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What I Am Doing in 2020 Amid the Coronavirus

Updated on March 17, 2020
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


This week, amid the coronavirus scare, and the closing of various activities, I am embarking on two jobs. I had signed up to them a while back and have been called. The first is being a county Poll Inspector. The second is a census enumerator for the US Government. Both are part time positions.

- March 2020

Westchester County Poll Inspector

I attended two training sessions that is mandatory for this position.The first is a procedural class that lasted about two and a half hours. The second is a machine class to learn about the ballot scanner that will be used in the various primary and general elections. If I am called, It will be a long day starting at 5:30am lasting till 9 pm. The poll will be manned by at minimum 4 inspectors, two Republican and two Democrats. The process is well organized and common sense. It gives me confidence that our elections are conducted fairly and honestly and free from tampering.

Now that I am trained, I am on the waiting list to be called as needed.

Census Enumerator

This year is a census year. It is one of the item required by our Constitution. Every ten years, we are to take a count of our population. This information is used to apportion the congressional districts and how funds are allocated to the local regions.

I applied for Census enumerators a few months ago and I got chosen. I was told I was one of only six individuals with bilingual skills in English and Mandarin in Westchester County. I already got finger-printed and will be notified of the training schedule. The job will entail 10 hours per week up to 8 weeks. In addition to a salary, they will reimburse me for mileage.

Taking the Census Online

Today, I went online to fill out the questionnaire for the Census 2020.

It was quick and easy. It took only 7 minutes. We have a household of two people.


2020 is shaping up to be an interesting year. It is a leap year, it is a major Presidential election year, it is also an Olympics year. The latest coronavirus is another factor to content with.

Meanwhile, I have signed up to do two important tasks. I am retired and have some free time. I decided to volunteer my services both to help with the election and to help take the census count.

I will come back here to offer my reflections after those events. Stay tuned.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jack Lee


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