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We Are Woman: Rally in Washington, D.C. August 18, 2012

Updated on October 3, 2013
Poster for Rally in Washington
Poster for Rally in Washington | Source

This Saturday August 18, women from all over the nation are coming together to stand on the West front lawn of the Capitol Building to protest women’s rights and equality. Between 10am and 4pm, women of all shapes, sizes, and races will stand with their umbrellas, painted with messages for liberty and equal rights for women, and peacefully ask Congress to stop its war against women. “Since November 2010, over 1,100 pieces of legislation have been introduced that have nothing to do with jobs or the economy or solving any real problems in America. These 1,100 pieces of legislation are all about one thing: ending women’s rights as we know them. Birth control, health care, the right to choose, attaching stigmas to single mothers, reducing or eliminating WIC, SNAP, and Medicare: All of these have been the focus of the new Congress and State legislatures.” [1] We Are Woman is not alone in its belief for a change.

Many speakers, performers, and organizations will be in attendance including: Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women (NOW), the National Council of Women’s Organization (which includes 200 women’s organizations and 10 million members), and CODEPINK, a grassroots peace and social justice movement to end U.S. supported wars. The founders of this rally, We Are Woman, are a grassroots organization working toward reproductive freedom, equal pay, and the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. Most of these groups are striving for the same goals, especially the passage of the ERA.

The ERA could be the 28th amendment if it is ratified by 38 states and 2/3 of Congress. At this point, it has already passed Congress and only needs 3 more states to ratify it to become a full amendment. While there is no time limit for this to happen, some Congress members are trying to change that and pass other laws in the process.

The GOP is trying to pass “personhood” laws that would make miscarriage and birth control pills a crime. Women would have no choice but to carry the child to term even if they were raped or their life were in danger. This is because “the GOP think we lack the mental faculties to visualize the biological process of pregnancy without a fuzzy picture to guide us” and “might need a doctor to help sort out whether or not she was actually violated.”[2]

Women need to speak out now and let it be known that we have rights and we are strong and intelligent. If we can be expected to take care of our children and work outside of the home to pay the bills, we understand how to take care of our bodies and our lives. We do not need to be told how to and deserve the same respect and treatment as men.

If you would like more information about women's causes and current events, please follow the "" links and check out the main page.

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© 2012 Christine Buenemann


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    • DarkMuse13 profile image

      Christine Buenemann 5 years ago from Saint Louis, Mo

      I do too. I hope it is going well right now!

    • TeaPartyCrasher profile image

      TeaPartyCrasher 5 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

      Wish I could be there!