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What Color Is Your Skin And What Does That Mean Anyway?

Updated on January 8, 2016

Are You Light Skinned or Dark Skinned?

Did you ever think really hard about the color of your skin and what it means? This seems to have some sort of baring on how other people might perceive us to be. It is as if our color regulates what is happening on the inside of our self. Like our coloring somehow dictates what is up with our brain function, our spirituality and so forth. Skin color is one of the most dominating things about our appearance. Unlike, hair, nails, weight or, a lack of it, our skin covers the majority of our appearance. The details do not matter so much it is the color of the skin that stands out amongst the whole.

We can alter the color to slight degrees by actively seeking the sun on our skin or by avoiding the pigment changing process of the sun all together. This would be about the only way to change the color of our skin naturally. I do feel that our food might play a lesser role in our coloring but not to the extent of a measurable change in the person. That is if skin coloring actually does have some baring on who we are and what we stand for. So what color would you call your self? Are you a light skinned person or a dark skinned one?

What Sound Do You Make And Does It Have Any Bearing On Who You Are?

Does noise come out of you? Is that noise a pleasing sound or does it make people want to turn your volume down? Do you make harsh, loud, shrill, creepy, scratchy sounds? Is your noise one from the excepted versions of noise or do you belong to the that the mainstream people consider to be abrasive by nature? Are you a natural sound or some kind of a fake? What kind of sound do you consider to be acceptable?

Maybe your sound is not noise maybe it is the sound of music or the sound of wind. I have heard some who come across as music when first heard only to find out later that they were not music at all. What I thought was music was actually more of a whistling sound. I have heard some that can only groan and then there are the grunts, the screechiest the screamers and the squalls. What is your sound? Is that a family gift or do you have the ability to be making any kind of noise you want? Does the noise you make define who you are?

Are You Textured Or Smooth?

Maybe you are smooth on the outside and rough on the inside. That could be the norm in the south and then it might be considered strange in the east. Does your texture matter? In the west you will fit in better if you are coarse to the touch. I think the female gender might like you best if you are hard and the male gender would prefer if you were made of a silky substance or one that feels like fleece.

Does the texture you are determine the amount of compassion you have within your being? It could have something to do with your social status. The soft ones are rich and the hard ones are poor. The smooth ones are politicians and the rough ones are laborers. Does any of this really make any reason for what any of us are looking like? What about your aroma?

Are You A Smart Smeller?

Does distinct odor come at the top of the list or the bottom when you are contemplating who you are? Does your sleeping quarters smell like a locker room? If it does, does that make you a good person or a bad one? Maybe your car smells like beer cans, maybe you do not have a car. It could be that bicycle you are driving smells like hot buttered popped corn.

Do you like the smell of popped corn? Maybe you have never smelled it before, so the smell is not one you are accustomed to. Maybe you only like the smell of flowers and if anyone smells like flowers than they are welcome around you but if they smell like popped corn they need to keep a good distance.

Do You Think You Have Good Taste?

What we like the taste of can probably be considered a deciding factor in who we really are. I bet you never thought about that. If you did you probably think too much. So do you like the sour taste or are you a sweet eater?Is it the taste in your mouth that counts or is it the one in your mind that has the tightest grip?

Do You Have Anything To Do With What Is Going On In This World?

You are not smooth you are rough so you do not like the smooth ones. You are dark skinned so you only want to be around other dark ones. You make grunting sounds and can not tolerate the sound of whistling. Let the whistlers keep to the left. The ones on the right are lighter. The ones on top are the best and the bottom ones are only good for war or waiters.

What about that war? Who started it. It is not my war. Why do I have to pay for it.? I say let the politicians fight the war and we can all sit back and make music. The red ones can be the middle ones and the green ones can all stay at the bottom. We can make all the pink ones go first and the purple ones will have to go last. The short ones can not see. The tallest ones should be at the back and the skinny ones to the left.

Wait a minute, the left ones are trying to take over the smelly ones location. This is not working the way they planned it. Who are they to make all of the plans anyway? Let the planners fight the war.The top ones can go next and the bottom ones can set on top for a change. Put the back ones on the left and the right ones on the inside. Go green and you will be a winner. Don't be blue.


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    • profile image

      Sanxuary 14 months ago

      I think from a human perspective that you have no wisdom if you allow discrimination and do think that your own rules will not be used against you someday. That someone is to brown or perhaps to native to be saved or allowed to worship your God in any house. To believe that we had a choice when we were born to determine who we are. That your shoes are so nice that you will never wear the shoes of someone else. its very sad that so many people are so un-wise.

    • janshares profile image

      Janis Leslie Evans 5 years ago from Washington, DC

      Very interesting read, C.S.Alexis. Point well made and well-taken about how we categorize, judge, and therefore, stereotype each other. My next hub touches on this subject. Thank you for your perspective. Voted up and interesting.

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 6 years ago from NW Indiana


      I really feel that most of the ugliness is taught and conditioned from childhood and stems from fear of the unknown. Happy you enjoyed.

    • profile image

      ShirlW 6 years ago

      At the end of the day we all have identical hearts that beat the same red blood don't we. Too bad what lies within differs so much from heart to heart.

      Enjoyed my visit here, thanks for the invite.

    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 6 years ago from Oakland, California

      Interesting points to ponder.

    • profile image

      Skin care 8 years ago

      coooooooool hub.

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana

      SweetiePie, Thanks for stopping in.

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      Very well thought out hub C.S. I always appreciate your unique take on things.

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana

      A good quote, indeed! C.S.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      One of my favorite movie qoutes is from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, "Nobility is not a birth right, it is defined by our actions."

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana


      So many would never want to be defined by their actions. They do speak loud and clear. You are so right!


      Hey there. You know it! Thanks for commenting, C.S.

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 9 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      we are who we are...color . size. features..Our hearts show on our sleeves..God Bless each one..Thanks for a sweet hub...G-Ma :o) hugs

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      CS- I've heard that one, too. I'll give you the same reply I gave them: It DOESN'T define who I am... anymore than any other part of my body does. My actions define who I am.

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana


      I considered it being chopped many years ago and decided to keep the nose. That decision was based on the input of a friend. Mary was the only granddaughter of Sam Colt. She was very wealthy and came to live where I was working. She said. "Ducky, never cut off your heritage it defines who you are" I listened. Very cool woman she was.

      I say suit yourself Constant. Good Luck! whatever you decide. C.S.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      You're welcome, C.S. I feel what you're saying about the nose. You can't see it from my HP picture but I've got the MAJOR Indian (Geronimo, not Gandhi) nose, In fact, if I'm allowed to (regarding recent head injuries) I'm looking to get it fixed!

      Yes, I said it!!! RHINOPLASTY That term pretty much says it all, doesn't it? I don't care it it's "my heritage" or "gives me personality" or anything else. It's BIG. Period. And its time has come...

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana

      I am a mix similar to you and my skin sounds like yours too. Guess that native blood has a thing with the sun. I had an elderly women make a suggestion about what ethnic race my nose was from....I feel where you are coming from Constant. Glad you enjoyed this hub, Thank you for sharing here. C.S.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      CS- Interesting hub. I loved the "What sounds do you make" part. Lots of room for humor there, eh? I'm iraqouis, German and Scottish, and the American Indian blood gave my skin a light "olive" coloring. I've always thought of myself as white as can be (although I tan really easily) but can see that my skin always has more color when it's against another's who is "white," even the whitest parts. I cooked in a hospice for a couple years and one of the elderly women there told me I was "ethnic looking." I'll always remember that because one, it was the first time I'd heard that said about me, and two, it changed the way I see myself.

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana


      Getting real is right, and it can be so much fun!!!!though it is also a challenge. Thanks for commenting Coach. C.S.

    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 9 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      Great use of the absurd to make your points about racism and prejudice. We can't afford to be closed minded anymore. It's time to move on and get real. Also feel free to see how I try to help others in new ways too. Sincerely: Gary Eby, author and therapist.

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana


       I am glad that this kept your attention. I do hope it stimulated some sort of emotion too! Thank you for reading and commenting. C.S.

      Shades of Gray,

      I am not so sure that this is any kind of insight but I do know that I am so sick of how people get judged by others that I sometimes think we should declare war on the negative stuff. Two wrongs equal something! Glad you stopped to put in your good word. I hope i get lots of viewers for this one. C.S.

    • Shades of Gray profile image

      Shades of Gray 9 years ago from Valley of the Sun - Arizona

      Thank you for your insight.

    • marisuewrites profile image

      marisuewrites 9 years ago from USA

      Good way to point out that we are all different and arguing about the differences would not change who we are.

      Kept my attention!! good job!=))


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