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What If A Christian Had Walked On To A Campus And Shot Muslim Students - What Say You President Obama...?

Updated on October 3, 2015

What If A Christian Had Walked On To A Campus And Shot Muslim Students - What Say You President Obama?

No doubt that you are going to hear and see much of President Obama for a few days to come because, if the reports are true, once again, apparently, a loon has seen fit to murder innocents on a college campus in Oregon. President Obama and the Media, though they may be genuinely grieving, would be doing less so because it was a hate crime against Christians. It was very telling that those in the Media kept much of the information to themselves about who the shooter was and the motive for killings... until they could not. Just imagined if what is being reported is true - about the shooter picking out students who said they were Christians... then shooting them in the head - that a Christian, especially a Traditional Christian, like myself, had gone on a campus and culled the Muslims from among the rest of students and brutally shot them down - What say you President Obama or the biased Media?

No sooner had the shootings had taken place, President Obama was on the airways blaming the gun manufacturers and their proxies, Republican politicians. This is a tried and true refrain by those who oppose gun ownership... and so when there is a shooing, right on cue, the biased Media and President Obama harp on the boogie men that make up the gun manufacturers and Republicans. We are probably going to hear ad nauseam how troubled this young man was and what psychosis he might have suffered from that compelled him to act out in killing innocents - the Media are going to down-play the salient, malignant fact that the killer, apparently, asked if the students were Christians before engaging in the blood-letting. Christians are loved by the media; however, as of now, close to a dozen students are dead and many are injured.

President Obama's Seemingly Crocodile Concerns For The Shooting Victims

At this juncture of the blog, though it may seem that I am digressing, there is a conspicuous connection, as to how President Obama, most in the Media, and most Democrats, react when there are shootings - there seems to be no empathetic rhyme or reason how they react to tragedies. Case in point, three weeks ago, President Obama addressed Planned Parenthood members, who are his avid supporters, and told those murderers that they are doing God's work when murdering unborn babies and the subsequent selling of said murdered babies body parts?

How could we even take President Obama, among the others, seriously, when they seemingly display 'crocodile concerns' over tragedies, including the campus killings yesterday? You, President Obama, among many in the Media and the Democrats, who believe that there is a right to murder babies via Abortion, even in the ninth month, has empathy for the victims of gun violence and seemingly none for the murdered unborn babies - are you kidding me!? For all those who have died due to gun tragedies, including yesterday on the Oregon college's campus, and not to belittle or disparage their deaths, but much more unborn babies were murdered today alone... with the apparent blessings of President Obama.

Incidentally, I do not have any dogs in this fight between gun advocates and those who opposed... I also do not have any problem with more stringent background checks for those purchasing weapons, but unlike Abortion, which was fashioned out of whole cloth in 1973, the right to bear arms is actually spelled out in our cherished Constitution. For those who want to ban guns outright because of the spate of killings; perhaps, we should ban computers too that enable Muslim terrorists the forum and medium to recruit. In addition, perhaps, we could implicate Microsoft's Bill Gates - when recruits, recruited via the Internet, carry out murder - for contributing to the mass/effective use of computers, akin to what President Obama and many in the Media want to do to the gun manufacturers.

My condolences to the families who have lost loved-ones, but also for them to take solace in the Christ comforting saying: O death, where is thy sting... O grave, where is thy victory (1st Corinthians 15:55); may the Balm of Gilead, Who is Christ Jesus, speedily heal those who were injured!


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    • breakfastpop profile image


      3 years ago

      Obama finally told the truth about his statements in times of crisis. They are always politically motivated and never come from the heart. Once again he jumped into the fray before the facts were known. This was just another opportunity to ban guns.


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