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We the voters will remember

Updated on September 17, 2015

The results of the Iran vote in Congress leaves or at least the current status leaves much to be desired. The American people and more importantly the voters have been against this agreement which is what President Obama has called it. The details and the manner in which it was negotiated points to a treaty rather than an agreement. Putting a name on this kind of activity does not change what it really is an attempt to sidestep congressional authority according to the Constitution.

There has been much information or the lack of it associated with the entire details of this activity. From all reports some agreements have been made separate from what has been given to Congress yet there are those who have supported this agreement as it is called without knowing the entire details. It is like not reading legislation before casting a vote. The American people are fed up with this kind of attitude and those who voted to support this activity may find themselves on the outside looking in when the results of the next election are known.

Iran has constantly made threats not only against us as a country but our ally Israel. They have made the statement Israel will not exist in 25 years yet votes to sustain a veto was not achieved because supporting their political party not the American people/voters was more important. It is hoped that this will not be the last attempt by Congress to block this agreement. While the Senate has the authority to say yes or no to any deal of this magnitude the House of Representatives does have the ability to take action on its own and it is hoped they will.

It is currently uncertain what action the House of Representatives will take but court action to place an injunction to prevent its implementation is one of the decisions which may be taken. We are a government of three branches the Executive, the Judicial and the legislative branches respectfully. If one part of the legislative body does not take the necessary action or make the right decision it is up to the other to take whatever action or options they have at their disposal. The Iran deal as the details have been provided not to mention the agreements that have not been presented must be stopped. Congress needs to get a backbone and take the necessary action. If one political party supports this deal which is bad not only for us as a country but the world we must make them pay come election time. If they are bent on supporting their political party not the American people and the country they should not be in office. They are not living up to the oath of office which they have taken.

The impact of this agreement will be felt for years and while a new President may take action to dissolve some aspects will already be in place when a new President takes office. One of the points made about this agreement is that a new President will be responsible for implementing the details. Here again the mistakes of one President is put on the soldiers of another to fix. Another interesting aspect of the countries participating in the negotiations is that you did not see any country such as Israel involved. In addition to our ally the Arab countries were all left out and they will more directly feel the impact of the actions Iran will be able to implement with this agreement.

Actions or the lack of them involving decisions made by Congress has been met with unfavorable opinions by the public for the job they are doing. It is hoped that after the next election results that there will be new efforts by those newly elected including the President to finally address the critical issues facing our country. Actions on this Iran deal need to be taken by Congress now by whatever options they have to prevent this agreement with Iran from going forward. The Senate appears to not have the support to take such action as individuals are supporting their political party rather than making the right decision. They feel this one decision will not impact their reelection to the Senate. We the voters must make sure they pay for their mistake. Sometimes one decision can impact the decisions by voters to not return individuals to Congress. I feel this is one of those times. In addition to this topic there are others which should impact sending individuals back to Congress. One of them is the issue with Planned Parenthood but that is a subject for another article.


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