides our conspicuous moral hypocrisy, there are other reasons why intervening in the Syrian theatre are fraught with danger: weapons given to the rebels - many of whom are hostile to America and are al Qaeda - to fight the Syrian regime will come back to haunt us and kill our men and women, and moreover, those same weapons may in the future may be used by terrorists to bring down civilian airliners. To circle back to the main theme of the blog, just like how the Biblical King David thought that because he killed Uriah in secret, but was judged to be a murderer… so too we think that because Abortions are done in private and that said murders of babies are done under the auspices of the law of the land… that we are not going to be held guilty for all those million of murders….


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