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We Need Something Akin To A Carthaginian Peace To Deal With Terrorism....

Updated on November 17, 2015

We Need Something Akin To A Carthaginian Peace To Deal With Terrorism....

I am almost certain that, at this juncture, France has suffered their mini version of 911. To that disturbing end, as I write, well over a hundred have died at the hands of terrorists in multiple attacks in the country that hosts the City-of-Lights. It must be noted and underscored that no country in Europe is more supportive of Muslim Immigrants than France, yet that humanitarian posture did not spare the French from the cruel bloodletting perpetrated, as being reported, by alleged Muslim jihadists. The question that begs itself, if the reports are true, is what of the refugees that have poured in and those thinking of coming to Europe from areas of the war-torn Middle East? All those refuges who came into Europe in the previous months must be prudently looked upon as proverbial Trojan terrorist horses, especially, because many of these recent refugees were not vetted… giving credence to the old adage that the road to Hell is paved with good Politically Correct intentions.

No ‘Shuttle Diplomacy’ or no one versed in the art of pacific Diplomacy can resolve this terrorist issue. The olive branch, which symbolizes peace, can be had in this fight only if all of us in the world are willing to subject ourselves to the dictates of the Jihadist religious ideology… and make no mistake, there is no Switzerland - neutral position - in this fight. In the coming days, we are going to hear the same refrain that most Muslims are peaceful people, and that may be so, but those that make up the minority of Muslims/converts who are carrying out these murders are the ones with the weapons and the intrepid, diabolical resolve to do so. The fact that many of these jihadists come from middle class families and are willing to die for their cause shows how difficult it is to combat the problem of terrorism. Another salient problem, mostly faced by secularists in the West, is their lack of understanding of the import that religion plays in the lives of Jihadists. What does one offer someone who believes that he or she is going to a glorious death for committing mass murder and a paradise with all its attendant rewards and perks… with said rewards/perks lasting forever?

I will venture to say that these recent terrorist attacks in France will probably usher in a wave of Conservative politicians, who, when elections come, will be taking office in many areas of Europe. Those of us who look at geo-politics will also look to see how the current elected politicians are going to change their respective policies vis-à-vis Middle Eastern Immigration, and, moreover, if they are going to commit to fight ISIS/Al Qaeda more aggressively in Iraq and Syria… since they (Europeans) now know that they have ‘skin’ in the proverbial game. In the mean time, the legitimate refugees, escaping persecution in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East/Africa will suffer because of these terrorist attacks in France.

In the caption of this blog, I said we need something akin to a Carthaginian Peace, which is what was employed during the Punic Wars - this war-footing posture simply means that the fight against the terrorists must be brutal and decimating. The problem is that we are, and have been fighting this war - at least since President Obama has taken office - hampered by Political Correctness and wanting the world to like us. In the interim, the terrorists have been bringing the fight to us and the images we are seeing now on the Tele will become a constant. Incidentally, those of us who are living in America, do not think, for one moment, that we are safe… because it is a foregone, sobering conclusion that there are sleeper terrorist cells here. We can only hope that the powers that be allow us to fight without our hands being tied behind our backs; and for the sake of the collective, it behooves us to take needed lessons from the Israelis….


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 2 years ago from New York

      Now that is indeed Carthaginian!

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 2 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      If the terrorists had access to nuclear weapons is there any doubt they would use them? Instead of giving Iran a "pathway to the bomb" as this administration wants to do we should be using tactical nukes to destroy them and Isis and anyone else who even gives terrorism lip service - guess what, zero American military fatalities and guaranteed instant end to terrorism - the collateral damage will not be of western allies but the so called "innocents" who won't stand up to the terrorists themselves in their own countries and will be far less than the millions of Americans who will be killed in the future once Iran (or any terrorists for that matter) gets access to the bomb.

      A "simple solution" which we all know are two words that are not in any politician's vocabulary. We've used the nuke to end war before, time to use a strategy that works again.