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What Does It Mean to “Act American?”

Updated on August 29, 2019
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Vivian observes life and culture and offers truthful insights to introduce balance and normalcy to the crazed sectors of society.

What does it mean to act American? If you’re a true patriot, the answer is so obvious you might wonder why anyone would pose the question.

Remember when we all understood you were born either male or female and couldn’t pick your gender? This wasn’t our collective opinion, but a biological fact. Still, the Left defies science by encouraging the mentally ill and gender confused to refer to themselves by inventive pronouns Dr. Seuss would admire.

No matter what side of the political aisle we choose, our shared Americanism has united us throughout the ages, which is why the Left is on a rampage to destroy it.

Americanism Has Nothing to Do With Race and Ethnicity

America was once a melting pot--a place where legal immigrants came to work hard, achieve the American dream, live and worship freely, salute the same flag, and fight together to keep our country safe from its enemies. We weren’t hyphenated Americans. We were just Americans.

No matter where we came from, we morphed into a collective people who were proud to be citizens of the greatest nation on Earth. We shared a common language, cultural values, standards of morality, and pledged our allegiance to this country. Our forefathers were all men of faith who established us as one nation, under God.

Shocked by the anti-American venom coming from Congresswomen Tlaib, Omar, and Ocasio-Cortez, one Twitter used admonished them to start “acting American.” An incensed black woman replied, “What do you mean ‘act American?’ Do you mean to act white and educated?”

Americanism has nothing to do with race, skin color, or level of education. The Left frames everything around race to vilify those who would disagree with their anti-American policies.

Our country is home to people who originated from different regions throughout the world. It’s why our culture and laws equate nationality to citizenship and allegiance rather than ethnicity.

The Socialist Democratic Party refuses to acknowledge Trump’s policies have lifted more people out of poverty and provided jobs for more minorities than ever recorded in our nation’s history. Dems have failed minorities and only pander to them during election cycles.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley said Democrats don’t need any more “black faces that don’t want to be a black voice.” Democrats need minorities to remain marginalized, and they work hard to hold them down for political exploitation. Race-baiting is their favorite trick, which is why the New York Times has pledged to frame all Trump narratives with a racist slant leading into the 2020 election.

Regardless of your race and ethnicity, if you are a legal citizen and you pledge your allegiance to America through word and deed, you are “acting American.”

Patriotism and White Supremacy Are Not Synonymous

America is comprised of roughly 329,470,000 people. While not everyone voted in the 2016 election, the Left is branding all 62,979,636 who voted for Donald Trump as racists. Not only do they claim Trump and his base are racists, but anyone who donates to his campaign, works for his administration, is associated with his family, supports his policies in Congress, or shares positive stories about him in the news are white supremacists. Supporters are branded as Nazis, doxxed, and threatened. This is an unprecedented attack on voters on a personal, vicious level. Forty-seven percent of Americans approve of Trump’s job as president, according to the latest Ramussen Report. Is nearly half of America filled with that many racists and white supremacists?

Video blogging and social media duo, Diamond and Silk, say no and aptly point out that Democrats are trying to erase their party’s dark history by pinning their sins on Republicans:

“We know our history, and Democrats used White Supremacy, KKK, and White Nationalist to intimidate Black people. Republicans freed the Slaves.”

To remake America, Democrats must equate patriotism with white supremacy.

Nancy Pelosi accused Trump of “trying to make America white again.” The lying Left then created the conspiracy theory of the Great Replacement Movement, where they claim whites feel threatened by the uptick of non-whites being added to our population. This is actually called “social re-engineering,” a plot by Democrats to gain dictatorial powers through open borders. Dems beckon future compliant voters who don’t have enough blood, sweat, and tears invested in our country to care what the communists do to it.

One CNN commentator, Angela Rye, burned Republican strategist, Ben Domenech, with this zinger: “White men who think like you” are the “greatest terrorist threat in this country.” Really? Has a white man flown airplanes into buildings on our soil to kill as many people as possible and hurt the economy of this country? Has a white man in America beheaded or burned someone to death for not sharing their religious ideology? To target all conservatives as far-right white supremacists is not a realistic picture of ordinary, everyday Americans, and it reveals the desperation of the Democratic Party—it’s the angry talk of a losing team.

Patriotism is defined as the devoted love, support, and defense of one’s county, or national loyalty. When Americans display love for God and country, demand our Constitution and Bill of Rights be upheld, and pledge our national loyalty, the radical Left labels such behavior as white nationalism.

Is the Left implying that no other skin color could possibly feel patriotism? If so, that’s pretty racist.

1. Acting American Means Respecting Our Flag

You’re not surprised by footage of Iranians burning our flag while chanting, “Death to America,” but it is shocking to see an American citizen doing it in protest of some imagined injustice. Rather than peacefully assembling to voice their angst, contacting their congressmen, or creating a social media page to gather grassroots support for their cause, they resort to flag burning. This makes about as much sense as starting a forest fire to express rage against conservatives who think global warming is a hoax.

Many have fought, bled, and died to protect America under that patriotic banner of red, white, and blue. The color red represents strength and bravery; white stands for purity and innocence; and blue symbolizes vigilance, perseverance, and justice. Spitting on, burning, and desecrating our flag are not acts of bravery or means of seeking justice, nor is an athlete taking a knee during our National Anthem. These are the actions of weak and spineless thugs with no respect for the lives that were lost protecting their right to be stupid.

It’s the behavior of anarchists who create division rather than provide solutions.

Anyone spotted crossing our border waving a different flag should be regarded as an invader and deported to the nation representing the flag they prefer to salute.


2. Acting American Means Appreciating Freedom

If you were born in America, then you’ve always been free. Sometimes, we fail to appreciate our freedoms because we’ve never lived in bondage. We worship freely, speak our minds, and choose our own career paths.

The Democratic Socialist Party is the biggest threat to our freedom. They want to take 70% of your income in taxes. They want to dictate your healthcare and physician choices, how often you eat beef, what mode of transportation you can use, the jobs you can work, how your home is powered, and they want to take away your right to own guns so you won’t revolt when you realize they’ve transformed America into a communist country under their dictatorial rule.

Do you like making your own decisions?

Presidents come and go, but electing candidates from the Democratic Socialist Party means doom for our country and an end to our freedom.

3. Acting American Means Working Hard and Not Expecting Entitlements

Free stuff sounds good to an alarming number of millennials—free education, free healthcare, a guaranteed job--but look what happened to the mouse who thought cheese on a trap was free too.

There is dignity in hard work.

Give your children every toy they want without making them earn the money to buy these things for themselves, and they will never appreciate the value of a dollar or the time and work you invested to provide them. Make them mow the lawn, dump the trash, dry the dishes, and clean their rooms for a modest allowance, and they will cling to that money longer and evaluate what material things are most important to them. They will be proud to have worked and saved and will be satisfied with the fruits of their labor longer. Buy them everything they want and they will quickly grow bored with all the “stuff,” which will soon be relegated to a forgotten corner of the toy box, as they demand something new.

When illegal immigrants surge across our borders, many of them are coming because they heard Democrats want to give them everything they need for nothing. Their interest in our economy is how much they can drain from it, not add to it, which is why a merit-based immigration system is ideal.

Anyone living in America has the opportunity to live the American Dream if they are willing to work hard enough. It’s more effective to offer those who are struggling a hand-up rather than a hand-out.

4. Acting American Means You Speak the Native Language

Imagine if everyone in your house, the people you live and interact with daily, all spoke a different language. How would you converse to share highlights of your day, plan family activities, counsel each other, or share your faith? After a while, you would grow frustrated and seek the company of others who spoke your native tongue. It would be easier than learning all the different languages being spoken in your home.

English is the official language in America, yet more and more immigrants are failing to learn it.

According to a 2017 study by the Center for Immigration Studies, 63% of Hispanic immigrants are not literate in English.

Australia, another multi-cultural country, has tried to address the same issue. Citizenship Minister, Alan Tudge, warned the “geographical concentration” of migrants was creating a “cultural bubble” which isolated them from society and discouraged assimilation.

A shared language is something that unites us as one American family. Failing to learn English results in a lack of assimilation that disjoints and segregates our society.

5. Acting American Means Following Our Constitution and Bill of Rights

We are a constitutional republic, not a pure democracy, and our rights as citizens, our rule of law, and our governmental framework are clearly outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Many on the Left, including the entire Democratic Party, are systematically and incrementally attempting to dismantle and nullify our rule of law. This is an affront to Americanism.

The First Amendment guarantees our right to free speech; however, any American who opposes illegal immigration or criticizes four congresswomen for their anti-Semitic rhetoric are attacked by the Left and called racists and xenophobes to silence them. Refer to someone by their God-given gender pronoun in California, and your truthful free speech results in jail time. Leaders in the Democratic Party, like Maxine Waters, urge citizens to harass conservatives in public. Cory Booker, Joe Biden, and others have voiced their desire to punch, beat up, or assassinate President Trump—sounds like free speech is only available to Leftists.

Antifa, the unofficial U.S. domestic terrorist organization, claim their violent riots to thwart conservative speech are a response to fascism—as they themselves engage in fascism to tyrannize, repress, and persecute their opposition in black garb and masks like one of Hitler’s Brown Shirts. Antifa’s vicious aggression is not denounced by the radical left-wing Democratic Party, perhaps because Antifa operates as the Dems’ modern-day KKK. Both groups serve as antonyms for Americanism.

The Constitution clearly promises that our Second Amendment right to have and bear arms “shall not be infringed,” but the Democrats grandstand on gun control every time there’s a shooting. Strangely enough, Dems are silent regarding the mass deaths of thousands of African-Americans and minorities who are shot each year in Chicago—a city with the strictest gun control policies established by Democrats. Then there’s Maurice Hill—the man who shot six police officers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in August 2019, even though he was a convicted felon who wasn’t permitted to own a firearm.

Have you noticed that liberals demand gun control after every shooting but never border control after every rape and murder by illegals?

Article II of the Constitution explains how to elect and impeach a president, but the Dems spun a Russia-Collusion hoax in 2016 to unseat a duly elected president and then attempt to impeach him without any grounds, other than their own Trump-Derangement Syndrome. While they were at it, the radical socialist Democrats vowed to stack the courts with liberal-leaning judges who view the Constitution as a living thing that changes with the wind, and they are eager to demolish the Electoral College so the most liberal, populous cities can tyrannize the rest of the country.

If you agree with these radical policies, and others like them, you aren’t acting American. True patriots embrace the Constitution as it is written and expect our national leaders to abide by it.

The Democrats feign outrage when they aren’t winning and pontificate about their devotion to the Constitution they ordinarily spurn and ignore. It’s like a wife verbally abusing her husband, demeaning him, and telling him she hopes he dies, but then adding, “I still love you” after one of her tirades. Disregard their lip service and watch their actions.

6. Acting American Means Not Demonizing Our History

Instead of honoring our nation’s founding fathers, men who birthed the greatest nation on Earth against all odds, the radical Left is demonizing them as colonizing white supremacists bent on genocide. Feigning offense, these communists are erasing our national history by demanding monuments and murals be removed and that history books be revised to reflect these American heroes, entrepreneurs, and innovators as pariahs. Stalin did the same thing.

It’s the ultimate act of censorship.

What would happen if you burned all of your family photo albums, heirlooms, and home videos and stopped allowing your children to interact with anyone in the family except you? Just think how you could completely control their perception of the family tree.

No nation, no family, and no person is perfect; however, instead of focusing on the positive and creating educational moments to deal with the negative, our common denominators are being obliterated. It’s identity theft on a national scale. We are being robbed of our foundation, the things that bind Americans together, and our collective history.

Should we stop celebrating Martin Luther King Day now that we know he was a sex pervert?

Where does it end? A true patriot honors our nation’s past heroes and pioneers and their enormous contributions to our society, understanding some of their mistakes were a product of the time in which they lived and should not be judged by modern standards.


7. Acting American Means Not Disparaging Our National Holidays

Every Christmas, debate rages whether we should generically say “happy holidays” to those we greet or “Merry Christmas.” Saying the word “Christmas” is apparently off-putting to non-Christians, even if they celebrate the holiday for purely secular reasons. The PC culture has invaded schools, and now Christmas break is Winter Break, and classroom celebrations are called holiday parties.

Thanksgiving is met with disdain by some far Leftists who deem it a white supremacist holiday celebrating genocide.

Columbus Day has been renamed Indigenous Peoples’ Day in some cities to disparage Columbus’s discovery of America.

Since the Left equates patriotism with fascism, it’s no wonder some of them rail against the celebration of Independence Day and Memorial Day.

Valentine’s Day should be on the chopping block too, since those without a significant other might feel excluded. What about Labor Day? For all the socialists who think everything should be free, how could we possibly continue to recognize working men and women who earn what they have instead of being supported by the government? We’ve already established what an emblem of oppression the flag is, so that means Flag Day is also caput.

Acting American means you respect our federally approved holidays, even if you don’t personally observe them, because our national celebrations build community and shape our national character.

8. Acting American Means Embracing National Values

America has a history of being a force for good in the world. We are a generous people who abide by the Golden Rule. Others core values we cherish include:

  • Individual freedom and self-reliance
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Hard work and the American Dream
  • Faith and family
  • Self-government and opposition to tyranny
  • Capitalism

Our system of government and way of life has worked successfully for 243 years, but the Socialist Democratic Party and their band of radical communists want to change direction and force us to embrace the opposite of our American ideals.

Acting American Will Save Our Constitutional Republic

The far-left fringe of society is grabbing for the reins of this country to lead us down a path of destruction. Don’t stand on the sidelines and watch freedom die. Vote, run for office, stand up, speak out, and be a revolutionary in our time who fights for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to keep America great!

© 2019 Vivian Coblentz


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