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Internet, What Does the Future Hold for Mankind?

Updated on June 12, 2019
yusrat19 profile image

Yusrat is a high school student from Bangladesh. She writes about Science & Technology.

Surly the way we foresee the future of mankind is not that same way we would do two hundred years ago. Since the development of semi-conductor, Nano-devices and others, the way we perceive our life, our future and our present have changed immensely. It has also changed another crucial thing: Our fate.

Development of internet is outrageous and revolutionary. The internet we use today came mere 38 years ago. It is spectacular how it has taken over the stirring wheel of our civilization so quickly! In sixteenth century, people were connected by only ocean. They would sail the ocean with their dear lives, not knowing where they would end up, not knowing what future lied before them if anything went wrong. But Today things are not like then. We are still connected with each other; from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the sea. But this time not only with ocean but also with internet. The web of internet wraps us the same way ocean does. People don’t voyage like Sinbad the Sailor anymore, they glide across the bottomless sea of information Internet provides us. And this magnificent access to information has driven us to the peak of civilization. We are the kings of our Universe! But coin has gotten two sides.

Before I move to write about the other side of our kind, I would like to share this video.

Let's watch it

Two days back, I was watching this video on YouTube which was a behind-the-scenes look at the filmmakers of Our Planet capturing the largest gathering of walruses in the world as a result of hauling-out. These walruses have to climb to the top of the cliffs for their shelter because the arctic sea ice has disappeared! There are more than 300 bodies, stretched out for half a mile, as they fall off the cliff while searching for food and shelter. The clip of 2.19 minutes was extremely moving. Walruses may have poor eyesight and hearing. They may also be aggressive and tough. But can we tell they died because they are idiots and can’t adapt to the earth’s changing climate when millions of species before them have? The answer is No, it is we, human, directly responsible for our ill-fate. In fact, the video gives an important lessons: climbing up with a heart as solid as rock is easy to make. But when you don’t know how to climb down, you deserve a fatal fall, you deserve the death. It’s actually the human! Hence, we are the leopard typical people running and climbing up to the glittery mountain of civilization, not knowing how to climb down. I can clearly imagine the death of our civilization on those walruses.

It is indeed really sadistic but it cannot be denied that truth of our down fall lies here. We still may not perceive the fall but it is clear that we are stepping towards dark with every step we take. We are busy to improvise things which is necessary for our outward developments not for our well-being. It is ironic how we are spending money on building mansions in Mars and Moons rather than trying to save our world and ourselves for decimating forever. Exploring moon and planet is highly admirable but not right on the moment when some 795 million people in the world don’t have enough food to lead a healthy active life and around 12.9 percent of the population in developing countries is undernourished and when the arctic sea ice is melting and it may wash out many countries within few years. We spend 700$ billion dollars for our military development but can’t establish peace in world. Then again our dependency on Devices like Robot is increasing day by day. Which is alarming. We made robot to give extra hand on human's regular work. But it turned out to be drastic: today robot is replacing human at alarming rate. Now that's not a good news. The aftermath of this situation is rather complicated then what we perceive now. Sooner or later, we will see AI to rule the world!

The future of the world seems indeed bleak as the lonely street. THOUSANDS of Scientists has issued bleak warning about future of mankind. A STARK warning to humanity has been recently issued by experts and signed by an astonishing 15,000 scientists around the globe who all agree the end is nigh.

The researchers say in the past 25 years the amount of fresh water available per person has reduced by 26 per cent and the places in oceans where nothing can live, known as “dead zones”, has increased by 75 per cent.

An additional 300 million acres of forests have been lost and human population has jumped by 35 per cent while the number of animals has dropped by 29 per cent. There is more. The number of animals has dropped drastically by 29 per cent in the last 25 years.

“With climate change, overdue asteroid strikes, epidemics and population growth, our own planet is increasingly precarious,”

— Stephen Hawking

Thus, Dr Stephen Hawking became a doomsday prophet overnight with this statement on the end of world.

It is clear that we couldn’t discern the true message of internet: world-wide connectivity for a better and happier world, for well-being and actual development of humankind rather than spending our pennies and time on unfruitful activities. We have determined our fate through every single wrong deeds. We, human, have been impertinent to our fellow beings, have been brutal to other animals, and have been fierce to the land we walk upon.

We are connected to each other but couldn’t use our connectivity in righteous way. Standing in the point of no return and being optimistic is hilarious indeed. So I cannot be optimistic about our kind. We have already reached the Last border of the cliff, from where no civilization before us could survive. Yet to be Frank, optimism is the mere thing that gives up hope and keeps us alive.

© 2019 Yusrat Sadia Nailat


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