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What Is The Government Thinking

Updated on June 30, 2011

They Can't Fix It By Doing Nothing

Obama is doing nothing to cut Government size and over paying Government employees at all, but it's important to NY's government system to pass gay rights in the mist of an economical melt down because it will bring in $180 million dollars in two years. What a lot of low rent bastards. It's not like going to Conn. was a long drive and the GOP Rep. that gave them the vote ran on a no gays platform was Mark Grisanti. These guys are like dogs. They will roll over for a biscuit anytime they think it will get a vote. Again, NY is like Obama and will pass anything to appease what is not needed for the people.They care less for the people than Obama cares for Bush.

Obama says the congress is out more than they are in. Well who the hell is he to point fingers at anyone. If he's not shooting round ball he off gallivanting in some other country and when he goes to other countries he pisses away money like there is no tomorrow. ie...taking the White House Chef. to Europe. Give me a f%#@&" break man. Get down to the bottom of the problem by cutting these stupid government ( radicals ) Czars, groups, committees, and the like. Get the theft and fraud out of Medicare and SS instead of doing nothing at all but placing blame on the other party. Give these large companies a reason to come back to America where they belong and I can understand the customer service rep. when I call A T & T, instead of having to get an interpreter.

MSNBC has suspended political analyst and Time magazine writer Mark Halperin for telling the truth and saying Obama is being a "Dick" by placing the blame on everyone else but himself and not having a plan to get America back on the right track. Check it out for yourself at the bottom.

The thing is, Obama wants America to fail, that's why he does nothing. He does not want to see us recover. He want to be like Castro, with a lot of dead beats to lead. Cuba has eight out of ten people working for the Government and if that happens here Obama will be tickled pink.

It's really pissing me off to have all these money bags in the government and not one of them can come up with a decent solution to the problem. Margaret Thacher said, socialism is great until you run out of the other person's money and you know what? She was exactly right.

Now they want to shut down the state parks and just think of how that will effect the surrounding areas. Are they really that stupid? There are literally 100's of government entities out there just wasting dollar after dollar, but they are keeping their jobs and can't see the forest for the trees. It can't last! Can they not see what is going on in Greece, Spain, Argentina, and other socialistic countries. The government has to have more money coming in than is going out. Simple arithmetic my friends because they piss so much away there has to be a cushion.

Yes, they really they are. It makes me sick to know Obama did nothing the 1st year of his existence but try to slam the Socialistic Health Care program down our throats with the economy faltering the way it was and all that bailout money would have been better used in our pockets. In my book he is a mad man waiting to see us collapse. How about you? What are your thoughts. The white GOP Reps. would do well going into the black neighborhoods and let them know Obama has felled them too!

They Can't Fix It By Doing Nothing

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    • ginosblog profile image

      ginosblog 6 years ago from Florida

      Froggy, I like the way you think. That pic of the "Anointed One" is right on the money and he is right on our money. What an ignorant SOB. If I were going to take over a country , at least I would want a prosperous one and Mr. Manning, let's hope it's not to late my friend.

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 6 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Gino - This is the same Obama who pledged to scrub the federal bureaucracy from top to bottom. His idea of scrubbing was to increase the size of it by 17% so far. I think he has the wrong end of the mop. See the link to confirm.

      The Frog

    • Jason R. Manning profile image

      Jason R. Manning 6 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Nice rant Gino, but its too late anyway. This is all a part of the master plan. Weaken the one country that stands in the way of the U.N. from being head of the world. As long as the USA was run by a bunch of cowboys who weren't afraid to kill some tyrants, the U.N. could only grovel around for scraps. The U.N. will be home to the 10 Kings, real soon America will be indifferent like so many European countries. It is nice to think we could change this, but we won’t, narcissism is here to stay.