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The Abuse Of Power

Updated on June 30, 2017

The president of the united states is expected to maintain honor integrity and not compromise the safety of the people and our nation. The president has not lived up to the oath that he took when he raised his right hand up to serving our people and America. The president is one of the most powerful men in the world this has given Trump the idea that he is exempt to laws created for all Americans. Donald Trump behavior is outrageous, careless, horrendous and dangerous. Trump believes that there are no consequence's for his actions. President Trump has no idea what it's takes to run this country because he has no experience in politics.

Donald Trump is a salesman who tells his supporters what they want to hear, in Indianapolis he promised the Carrier plant he was working out a deal for employee, the end of the year 600 employees will be laid off.

Donald has no integrity or honor It took 43 days for president Trump to Omit to the American and people' I did not make and do not have "Comey" tapes. Will Trump play with the safety of our Country?

Trump is neither Republican or Democrat he is the problem of so many whites who voted him in office thinking a Billionaire with no experience could bring this country together.

In small Town Hall no choice of color just whites who are praising and making excuses for President Trump. He gave Americans a bad health care bill, and his supports believes he cares, Trump exposited women and they understand , Trump involvement with Russia and his supporters doesn't care, Trump constantly lies and tweet untruth and they justify his behavior.

Donald Trump is unpredictable outrageous and will never put America first because he plays by his own rules. Trump has to realize that he is not on stage playing a role, he has the lives of millions of America in his hands. President is a danger to America and the people. What will be the faith of America with Donald Trump as President.


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